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  1. People tend to forget that Marrionetta's Penk breeds silver tinsels, so it really should count as 11 silvers.
  2. I have one silver tinsel and one bronze tinsel. Hopefully they'll decide soon that they REALLY like making babies and will fill my scroll with more tinsels.
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    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    FINALLY! Yay, first for once!
  4. Eruru


    Dry food is actually better than wet food because it's better for their teeth. If you like the dry one, I'd go with that. As for the original post, I just want to say I LOVE oriental shorthairs. Those ears. So huge. So cute. And ginormous eyes, and beautiful long graceful bodies. x3 Just lookit dat kitteh If I could choose any breed to have, that's probably the one I'd pick. But my cat would be furious with me if I got another cat.
  5. I'm more on the side of against this idea mostly because I'm afraid it would change DC too much. It's mainly about collecting dragons, and I'd be very sad to see it focus on some kind of currency or collection of items instead of dragons. If they were to be implemented, I would rather they be a minor thing, not a major change to DC and the way it works. I wouldn't want them to be trade-able lest they become a form of currency, but I wouldn't mind if there were perhaps randomly found items that might slightly up the chance of a breeding producing an egg from the partner you desire or reduce the time until an egg can hatch or a BSA can be used.
  6. The cave seals ate it. I'm surprised TJ didn't figure that out. D8< It's obvious.
  7. Oh god I'm glad I'm not the only one that bothers. Last year's eggs don't end in an even row, but I was rather hoping this year's would. It would look so much nicer that way. D| Oh, well, I suppose it doesn't matter that much since it's not like people look at the eggs too often 11 months out of the year. But it still irks me a little.
  8. It's a koi/goldfish, and a very lovely one at that.
  9. glamoursea2 and Classycal, you might want to avoid double posting. Instead you can edit your old post. It tends to unnecessarily spam up threads and can get you in trouble with the mods. As for egg hunting, my eggs were all collected quite some time ago, but although I know my sister spends a good deal of time on the comp, she doesn't even have 40 of them yet. =_=
  10. Perhaps if people want to debate whether it's "moral" to put religious holidays and symbols on DC they can create a thread. I personally think it's causing more drama and confusion being debated here, and it's arguably not on topic. As an atheist, I don't care and I think as long as TJ is the site owner it's his site and so the holidays portrayed on that site are more likely to be those most celebrated where he lives, which happen to be Christian holidays. It's a fun event and it's not meant to offend people, only meant to be something for people to enjoy. There's no reason to take it so seriously. Anywho, back on topic, I want to marry Seiss now. That koi egg is gorgeous. I'd want to marry bb too because I love her egg as well, but I think I'm either her daughter or her aunt or sister wife or something like that. I lose track of what relation I am to everyone in the skype family. It's confuzzling. My point is the eggs are beautiful. All the artists did a wonderful job in my opinion and deserve thanks for their contributions to this lovely event.
  11. If TJ didn't want people to be able to see them all until they got them all themselves, he wouldn't make it possible for us to see others' baskets. I personally like being able to see all the eggs whether I have them all or not yet after someone else has finished finding them, and those who agree with me might also be happy to see the link posted in the thread. Those that don't do not have to click the link, and personally I don't think we're enjoying the event any less just because we can get a sneak preview of the eggs we'll be finding. :3
  12. Nobody's forcing you to look. Those who look obviously want to know, so it's not spoiling the fun, and those who want to find out for themselves can just refrain from clicking the link.
  13. I failed to notice I had them all and kept checking back periodically to see if there was a new one yet. I love them all, but I rather hope there isn't a second installment of last minute eggs so that I can relax and not have to worry about having them all, and that way people who aren't willing to stay up all night on the comp will have an easier time getting them all too.
  14. Bah, I only have 43 at the moment. I can't help the fact that I need to sleep at least a couple hours here and there.
  15. Nope. TJ just about always reimburses lost time to eggs and hatchies whether we want it or not.
  16. For the new page. Thanks for your continued patience, guys. :3 D8< Patience? PATIENCE?! I scoff at patience! I whine and baww and drama and complain because that will clearly make it go faster! How dare you question my methods! *gnaws on the sawk*
  17. We don't know. We just have to be patient and wait.
  18. For people who didn't see it, TJ posted this several pages ago.
  19. Word on the IRC is that it's the host that's actually having the issues, which is why it's taking so long to get taken care of. Oh well.
  20. Well, he was nice enough to start the event early in the first place at least. It's not like we only have one day to start hunting and almost 7 hours have been swallowed up by downtime.
  21. It goes back up when it goes back up. Nobody knows when. We'll just have to wait and see. ^^
  22. Well, as much fun as sitting around and refreshing the cave to see if it's back yet is, it's four in the morning and I'm supposed to get up at nine, so I think I'll admit defeat and go to sleep. Good luck to the rest of you, I hope you don't have to wait too much longer.
  23. Well, although there often is more downtime during an event, it's really not all /that/ long relatively speaking. It does indeed feel longer though when you're impatiently waiting to be able to continue hunting for eggs or tricks and treats or event dragons.
  24. To be fair, we had a good three hours to start hunting before it went down, and it probably won't be down for relatively all that long, so why not announce it?