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  1. So? Like you said, they're just pixels. Since you obviously don't think the eggs are that important, why do you care when the event is? Why are you wasting our time with pointless griping?
  2. No, they really don't. There was a natural disaster, and although the people most effected probably won't get a chance to grab eggs or be concerned about that, the people less effected but still suffering from stuff like water damage or power outages might get a chance they otherwise didn't have. You have a choice. You can at ANY point during the 24 hours try to get eggs. Or try to find people to gift. They can't, because a lot of them don't have internet. Moving it doesn't hurt you, at most it mildly inconveniences you. Suck it up.
  3. comment removed, please keep in mind the board rules about respecting others-
  4. I had no idea valenth's forum community was so small and seemingly inactive. I assumed by the number of valenths I'd seen in people's sigs that they'd have more people on their forums too. Then again, their forums are pretty minimal, so maybe that's part of why.
  5. Might I suggest if it doesn't already exist that there be a polygamy thread made? Because it seems that while this is a very interesting debate, it's not about gay marriage/rights.
  6. Eruru


    Oh, I love the Temeraire series! I like that it's not all BLAM ACTION FANTASY WHAM DRAMA the entire time. I really like the struggle Temeraire has trying to deal with the slave-like treatment of dragons in the West. I've read all but the most recently published book, although I own it and it's next on my reading list.
  7. Eruru

    Pet Peeves

    Large or numerous moving gifs in people's signatures. On chickensmoothie practically everyone on the forums has a moving gif or five in their sig. Not just slightly moving either, but wild motion all over the place. It's annoying and distracting, and after five minutes of trying to read the forums with those obnoxious gifs everywhere I look it makes me want to scream.
  8. You take your blade and stab [dragon name], watching the life slowly leave its eyes as it stares at you, wondering why you betrayed it. Then you skin it and use its hide to decorate your walls. Me gusta this idea.
  9. Oh my god, my scroll is now on two pages instead of one. My life is over. This is the worst possible thing that could happen to me, it's like TJ's plotting to make me hate DC or something. So awful.
  10. Cats that aren't vaccinated can spread not only rabies, but also feline leukemia among cats, which is contagious and since the vaccine isn't 100% effective, exposure of a vaccinated cat owned by a responsible cat owner to an infected cat can cause the vaccinated cat to get the disease. It's terribly irresponsible not to vaccinate your cats not only for their health, but for the health of others. To be honest, the way you treat your cats sounds awfully close to criminal neglect, and if I were you I would alert your parents to this. You can be prosecuted for failing to properly vaccinate and for failing to provide treatment for an obviously ill animal. If you can't afford to keep cats, which includes vaccinating them and dealing with medical issues, you shouldn't own them at all.
  11. I think this article does a lovely job of illustrating why human meds and animal meds are not interchangeable.
  12. They've already said they aren't going to consult a vet though, and google is no replacement for vet care. Since consulting a vet is not an option, and the internet is as likely to poison the cat as cure it, if they really care about the cat they should end its suffering.
  13. You asked a vet. You're telling this person to ask Dr. Google. Not the same thing. If you google around you can find info like "give a small dose of aspirin to dogs if they're in pain" that is supposedly written by vets, but real vets will tell you that's wrong and will damage their liver and stomach lining. Googling is guesswork, not calling your vet and asking what to do.
  14. Define proper research. People google stuff all the time, and different sites say different things. I've found lots of sites recommending aspirin as pain relief for dogs, but our vet says that that's a terrible idea and can make the dog more sick. Animals can have allergies and if you don't get the dose right, you can make the animal worse. You're not a vet, and as a matter of fact, horse deworm meds should NOT be given to cats and dogs and rabbits. Considering the average lifespan of your cats, I wouldn't exactly take your medical advice for cats. Your cats are farm cats. They die young. You could destroy their liver and have them killed by a coyote long before they show signs. If you can't give an animal proper medical treatment and it's obviously suffering, it's cruel to leave it to suffer. They're asking people on a DRAGON ADOPTABLES SITE for medical advice for an animal, so they clearly don't have any real medical resources. In a situation where an animal is suffering and not improving, it's kinder to kill it than to stand by and watch it slowly die.
  15. =/ Messing with human meds is moronic. You will poison your cats if you do that. It sounds like your cat is pretty bad off, and since taking the animal to the vet is not an option, man up and euthanize it. It is inhumane to keep a suffering animal alive if you can't do anything for it, and you clearly can't, so grow a pair and give the poor creature some mercy.
  16. Only nine more hours until my eggs can hatch. Chances are I'll forget to ER them though and they won't get hatched until tomorrow. Oh well.
  17. There would be more than 2 if that were the case. TJ often waits to freeze and it's not uncommon for him to not bother to freeze them while they're hatchies, letting them grow up and later going back and reverting them to frozen hatchlings. So either way, he'll get around to freezing one eventually and even if they both grow up he'll just revert it.
  18. It would be nice if people would stop breeding ugly long lineaged commons left and right for no reason. If they have to be ugly and long lineaged, the ugly lineaged parent should be some rare you're trying to breed or something. But I don't have much hope for that. The only real solution is for us to suck it up and pick as many commons up as possible, potentially freezing the ugly lineaged ones. Or you could just be like me and wait it out while hoping someone else will be responsible instead. |D
  19. I am a proud GREEDY HOARDER. I also collect. Greedily.