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  1. I won't breed mine for a whole month, I swear! I'll pick up a few for some Alt tries, and freeze, then release, the rest. Got 2 eggs.
  2. candygal

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    OH REALLY? On April Fools Day?
  3. Username: candygal Program:Paint, and sometimes I pixel on iScribble, so I can repixel and try there, too. Timezone(or Times You Can Be On): EST. (Any Experience?) Umm... some, I think... (Any Additional Comments?) I really need work on the shading aspect.
  4. Fireflies-Owl City TiK ToK-Ke$ha Pants on the Ground-Larry Platt.
  5. My username: None My Real name: CB old pink with five children My sister's name: Cb Old pink with no children.
  6. I like the little scroll check! I put it here and on the NTWF(Neopian Times Writers Forum- A lot of DCers are there.)
  7. I have a frozen black. My sister named it My Little Woppadoo. Also,~Link Removed~My Best Friend has a scroll full of horribly named dragons. The only ones that aren't terrible are the descendants of my dragons. Some of her worst: QUEEN CLIQUE-SPARKLE the summer dragon. Pretty Pik Corndog the bright pink. Silver Waffle Ice Cream the spring dragon. Princess Breeze the BOY winter dragon.
  8. I made a little button. [URL=http://greg-kennedy.com/dragcave/][IMG=http://img03.imagefra.me/img/img03/2/10/11/candygal/f_j5mld0o9p3wm_a3d9424.png][/URL] My friends and I love your site.
  9. I attempted to make a banner! Plus, I want to see this thread live. [IMG=http://img01.imagefra.me/img/img01/2/10/10/candygal/t_v3xm_42108fc.png]
  10. I had a Bright Pink, a Black, a Guardian, and a Purple. not in that order.
  11. My friend(shes 11) named her dragon Kindergarten.
  12. Dear Parchment, The human brought home 4 pretty eggs. She was crying from happieness. She explained to us why she was crying. "There are not as many eggs as before. They have stopped the breeding, and everyone is running to get eggs,"she said,"the lagmonster has everyone trapped." I was wondering what the lagmonster was when suddenly a huge thing came and kicked at the human. It grabbed her and she struggled. "Fang, get the eggs!"she shrieked at my dad, King Fang. He grabbed them from the human, said,"Candy, stop struggling!" and tried to attack the monster. "Marilkan, Iggy, R.H
  13. Oh, good Idea, enlisting. My friends would probably do it.....
  14. Love it! I'll breed my pinks and purples a lot (two words, not one) for this project.