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  1. Yup the usual stuff, for Christmas.. Smelly stuff, Slippers, Chocolate's.... "but they are no good to me as I am Diabetic" lol
  2. Well if you want to see me here I am, I don't seem to get the pic to show so the link will have to do.. I hate having my pic taken so this is a one time offer, lol I am 62, totally single, " I love it that way" I have three daughters, and 10 grand-kids.. and I love collecting dragons, https://scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0...7eb&oe=592003A9
  3. Requester's Form Forum name: anniepimm PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: I need a mate for this please, https://dragcave.net/lineage/xZipj CB holly, any gender, and CB Winter Seasonal, to get a winter seasonal egg please, Secret field: No Holiday Requests!
  4. Banned as only the sparkles are sparkling, the Pikachu and Elephant are jumping going back to play with my toy now.
  5. Anniepimm

    My hill!

    Runs off with the hill..
  6. Noooooooo not my Precious... OK then walks off with Stained Glass Diamond Alt
  7. Swipes CB Copper and CB Dorsal.. ta very nuchly..
  8. Swipes all eggs! Ta Very Muchly
  9. I'm stuck in this world.. aren't we all lol