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  1. Errmmm! Mushrooms, Beans, Rabbit meat, cheese, chocolate, and Coffee, all of these set my Migraines off, and any Migraine suffers Beans have a natural chemical in them that can start a migraine off I haven't had beans now for six months and since I stopped eating them no attacks, and at one time I was suffering everyday with Migraines...best to find out if your allergic to some types of food that can trigger an attack...
  2. One of My daughters dragons has the code tiTt *caps messed* this is a frozen sitting black alt on her scroll she resisted the temptation to name it the obvious! so she called it Supper Massive Black Alt
  3. I love cats I don't have any now as i have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and he eats cats if he could but I do prefer cats at one time I had five but they all went one way or another
  4. I have a silver one my mate has a gold one but i have more dragons how dose that work then?
  5. Any Carry on movie I think there a waste of Film! that and the early Bond films Thank god for Danial Craig
  6. I think All the old news needs to be cleared out now and again, It gives a fresh new start and clears up space for new news
  7. I had two rats Gizzo & Beno but they died of old age My eldest daughter had two chipmunks and two chinchillas.. And my grandson has a corn snake...
  8. Member No.: 25,879 Joined: 27-December 08 Not sure what I am anyone know? Never mind I am a Junior *even at my age*