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  1. i have a problem... I can't get RA Whisker, dolly, pile of ribbons, wooden blocks and Teddy bear... I have all other items, and I have completed all 7 days... can someone help me get those items? I have replayed day 6, but still no items... :/
  2. thank you (OMG- i need 86 hatchlings of chicken now )
  3. I am on NDER but finding specific dragon is long to wait.... especial if you need 10 hatchlins at once .... :/ Im completing my encyclopedia one dragon at the time... and in NDER i need to refresh show window 6-7 time to click on one hatchling... i have find few scrolls with big amount of adults, but not enough babies.. i was thinking if someone knows some scroll where are mostly hatchlings, and lots of them from same breed to put it here (if he can, i don't know if you can put links from other scrolls on forums, os such things).... or something like that....
  4. where we can find hatchie from common breeds? i need 10 hatchie from Pygmy Dragon, and some more common dragons an i don't know where to find them.... :/
  5. not getting cb old pink when they were in cave and not freezing old pink...
  6. I don't know if anybody notes, but in Fever Wyverns description: "To make up for a lack of physical strength, Fever Wyverns rely on a strain of deadly bacteria which grows on their tail spines. This bateria is used to help kill prey or as a defense mechanism. The bacteria will attack the victim’s ..." there is c missing
  7. and how are those who didn't get the eggs can have them? -.- I wasn't home all day
  8. me too... i know where is Slovenija, but i don't see chicken in it :/
  9. got them all 40... thanks for all help
  10. is trophies counting only full-grown dragons, or hatchling also? or it suppose counting all dragon you have?