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  1. Been really busy working so hadn't had much online time this year. Missing quite a few--kinda a bummer cause now I don't get to see all of the awesome submissions this year. ;-; This virus impact has greatly reduced my time due to work needing me and bills needing to be paid. hnnnnggg...
  2. For once I am online for a new release!
  3. Got to day 6 and black screened. :I Nooooo, don't leave me on a cliffhangerrrrrr HNNNNG DX
  4. Thank you for this--I don't use the forums much other than to check up on the news or to check my breeding list. That difference of shard linking to the market place was such a small change to the front page that I didn't even notice it that. If you hadn't said anything about the shard count, I wouldn't have even noticed that either despite my googling around to find the answers. I try to find those answers myself first before breaking down to asking for help. ;w; Thank you again.
  5. Awesome release, though I'm very lost about the market place. Where is this market? I may just be late to this party but, I don't know where to find the market. ;;;
  6. The lag is so terrible, I will be so busy tomorrow that this is my only time I got to get my 8 eggs--work and a haunted trail needing completion will keep me from being online all day. If I'm to get my 8 eggs, it's gotta be within the hour as I have opening at a new job to do.
  7. Wow these updates has thrown me off. Still getting used to how things work and are displayed in here now. It'll take time, but this really took me for a loop here lol.
  8. I'm at the part with the left path. How do I go back to the tree??
  9. Still very egg locked. ;w; Though in the event itself, I'm stuck after reading the note. I've not a hint of a clue of what to do next.
  10. Okay, I've looked everywhere I can think to look but I can't find out who Gladys is or where he is? I need to deliver something to him but just where is he???
  11. Omg Undertale eggs, I love this!! Please let there be the main cast in there LOL. I'm so far into the Undertale trash can that I just fangirled that Undertale is even linked in DC Easter eggs. lol
  12. Can someone please tell me where I can find Steve?? He said northern route, but I can't find him?? Is he up in the mountain range or did I pass him?? I can't find where he went to.
  13. Woke up this morning and come to find I still have the pocket watch in my bag and my tree still reflects that. Guess my 100% nice goal is permanently ruined after all.....sigh.... I do not feel good about this--day 8 kinda hit close to home on the 'keeping something of a past one's' and I disapprove of my character/game for keeping it. That's something I cannot forgive in a person to purposely keep something that means so much to another and I ended up being that person.
  14. Yes, I am positive I chose to give it back. Guess I should report this then.
  15. Did both, no difference. Tree is still droopy...
  16. I'm not even sure what that is?
  17. If 'should have a clearer conscience' means the tree isn't droopy, mine still is. And I still can't redo day 8 to fix this--am I just stuck with this choice and my 100% nice route ruined?
  18. Same on mine. He wants help building a snowman but the snowman is already built? I want to give the watch back and get my 100% nice back.
  19. Exact same.. Please have a do over? This one kinda hit close to home and I really want to give the watch back..
  20. I don't want to keep the pocketwatch though since in story, it was the only thing left the character(s) had in memory of their grandfather. I really don't like the fact that I ended up keeping it. I really want to change that--seeing the watch in my bag still just makes me sad cause I know this feeling of having something that belongs to someone close who has passed. That is something I really cannot forgive in my character/game now.. Plus my tree is droopy and I don't like that.
  21. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who has this problem.. I selected 'Give pocket watch' and it went on like I kept it? I've been really slow and careful to make sure I didn't select the wrong thing--so I know it wasn't that I just selected the wrong one. I was going for 100% nice too. Can we do a do-over on this?? Or is the choice already made?
  22. I've done that 4 times now, still nothing happened? D:
  23. I've looked al lover town, where is this day 2 quest? How do you find and start it? I'm wondering around lost with nothing happening. ._.
  24. I'm still finding ingredients that bring me to an error page. The latest is a rainbow puddle-looking one. 3: I really wanted it too.