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  1. Whee, I got on the list for bbw x canopy!
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  9. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: siliconrose
  10. One issue with capitalism is that it requires informed choice. If you can't adequately evaluate alternatives, then you aren't operating in a truly free market. This is why health care is a bad test market for capitalism, because you have high emotions (if I don't get treatment, I'll die!), and insufficient information (okay, I have five pacemaker options, which one do I want to get?). Fraud is fraud, but it's too easy for companies to commit it when the product is not something that the customer can produce themselves. A shoddy table is a shoddy table, and will tend to obviously show its unsuitability, but if it's something you can't independently verify, like herbal supplements, then you can no longer make informed decisions.
  11. The bad thing about rentiers is that they receive high amounts of income for little to no work. If you are not receiving a high amount of income for little to no work, then you are not a rentier and not a parasite. This is why Adam Smith calls out ground-rents specifically as a problematic. If James builds an expensive building upon land owned by Mark, Mark can eat up part of James' profits while doing no work. That's parasitism. Of course, if Mark charged rent for providing a service (grounds-keeping, etc.) then he's not a parasite -- he's making income off of work.
  12. I started a garden a year and a half ago, and tended it faithfully for the first month and a half. But the plants kept having problems, and I couldn't seem to fix them, so I got discouraged and stopped. ...I checked back a month later and almost every plant was doing 1000x better than when I had actually been tending them. It was pretty discouraging, honestly.
  13. 1st Test: INFP 2nd Test: ENFP INFJ INFP When I'd taken the official MBTI before, my results were sort of like: E |-- I S |--------- N T |----- F J |------------------ P So I'm not surprised that I might lean a bit ENFP. The INFJ surprises me, though.
  14. This is going to be a bit weird, but the opening to Legend of Mana still brings tears to my eyes. It's just text and music, but the pleas of the Mana Tree are heart-rending.
  15. SPOILER! After that last episode, I think he's plenty lethal, even when he's... uh... disarmed (and dislegged!)
  16. Book Number: 15 Number Of Pages: 660 Book Title: The Great Hunt Author: Robert Jordan Summary: The Horn of Valere and the cursed dagger are stolen from Fal Dara, and Rand, Perrin and Mat must give chase. Meanwhile, Nynaeve and Egwene go to the White Tower for training. While there, the two of them, Elayne, the Daughter-Heir of Andor, and Min, the seer, become close friends. However, at the urgings of an Aes Sedai they leave the tower and Egwene is taken captive by the Seanchan, invaders from across the sea who believe that women with the One Power must be controlled. They all meet on Tomon Head, where Rand must once more face the Dark One. Rating: 3.5 Review: - Book Number: 16 Number Of Pages: 624 Book Title: The Dragon Reborn Author: Robert Jordan Summary: Having proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn, Rand begins to obsess over fulfilling the prophecies and sets himself to draw The Sword Which is Not a Sword from the center of the Stone in Tear. He sets off alone, leaving Perrin and Moiraine to chase after him. Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve return to the White Tower with Mat to clean him of the dagger's taint, and are there set to be the Amyrlin's hunting hounds against the Black Ajah. Rating: 3.5 Review: - Book Number: 17 Number Of Pages: 704 Book Title: The Shadow Rising Author: Robert Jordan Summary: Rand, Mat and Egwene travel to the Aiel Waste, Egwene to learn to be a dreamwalker from the Aiel Wise Ones, Mat to follow a prophecy that if he does not go to Rhuidean, the Aiel holy land, he will die, and Rand to become the Aiel's He Who Comes With The Dawn. Perrin, hearing rumors of conflict in the Two Rivers, travels there with Loial and Faile. Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom and Juilin go to Tarabon, continuing their pursuit of the Black Ajah, who are trying to find something they can use to control Rand. Rating: 3.5 Review: -
  17. Try to keep in mind that this is a perfect recipe for a backlash when she can't control them anymore? It'll set them back, but people are remarkably resilient.
  18. Book Number: 14 Number Of Pages: 384 Book Title: Let's Pretend This Never Happened Author: Jenny Lawson Summary: A mostly-true memoir of the life of the blogger "The Bloggess", covering growing up with her taxidermist father, meeting her husband Victor, and having her daughter Hailey while dealing with crippling anxiety and an active imagination. Rating: 3.5 Review: This book had me laughing so hard at some points that my chest hurt and I was wheezing, but by the end I was having more difficulty taking it seriously. Worth a read if you're looking for a laugh, but it may not carry you all the way through to the end.
  19. I'm married, but occasionally the "when are you having kids?!" pressure gets rather silly. My books, my programs, and my cats are my babies. I don't want real children.
  20. I'm -not- going to trade for new Halloween hatchies this year. ...really... ...I mean it this time... I have enough CB cavern lurkers and shadow walkers to dump them in a vault and swim in them like Scrooge McDuck. (<-- slight exaggeration) ^^;; I'm really looking forward to whatever the event is going to be this year, though! I loved the Haunted House and Aliset.
  21. Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 688 Book Title: The Eye of the World Author: Robert Jordan Summary: Rand, Mat, and Perrin are living normal lives in the remote village of Emond's Field, but all that comes to an end when monsters from legend come hunting them. They have a part to play in the eternal conflict with the Dark One, and this book covers the first battle in a new war. Rating: 4.5 Review: -
  22. Ironically, the cure (less babies) seems to be turning out nearly as bad as the disease for Japan. Greying societies aren't healthy societies.
  23. It's difficult, because generalization is part of how we categorize things as humans, and also because if a large number of people in a certain category act in a certain way, it's useful to be able to refer to them by that category rather than a detailed descriptor. But this is also how we end up with stereotypes and prejudice. Also, sometimes I've seen people try to No True Scotsman away the problematic beliefs of a group they belong to, and that's frustrating, too.
  24. Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 342 Book Title: The Wizard of London Author: Mercedes Lackey Summary: Isabelle and Frederick Harton run a school for the children of expatriates, particularly those with special gifts: the Talented. Into their hands comes Sarah, a powerful medium, and Nan, a psychometrist. Under Isabelle's guidance, the two of them begin to learn the full extent of their abilities. Meanwhile, David Alderscroft, an Elemental Master of Fire, is stretching his fingers into the political realm while the dullness of his daily life torments him. Their paths cross when an Elemental is used to try and kill Sarah and Nan. Rating: 4.5 Review: -
  25. Book Number: 11 Number Of Pages: 333 Book Title: Gakkou wo Deyou! Author: Tanikawa Nagaru Summary: Takasaki Yoshiyuki is a normal teenager stuck in the EMP school, which is filled with other kids who've developed supernatural powers. Yoshiyuki has no powers of his own, but he does have a sister who died and is now haunting him, which is enough to qualify him for (involuntary) admission. It's common in EMP schools for Sounentai to appear and cause trouble -- there are even students assigned to a special brigade to get rid of them. But when Sounentai start appearing outside of the school and troubling the normal people outside, Yoshiyuki is sent to investigate. Rating: 2.5 Review: I just couldn't get into this book. The setting is one I usually enjoy, but I didn't find Yoshiyuki and Haruna's interactions compelling, and most of the book seemed to revolve around navel gazing and Yoshiyuki walking around looking at disaster sites. I didn't feel like there was an actual, real conflict until the last 50 pages of the book, and while that was interesting, even there the action seemed too dragged out to engage me. The language was somewhat difficult for me as a non-native-speaker, so it could be that difficulty barred my enjoyment, but I can't see myself picking up the next book in the series.