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  1. Huh, I went to edit my fort and suddenly I've gone from lvl 4 to 7 with a new layout of walls and cannons? Feel like I have someone else's fort on my screen.
  2. Thanks! Didn't know I could do that, learn something new every day. Merry Christmas!
  3. Yes, I love snow wars! One thing I want to know is there a way to mute the music?
  4. 24 items? Darn, only got 19. Kinda miss the old kind of story adventure where you could go back in and do item clean up.
  5. There we go, bred all the CB Marrows I got from last year. It feels good to be working on my purebred Marrow lines again after it stalled out when I couldn't find a mate for my 7th gen Marrow. Now I can start with new Marrows and breed him a girlfriend! Thank you, TJ, for the Halloween biome and giving us fresh blood for our lineages!
  6. Man, I just need one 09' but that seems like it'll be tough to catch. Still, if I can manage to catch two cb hollies then I can get one of these!
  7. Have: 7th gen PB Black Marrow egg Want: Bloodswap 7th gen PB Black Marrow unrelated to the one offered. Make an offer on Black Marrow! Have: 1 CB Grave Grave 1 CB Desipis Desipis 1 CB Caligene Caligene 3 CB Witchlights Witchlight 1 Witchlight 2 Witchlight 3 Want: CB Black Marrows.
  8. What is up with the delays on the hour drops? Hope that gets fixed.
  9. Have: 7th Gen PB Black Marrow egg. Want: Bloodswap 7th gen PB Black Marrow egg unrelated to the one offered. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. I haven't managed to get a CB anything. I just want Black Marrows as fresh blood for my purebred project.
  11. You mean I can get more CB Black Marrows!!!??? Best Halloween ever!!
  12. Had a feeling eggs would drop tonight. Already locked with new eggs on the first drop.
  13. Me. I examined the planner and it's been in error state ever since.
  14. Read the planner and now my game is broken.
  15. When you miss an egg you still have it's code. There are fan sites that let you add indivdual codes of eggs without even knowing the users scroll name. Ninja'd
  16. And egglocked! *Fogs eggs for the night* Good luck fighting that lagmonster, it'll get tired and go to sleep eventually.
  17. I still hope to own one of the beasties one day. Even though they're annoying I still love Lagmonsters.
  18. Yup, I did the same thing and broke my game as well.
  19. Oh wow, the silvers look great!
  20. Bah, the female I needed to kill for my new lineage project dodged the blade. Was really hoping to get her on the 31st. Guess she gets to live for another day with her baby.
  21. Woo, I managed to fill up within two minutes, new record for me! Happy Halloween!
  22. I just plan on continuing my pure bred Marrow line and attempting to find a mate for this Thing.