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  1. I never understand why healthcare workers refuse vaccination unless they have a decent reason not to (i.e. allergies or contra-indicated). Honestly the moment we could get our vaccines there was uproar from our staff when they would only allow enough for about a quarter of our staff (where over half our bed capacity was COVID-19) instead favouring the (non-vulnerable) admin staff working from home first...
  2. So I had a look to see what was in the public domain before I said much more about work. I also tried writing this five times this morning before bed and kept accidentally deleting it, so was too angry to try again! For context my city is 467,000 in size. - Approx 410 cases per 100,000, - Around 2,000 new cases the last seven days, with 240 yesterday alone, - Approx 75 hospitalisations of which 15 are on ICU, more than 10 requiring ventilation, - 40% aged 20-29 and 35% aged 30-59, - 74% of the population have had a single dose, and over 50% have had two doses, - 635 deaths due to COVID-19, 3 in the last week. It is grimly reassuringly that many of our ICU cases are unvaccinated for one reason or another, and the vaccinated ones are generally having a lot of comorbidities that would make them susceptible to any systemic disease of note. We've only got one completely fit-and-well cases, rather than a year ago when we were just getting full of young, healthy people. But the flip side is that means despite less people being in hospital, a greater proportion need ICU care because they are completely unprotected. So for us the nightmare continues.
  3. That sucks. Sorry to hear about it sleepymuggle, though I would question the worth of said friends. We've spilled out of our COVID-19 Pod and still have incoming cases. Some long months ahead.
  4. *Glomps back* I'm on a lot of Night shifts, like now *Sonics Lagie's noisy house quiet* hope that helps! Trystan, I can neither confirm nor deny my species...
  5. Borrowed? None. Mr Kestra comes with his own! Hope you're keeping safe from Fred, Lagie!
  6. *sonics megaphone into a miniphone* Thats better.
  7. *tidies up the coleslaw and serves in bowls* First of two teaching days this week. I love being an ICU nurse, but since becoming a Charge Nurse last year I've really not enjoyed it because I spend most of my shifts running my part of the unit rather than looking after patients - and that's just not what I came into nursing for. But I do run one of the most difficult aspects of ongoing training and education and it almost makes up for it, so I love the two days a month I get to teach
  8. Definitely in need of bacon. Slept poorly between night shifts so struggled to stay awake through the last one. Spending half an hour educating one of my colleagues on LGBT+++ took it out of me. Not because she was in any way negative about it, but it was a rather in-depth conversation for 0030hrs on my third night!
  9. Sadly our Government seems to be on a mission to kill the NHS and as many staff as they can in the process. Inappropriate PPE contracts, poor control mechanisms throughout the pandemic, refusing to release further aid, ploughing on with Brexit causing further staff shortages during an evolving pandemic...just to name a few.
  10. *Hug* Thank you. Our ICU in patient numbers are slowly increasing as well, and the deaths are back too.
  11. What's that? Cases doubled in my hospital exactly as predicted and we had to re-open a COVID-19 specific area, exactly as we all predicted and thus rendering the two days of work turning it around a complete waste of time? And we had to shuffle all those critically ill patients around on a night shift in a hurry because we had run out of space? No-one saw that coming. Not a single person. Not at all. Nope. Oh, and naturally all the senior management staff who made that decision definitely came in at 10pm on a Friday night shift to help us out with the big emergency reshuffle. Yup. They all came in to help, to make up for their terrible decision-making including cutting our staffing numbers. Loads of them came in to help. Oh no, wait...
  12. Fort and Spirit were doing their double act I see. Sadly me being on Nights this weekend means i couldn't interrupt 😛
  13. All of it is not a party. Some of it? Maybe.
  14. We still treat them, but rather than grouping them together in one area of ICU which we isolate, they get put in separate isolation rooms across the unit. Makes it more difficult to staff (as each isolation room then needs a dedicated runner...which we don't have the staff for, and the staff in those rooms can't really leave to help other staff), wastes time in turning around the isolation area back to a normal ICU (wasting tens of thousands of pounds of equipment each time as well as man-hours), and makes individual management of each patient logistically more complex. So many times in the first two waves they kept opening and closing these areas, it's an utter waste. And yet here we are again.
  15. Against the strenuous (and in my case, very blunt and sweary) advice of the on-floor nursing staff, the nursing management team closed our COVID-19 ICU Pod not even ten days after we opened it. Given cases are projected to increase over the next fortnight, and they did this numerous times the last two waves, typically they're ignoring those of use who actually have to spend 24-48hr every few days turning the space around. I am so *expletive* done with this shortsightedness.
  16. *Parks up TARDIS* Gave blood yesterday. Not feeling so bad today.
  17. Excellent, well done! And I always like mystery/sudden book finds. I get a couple of the hyper-cheap ones for my Kindle to read at work (I don't feel up for proper reads on break so I like my 'disposable' literature), but once in a blue moon something comes up that I like enough to buy the whole series. Currently rereading one of those series now!
  18. Thank you for the support. I need to keep reminding myself that I managed to work the first two waves without getting it, so my skills and drills are good enough to avoid infection. I don't even get norovirus when it goes around so my infection control skills must work. And I have full PPE, and now fully vaccinated too. Then again we have lost colleagues at work, and some colleagues are still off with Long COVID from the first time around. And there's the high mortality rate we've already witnessed (the first peak had a mortality rate of 50% if you were on the ventilator, rising to 80% if you then had kidney failure). Running out of body bags and space in the morgue... There's a reason we didn't want it to get this far again.
  19. So we're opening up a proper COVID-19 Pod tonight, giving us 12 (or 24 in dire straits) dedicated ICU beds. This is not good. All of our admissions are currently unvaccinated.
  20. Cuffs! Yay! It's takeaway night kebab and chicken!