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  1. A rare moment of accessing the forums from my laptop, so I can actually see signatures for a change! Coming to the end of my second week doing my Diploma, having a great time and really inspiring me to leave the country ASAP. It is difficult balancing what I want to do (work internationally, provide aid and emergency relief) with what I also want to do (carry on in critical care and stay with Lover), especially since there is an opportunity right now to go for my PhD as well! Options, options...requires a lot of soul-searching.
  2. I'm not aware of any cases at work yet, but I'm currently on study leave for my Diploma in Tropical Medicine, so I'm not being explicitly told the breakdown of infections - just twice-daily reminders of how many cases we have. And it is very slightly climbing again as winter progresses. One of the interesting things is, as ever, how much has been achieved in only two years for a disease that affects HIC (High Income Countries) as well as LMICs (Low and Middle Income Countries). Given I'm currently going through Neglected Tropical Diseases that can be easily cured, controlled, perhaps even eradicated, that have ravanged the continent for decades and cause hundreds of thousands, even millions of deaths per year, it does highlight that when there is a real and present threat and we dedicate our resources we really can limit the effect of a disease. Which makes stupidity like anti-vaccination, or choosing which vaccine to take and letting thousands go to waste, or refusal to wear a mask, even more ridiculous and really shows how privileged we are.
  3. Congratulations to our US posters who survived Thanksgiving meals!
  4. *Hoards them* I've slept in colder, but that was when I was using a four season sleeping bag halfway up Mount Everest..
  5. So, I start back at uni today - 3 weeks to complete my Diploma in Tropical Nursing. My student flat has no heating. In winter. Curses. @BringsTheSnow - our dragon was called Alice when we got her, as she reminded my wife of the titular Alice in Wonderland. Then six months later Alice was finally big enough to be gendered...
  6. No, it's not. You have more chance getting thrombosis from alcohol misuse, smoking, the contraceptive pill and COVID-19 itself (what with deranged clotting being a primary mechanism of the disease) than you do from getting it from the vaccines. It doesn't even make sense to make that claim. Over half the world's population has now had at least one dose of the vaccine; if thrombosis was that big an issue as you claim, why have there not been millions of deaths and disabilities from it? But hey, who cares about the truth. @Astreya more like that's what the nurse gives in 24hr and that's only enough to keep the patient sedated and on antibiotics, let alone the rest... Also, nowhere near enough paralysis agents in that photo!
  7. 694 deaths in my city, accounts for 12% of all deaths since March 2020.
  8. I am now celebrating Jannjah! After already working 63hrs this week, my body has decided I am firmly not able to work the other 25hr this weekend. I've barely slept, got chills and nausea, and my tinnitus is really kicking off as well. I may use some snake therapy in a minute.
  9. Bolo is also the name of a Titan from the epic (and, sadly, discontinued) TV series 'Final Space.' An exhausting week, working eight out of ten days. On the upside the lecture I was due to give next week is postponed until January, but I still have some 20hrs of learning to do prior to my Diploma starting in less than two weeks.
  10. Thanks for the messages of support guys, I'll need it. And I love the mug, Snow.
  11. My editor has asked for another article by 1st March, which I've agreed to. Will be my fourth publication with them. Also hunting around for someone to publish a project I started on before the world ended, but don't know how successful it will be.
  12. Busy six weeks ahead. I have six shifts next week alone, still two more this week. Delivering a lecture on 17th, and then I'm in Uni for three weeks for my Tropical Nursing Diploma - and I have 20hra precourse study and tests to complete first. Following that? Christmas rush...and three weeks to complete the essay for said Diploma. And I had a chat with my editor. He has asked for a paper to be completed by 1st March.
  13. Sounds tight, take care of yourself and yours!
  14. Meega nala qweesta! Absolutely one of the Best Movies Ever, I do know almost every line. Off my run of nights, Lover and I are having some quality time together. Carving pumpkins, cuddles, and I'm teaching her to play on my PlayStation.
  15. I'm sorry to hear about your family Astreya *hugs*
  16. *Snuffles away with waffles* Of course you went in 😛 I would also suggest kidnapping your colleague until they do the work properly but my lawyers tell me this is not appropriate advice.
  17. *hugs* And the COVID-19 Pod is once again open, to absolutely no-one's surprise. As ever we're as annoyed about the amount of time and energy it takes to keep turning it around. If you have FB, I quite like this little video: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2684678265172805&id=1516969195277057
  18. Used to write fiction and a lot of written RPGs, via email and also on the boards here. Then sadly real life occurred. Published four academic papers and presented at conference as well. I have at least two more papers I need to find the energy to finish and put out to publishers for interest.
  19. Yesterday was shopping, today will be housework, but Lover has the weekend off as well so at least I get to see her!
  20. Incredibly stressful, which is why we are seeing higher sickness rates. Staff just can't face this downward spiral and the immense, unsafe pressure we exert on ourselves continues. *Hugs back all*
  21. At least I have two days off before it all starts again. *hugs, mumbles and rolls back over*
  22. *slumps into the CPA beanbag* Finally out of this week. 70hrd I've worked. I'll be nestling into this beanbag and not moving til Monday.
  23. And now we're getting to the bit we feared: - Not enough staff as so many are off for mental health causes as well as the usual impeding winter bugs, - More patients with non-COVID-19 problems as per usual winter build-up, - The additional workload of constant COVID-19 patients, = Not enough staff for our patients to be safely cares for, = Putting supernumerary staff into the numbers before they've had training, = Unable to cope, staff quit, = Worsening staffing levels due to recruitment and retention, leaving us further understaffed both now and in the future. Repeat and rinse the last four points ad infinitum.