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  1. Yes did all that last night and again tonight... restarted computer even. Finally tracked the issue down to some extent. For whatever reason firefox is not saving cookies even though I have them enabled. When I thought to try on a different browser - scroll loaded up just fine. Looking further, McAfee WebAdvisor extension on I have on firefox is apparently over-riding my firefox settings so it's not letting cookies get through and can't figure out why. When I disable that extension and go back to Valley Sherwood - scroll loads up just fine in Firefox. Turn it back on, and the scroll won't load. There is nothing in webadvisor to suggest that it should be doing this or how to get it to stop over riding.
  2. Having a curious issue. When I went to put the new eggs into Valley Sherwood, it will not bring up my scroll information. Page just refreshes after entering scroll name. I've never had issues with the site like this before. Anyone know what might be going on?
  3. Have: 2G Lunar Herald with name code: RvTOy precog Male. Want: 2G with Spriter alt. https://dragcave.net/teleport/9c6ceee1cd2b2c2a79e6e37b51882180
  4. Last time we had a Jan release was 2012 for the Chinese new year (it was the year of the dragon and the date fell earlier than normal). I really don't see another Chinese New year release possibly happening until maybe 2023 (when it falls early again; year of the rabbit) or maybe 2024 (when it coincides with year of the dragon again but the date would be in Feb).
  5. Generally speaking we don't have a January release. However, there was one year (2012) where we had a release on January 23 (Gold Wyverns and Royal Blues). Chinese New Year fell earlier than usual. Normally it tends to fall in February or very late January which puts it a little too close to the Valentine event. I probably would not expect to see another CNY release until Sunday, Jan 22, 2023. *edit. The 2012 release was also the year of the dragon. The 2023 date would be year of the rabbit, however, 2024 will be the next year of the dragon but the date falls on Feb 10.... so kind of a toss up.
  6. CB here to all us means 'cave born'. Someone new to the game may not realize that CB means something different to us than it does out in the real world. As an example... in the reptile/amphibian pet/hobby trade circles - when people are selling/buying/trading animals specific acronyms are used to designated whether an animal is wild caught (WC) or captive born (CB) or captive bred and born (CBB). Trying to apply their terminology to the game here gives interesting results... Eggs taken from the cave would be WC (wild caught) since they were taken directly from the wild. But, since a player is then hatching those wild eggs in 'captivity'... they also qualify as CB (captive born). Eggs with a lineage that are hatched in captivity also qualify as CB. However, lineage eggs also qualify as CBB because they came from adults who were bred in captivity (from the person's scroll) to produce that egg. Long ago, dragons that people had released to the wildnerness used to be able to breed at random and on rare occasions throw their eggs to the AP. Some crazy lineages resulted from that. Since those lineage eggs came from the wild, they would qualify as WC and CB, but never CBB since the parents were not in captivity at the time they bred to produce the egg.
  7. Stone dragons appear to be missing from lineages... names (or codes if not named) show up but not the picture.
  8. The reason for the length of the nocturne wall is because that person has over 2,000 nocturnes that they bred!
  9. All Luminas bred. most are now scale-less... still got a few hold outs that keep refusing mates LOL. https://dragcave.net/group/81396
  10. Mine should be available for breeding again on Saturday.
  11. LOL. Congrats. Would be nice if we could have more than 3.
  12. Thanks.. just down to the egg sprite now LOL.
  13. Yes I know that... GONs are just too rare to find these days since most players already have them... I can sit there all day and only see 1 or 2 eggs/hatchlings. I'll get there eventually with them though. Next goal is hunt for Neglected eggs... also difficult LOL. Thinking of starting up some experiments.. maybe making my own (if I can) will unlock the image faster.
  14. Thank you so much. That got both lights and darks completed! So other than Spirit Ward (adult sprites) and Guardian of nature (egg/hatchling sprites), both of which will just take a lot of patience to get through, all other image unlocks I have left to do I simply have to wait for the respective holiday seasons to roll around.
  15. That helped a lot thanks. still have a ways to go to get the adult images unlocked.
  16. anyone have any recently bred Dark Luminas still in the scale-less color phase?
  17. See I have the opposite problem. I can often get 2Gs from holiday's with rarely a problem. it's the commons that rarely produce golds for me.
  18. I mix up my gold's mates. I did have some nice holiday checkers make it to the AP which helps other other people who might be working on that type of lineage or trade to those who are. And not all of the breeding I do are to holiday dragons. I breed them to commons as well. I actually expected to end up with a ton of common eggs, but did not. I ended up with 2-3 times more golds. My rate tends to be 3-5% success and I was getting 10-11% success.
  19. The other day I bred 210 gold dragons. Auto-dumped 23 gold eggs. I was surprised my odds were even that good. I usually only get around a 3-5% success rate. Looks like the eggs have been snatched up...some have been hatched already.
  20. We already get plenty of birthday dragons... DC's birthday. Personal birthdays can be faked and encourage multi-scrolling if we end up with dragons directly on the scroll that are capable of breeding, etc. I think the best option would be a badge where it is similar to easter basket / trick-or-treat collections of sprites. Only with the birthday badge you don't have to go hunting for it and only one sprite per year is added to the badge. Everyone gets the same sprite for a given year. The following year a new sprite is created. Since it's just a collection of sprites that you look at and not actual dragons... that takes out the urge for some to want to to multi-scroll or disrupt trading/breeding values.
  21. I was fortunate enough to have someone breed me a 2nd gen prize where I got to select the mate the CB prize was bred to. I chose a common dragon even though I knew it would take a long time before the pair would throw a shiny egg instead of a common egg, but I didn't care. I just liked how the colors of the adults looked together. Took many months before I got my shiny.
  22. you go to your account page and click on the raffle button.. there will be a claim link for the egg. You must claim it before the next raffle happens though.
  23. I incubate and throw the egginto valley sherwood. don't need to wait a day or anything. never had sickness.
  24. I was able to find someone to eventually trade me some balloon eggs to see if that helped by unlocking the egg stage on the encyclopedia page. it did. balloons now show up in the trading hub list. However, there are still some breeds that are completely locked to me (can't access the encyclopedia page) that are showing up in the trading hub menu - Shallow Water dragons and 1 of the 3 avatars to be specific. Of the 3 avatars only the Avatar of Destruction is partially unlocked and it appears in the trading hub menu. The avatar of change and avatar of creation are totally locked, but the avatar of creation shows up in the trading menu while the avatar of change does not. If only the egg image has to be unlocked then the avatar of creation should not be showing in the trading hub. Same goes for the shallow water dragon... totally locked, but appears in the trading hub.
  25. it should not matter at all what is locked or unlocked in the encyclopedia as this is the trading hub I am talking about - not the market place. Even so just in case I just went and checked.. I am seeing locked breeds appear in the drop down menu, but balloons (which is not locked) is just not showing up in the list. I am thinking this is a glitch.