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    ~ ARK Listed ~

    >>I will occasionally accept/negotiate trading requests (IOUs).

    *** Looking for 2nd-3rd gen Shimmers. I can breed nice metallic golds/silvers in exchange/IOU. The majority of my metallic stock is eg/spiral/stair.

    Breeding Requests - OPEN

    * I accept breeding/gifting requests (i.e. no trading needed). You are responsible for checking through my scroll to see if I have the necessary pairings.

    * Check all lists below 1st to avoid requesting dragons that are currently not available. Some are already committed to requests for other people.

    * If a list is marked "closed" - please wait for it to open before asking to be put on it.

    * Inbred dragons have "IB" or "Mayfair" at the end of their name (Mayfair lineages encourage inbreeding).

    * When you are ready to make a request please send me a PM.


    All dragons currently available; nothing currently pending.


    * None

    Trade References: (one or both sides had IOUs)

    1tylerule, 11th, 99redwaffles, Agrona, Amaterasu-sama, Arlymaye, ArynChris, b0113062, BloodWings, bonvoyage, bubinator, CapriciousT, Chandler87, Chita, Cinnamin Draconna, dekimasen, Dragoncia, Germelia, Goldensunrise, grammydragon, Ifni, Imzadi (ainisarie), isstiautng, JaneMcAsh, jetaime, Jumpsnake, Kallistrate, Kiden, kirshentalT, LadyAmlaruil2, littleblackdog, littleironhorse, m0nk3y, Misha, Mitsuko, Pinter, Ralph, rammenta, Rare_Hunter21, rayden54, Sapiel, Scoobycody, Scyleia, sei_chan65, Shibunari, Shikaze, Shroomlet, Sinsdaemn, StormWizdard212, suesdragons, thenameisplissken, UnicornBlues, Viar, Windnose, xxBurningxx, Yliah, yosofine

    Failed IOUs (1+ year since trade initiated with no return trade item)

    IOU: Shirosaki_Gin (Owed to me)

    * Me:
    --> Chicken - COMPLETED 2/19/14

    * Shirosaki_Gin:
    --> 2nd gen Gold (x black); IOU not filled after 1 year.

    IOU: cuppycake08 (Owed to me)

    *Me: 5th gen B-Tinsel egg (Copper Nebula) - COMPLETED 2/5/13
    ---> 2/10/13 Breeding for a 2nd B-Tinsel; 1st one mis-gendered despite influence - no charge; 2nd egg: COMPLETED 2/18/13
    *Me: 4th gen S-Tinsel egg (Tequila Silver) - COMPLETED 2/18/13
    *Me: 6th gen S-Tinsel egg (Silver Plasma) - COMPLETED 3/22/13

    cuppycake08: list of trade options to choose from for my 3 eggs was given to via PM 1/28/13; IOU not full-filled after 1 year.