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  1. I am still active, but have been quite busy lately and may be slow to respond to messages. I have one breeding pair of doves.
  2. Torres917 did not respond to me within 3+ days of offering the egg. Have PM'd Applesauce about the 3rd gen hatchling.
  3. I am registering mates. I may now be added to the breeder list. Scroll name: Defel Dove and it's mate's name: DoveTale (m, Dove) x DiamondDove (f, CB) ETA: PM'd Torres917 to offer an egg.
  4. HUMBUG! FORUM NAME: Defel SCROLL NAME: Defel PAIRING PREFERENCES: I would love a Yulebuck x Shadowwalker, but I would be thrilled with a common as well.
  5. While falling down a rock face: "I said, 'on belay! ON belay!!!!'"
  6. Orange, have you looked into becoming a Navy diver? They may not be SEALs, but they do get to blow things up I'm a Navy brat, and I wanted to be a SEAL while I was growing up, too. Missed out on being a diver because I didn't know it was an option until it was too late. There is actually a Ranger unit that is spec ops. Source -- a friend who used to be in that unit. Edit for spelling. Oops.
  7. Pebble, white, black, red Of course, I ended up dropping them all and getting new, "better" eggs a few times before i finally kept a clutch long enough for them to hatch