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  1. We have some very beautiful new Xenowyrm's and the brand new Straterae to breed with! I thought a new thread for these new Xenowyrms would be a good idea so everyone could find them and their templates. I've made some templates for anyone to use (excuse the white behind the dragon, my paint skills aren't up to much these days). Aquilo: Aso: Pharos: Obidar: Umbra: Ke'maro: Staterae: What is everyone thinking of to breed with these? One of my ideas is Aquilo/Garland or Aquilo/Striped River? Someone mentioned Ke'maro/Black Marrow.
  2. I thought that too! Just didn't post as was second guessing myself and over thinking.
  3. Stealthy is another one that fits between Spotted and Stone, and it's definitely been stealthily released!
  4. How about "stasis"? Dictionary has it described as "the state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces." Sounds like it could seeing as it's all the different mana types?
  5. Just looking through a dictionary, but what about Sprite (an elf, fairy or goblin) ? Especially with those ears!
  6. They are out there, just have to be patient and perservere. I've just locked myself with another CB of each apart from the "flow" one, it took a few drops but I did see plenty that I missed as well as caught. I find catching on my phone to be easier, no so much space between eggs and faster with finger than mouse.
  7. I knew there was going to be a release this weekend! Yay new release! I just happened to have a full set of Xenos growing as well! My scroll is sorted to breed, so this is how they sort with the older Xenos.
  8. I bred all mine that weren't messy. Sent 14 Zyu's to the AP, had 1 common egg, 2 no interest and 1 refusal. Hope that helps!
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    Traded, thank you!
  10. I'm looking to find the owner of the scroll EspeonLady99. They offered me an egg in a trade, but someone gave me a better offer so had to decline. I liked what they had to offer so much I made my own. However, they offered it again on another trade but cancelled it before I could accept. 😕 I'd still like to trade something for their offer, but I can't find them on the forum.
  11. Don't forget to check the raffle! No win here, but congrats to those who have won!
  12. I remember a time before the click sites, where the only way to gain views was to put them in your signature on other forums and post often to make them hatch/grow. You couldn't on this forum, but I did on others. I wonder how many of mine accidentally died because I went inactive frequently. 😕
  13. Crystalline is so pretty! Can't wait to see what the others grow up to be! Thank you TJ and sprinters! I'm thinking Crystalline x Tercorn might be pretty?
  14. And we're in self isolation... Husband came home after work yesterday feeling ill. We hoped it was just exhaustion as he's been stressed and working hard, but this morning he's showing symptoms. A couple of people from his work have been off self isolating, no one he works closely with apart from his boss who had been in contact with someone else. He works in a really big place.
  15. You're welcome! 😊 That's one from mine, Dad was an AP catch so returned the favour.
  16. Been mostly trying to breed mates for my holidays lately, but have caught some beauties lately. Thank you anons for these: 3rd Even Gen Checker Striped River x Shadow Walker 3rd Even Gen Checker Striped River x Heartstealing - Not related to any of mine, so happy! 3rd Even Gen Checker Falconiform Wyvern x Grave - Wasn't a fan of this type of dragon until recently, so many beautiful lineages have changed my mind! 3rd Even Gen Checker Nhoistrife Wyvern x Bronze Shimmerscale - Thank you @Ruby Eyes 3rd Even Gen Checker Skysilk x Black Marrow - Thank you @Dewilheart 4th Even Gen Checker Frill x Mutamore - I love the colours, thank you @amamiyaRitsukabi29! 4th Even Gen Checker Royal Crimson x Yulebuck - with a nice code name (reminds me of an Atari), thank you @Lyncerta - also for this 3rd Even Gen Checker Anagallis x Radiant Angel 5th Even Gen Checker Royal Crimson x Yulebuck - Unrelated to above, thank you @Confused Cat and for these 3: 4th Even Gen Checker Pyro Xenowyrm x Desipis 4th Even Gen Checker Royal Crimson x Wrapping Wing 3rd Even Gen Checker Almerald x Mistletoe I've caught so many pretties, I could just go on and on. Thank you to everyone who breeds such lovely holiday pairings, they are my favourites!
  17. First time I'd participated, only managed to send one to the AP (woefully low on Brutes, opps), but I caught a beautiful 3rd even gen checker with shadow walker from @bonvoyage thank you! I'll be stocking up on CB's ready for next year!
  18. Have: 3rd Even Gen Checker from Solstice - Lineage Want: Bloodswap preferably, or 3rd Even Gen checker from Aegis (not related to this or this) please Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!