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Here be my dragons!♠ Wishlist, and I.O.U.'s in Profile ♠ ♠ Will breed on request! ♠♠ If anyone else sees a white egg/hatchling with the code "rsfun" in whichever caps, please let me know and we can work out a trade! ♠

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    ♠ Shimmers (any colour and lineage - must be clean!)
    ♠ Coppers (any colour and lineage - must be clean!)
    ♠ CB Gemshard (blue or red)
    ♠ Xenowyrm (any colour and lineage - must be clean!)
    ♠ Blusang Lindwurm

    ~ Willing to breed any of my dragons on request. Please message if you'd like anything! ~

    '09 Val x Sunrise (Common Egg) - Sorenna
    '09 Val x Canopy (Valentine Egg) - Shopfront
    Heart Seeker x Royal Crimson (Val Egg) - Terrafreaky
    Radiant Angel x Cassare (Val Egg) - Terrafreaky