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  1. I collect CB Silvers and CB Golds because they are my favourite breeds. They way outnumber ANY other breed of dragon on my scroll. They don't do much for me, lol, but I love to try and make different lineages with them, and I will often AP their offspring or randomly gift. I have also gifted quite a few CBs, and a lot of those were to random users, not just my friends. Not many now, because some of us gifters were told that it was wrong to not let other players catch their own, instead of being gifted one or two. I will continue trying to catch more....because I love them. I can't help that they are shiny and there are some users that can't catch them. It took me until last year to catch my first one (I've been here since '08) and now I have several. It IS possible to catch them!
  2. Awesome code for an awesome Mod, RubyShoes!
  3. Although my Metallic breeding did not produce anything, I did manage to breed a couple of really nicely lineaged eggs for the AP. Hope their new owners love them!
  4. Was too busy watching the newest Robot Chicken episode, and kept missing the Metallics that went whizzing by during the last hourly drop
  5. Breeding is definitely going back to the way of normal. Bred quite a few of my Silvers, and didn't even get a metal-fail. My Golds, and the rest of my Silvers, will be ready after Midnight, but I don't hold out much hope, lol. I also saw (but did not catch) all of the Metallics at the last drop. Keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts a little longer. Would love to gift a couple to some people.
  6. There was a similar boom, back in April of last year. That month, I caught twenty CB Metallics all-told. The months before that and the months after that, I was catching two or more a month, but never as many as that April. The great cycle of Metallic life, lol. @ Slaskia: I love your crazy thought
  7. Traded for a pretty little sitting Black Alt, caught some freezables from the AP that I needed, and bred an egg towards the lineage that I've been trying to finish since Halloween. And I caught a CB Silver!!!! Haven't caught one since November, and watching all of these CB Metallics zoom past me was driving me insane...especially when I used to catch a couple a month. Switched browsers and voila! *grins widely* edit: Just caught a CB Gold! Almost refreshed right over it.....Chrome.....I think I love you!
  8. Bred a couple yesterday that gave me eggs, but no eggs today. The good times over again?
  9. Bite with a turn and stay. Was hoping for a repulse, but at least the egg wasn't killed
  10. CDM


    Poor Skotty. My fingers are crossed for you, but I also have a hug ready if you need it We have a new visitor. A friend of one of my BF's coworkers, needed a home for her 4 year old Tortie. She's not meant to be permanent, but I have a feeling she will be Her name is Cleo, and although she's still nervous around our other three cats, she's a love bug. She chirps at me when I walk in the door and loves to give nose rubs and headbutts. Our fluffy cat, Ali, is in love with her (everyone is fixed) and our other two are interested, but not concerned. There has been some hissing and a little growling, mostly from Cleo, but everyone seems to get along. She's still getting used to our two dogs though, but still, there has been no swatting or hissy-fits. My BF and Cleo:
  11. My scroll is the other way around, lol. My CBs are being good breeders (except for the ones I'm breeding with Nebs, so that I can help out an awesome person ) but my 2nd gens are being picky picky.
  12. That's awesome Now we both just need to find SQUTH and S0UTH, lol.
  13. Oh if only that Q was an O! Still love it though, lol, and I do need more Purples. http://dragcave.net/lineage/NQRTH
  14. Why are they avoiding me? I can still ninja click the other rares/uncommons, but them? Gah!
  15. Quickly glanced down to look at the code of an egg, refreshed, and then glanced up in time to see a CB Silver pop up, but I wasn't ready
  16. If I didn't need another male CB Turp, and I didn't love it's code, I would have let you have it
  17. Caught three CB Blacks almost in a row. Can't wait to send them on over to my giftee
  18. Guess I should invest in either some diapers or puppy training pads http://dragcave.net/lineage/peedS
  19. My BF hated the newest Duke Nukem (seriously, when you're driving around in his monster truck, you're just looking for gas all of the time,) and one that I hated to even watch him play was Mind Jack. It has so much potential! You could take over the minds of your enemies, even robots, but the acting was terribly wooden and so expressionless, and the fights were so predictable. Oh look, some boxes are in the hallway, guess we're fighting again. That I've played myself? A pirate game that came with our Wii. There was a rowboat race, but you couldn't do anything other than spin in circles with the nunchuk. Even my BF had a go, since he's the gamer in our household, and HE couldn't get the controls to behave. We ended up trading it in.....or we gave it to my niece, i can't remember, lol.
  20. Okay, Gewehr, you Doberman you, you don't weigh 10lbs....GET OFF ME! Or at least stop wiggling, and just lay still. You're such a suckie-puppy, yet you're full grown. Damn Dobermans
  21. I have been lucky enough to catch at least one of every type of dragon. Lately though, my CB Metallic catching skills seem to have plummeted down a hole, lol. Am seeing them, but am not catching them.
  22. Same here. I just can't see myself doing it. I love my dragons, and would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to them, but they're not "alive" to me, and I don't RP, so I don't make stories up for them. Love reading everyone else's though
  23. Silver hatchies have gendered as influenced, Silver and Golds eggs will hatch in about 10 hours, and I bred another Royal Blue towards my RB lineage. Haven't progressed much farther on my Lurker lineage, but at least all of the mates have not refused. It's just a matter of waiting for them to produce the right breed, lol.
  24. Bite and a repulse No kills lately, but I'm not going to push my luck, lol.