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  1. Very fast reflexes with good hand-eye co-ordination, or extremely lucky misclicks, lol. You need a lot of patience and just keep going at every egg you see. In the times between drops, practice by clicking on eggs from the Abandoned Page (AP) Eggs you click on there can be abandoned right away, so you won't accidentally lock yourself. People with more than four also have Trophies higher than a Bronze.
  2. There are at least two on every hourly drop, and even more in the fastest moving Biomes. I've seen 6 or more drop in the Alpine on the hour. A month or more ago? You'd be lucky to see one an hour.
  3. Caught a couple of low-time eggs, before the drop, and they are now with the freezies Also caught another CB Silver! <3 11 more and I hit my goal of 50. edit: Woot, 2, 000th post \O/ *goes off to find "edit member title" button*
  4. *takes project out of the garbage* This has happened to me sooooo many times, while working on my Lurker lineage. What I do now is, pick one of the mates to keep, release the other one (so it can't be confused come breeding time) and breed a new mate. Try again once it's an adult. I had one dragon refuse two mates in a row, before it finally chose the newest replacement. Unless you already do that, and in that case, just ignore me
  5. Arlymaye: Shhhhh, CDM is not in here Lol. Congratulations, Elayne! A tip for people who have got their very first Metallics: Take a screenshot of the "get code" page. Trust me. Keep it, and you'll be able to feel that rush over and over again, every time you visit that picture. And, it's good to have as proof if anything ever goes wrong with your scroll
  6. Wow, congratulations, Sycamore!! Deep breaths, hon, deep breaths...lol.
  7. Was just having a look in the Wilderness, and... You know who, is at it again And, oh noes, look out lovely Moonstone!
  8. + 1 Almost makes me want to gift my bred Metallics to free up my scroll, but I shall be patient....I swear! Tomorrow night, when everyone hatches, I think I'll try for two more of the newbies and then go-a-Metallic-huntin'. There are a couple people I'm thinking of gifting............
  9. Practice, practice, practice. Seriously. Even if someone has a super fast computer matched with a super fast internet, if they don't have good hand-eye co-ordination, they still won't catch squat. Practice in the AP between drops. See how fast you can refresh and click, and then you can just abandon the eggs. Just noticed that Cheshire (sp?) sprited the hatchies. Congratulations on getting your first sprite into DragCave!
  10. There already are limits. Each scroll can only catch as many as their Trophy colour says they can. As others lock their scroll, they drop out of the "competition" and other people can step into their place. Other people are catching, then gifting the eggs after the five hours are up, then catching more to gift again,, so there are still more eggs being passed around. Another great option is to join some of the gifting threads in the Trading Forum, and another user (like those I mentioned above) may just gift you one or two. Never give up hope!
  11. I'm thinking round-a-bout the same way. Especially if the new dragon(s) is/are so gorgeous that I would want more than 5 pairs of each. I do like the idea of new releases more often, but once a month might be a little too much, lol. If it's implemented though, I guess I would just deal (like I do with every change), and just try to get all of my breeding and hunting done before the end of every month....or try to alternate with bred eggs and new eggs. Who knew that even 7 egg slots would still not be enough
  12. Fixed it Cursing myself now, for breeding my Metallics yesterday, lol, wish I could be hunting for more of the new eggs right now.
  13. If you check out the last two or three pages, people have posted where they have been finding the CB Metallics CB Metals everywhere! edit: Had to fix linky-poo.
  14. Thank goodness I cleaned the apartment again this morning. Thank you so much for coming over to see the fridge, Mrs. Landlord. Love you!
  15. Rookie. I'm just teasing you, lol. Just wait until you start dreaming about catching eggs, or being on vacation and wishing you had a laptop with you, or checking on your dragons as soon as you get home from school/work/vaycay/etc ha ha.
  16. Y'know, I actually kind of like knowing their name before they becomes adults. I like surprises too, don't get me wrong, but it helps me figure out names before they hatch, lol. And Speckle-Throated must be their real name because they breed sort right above Spitfires. I thought it was going to be a TJ trick ( ) but there they are, in the "S" section.
  17. Happy birthday! Speaking of birthdays, just realized that my own eggs will hatch on MY birthday, lol. In other news, most of my hatchies have gendered, and they all gendered the way they were meant to.
  18. Oh, just noticed the hatchies! Very intriguing....I have a feeling that these will be a very nice lineage option with Blusangs and the Arsani....and maybe even Lurkers *starts going through options in her mind* I am really looking forward to seeing the adults now, even more so than usual, lol.
  19. I just realized that, the Speckled-Throated eggs I caught at the beginning of the drop will hatch on my birthday Thanks, TJ and the spriters, for my birthday presents, lol.
  20. Kinda weird that the breed name has already been announced....or has it *eyes everyone suspiciously* First time?
  21. Have caught four of the new eggs! Want more, obviously, but I am NOT abandoning the Golds and the Silver that I also bred, lol. Nuh-uh! Happy hunting to everyone!!
  22. Woot! Have four now. *happy dances* New dragon!!
  23. Okay Mr. Landlord, you guys are awesome, and we have absolutely LOVED our time here, and have kept to ourselves....BUT, we need a new fridge. Like, yesterday! A couple of weeks ago, the wire underneath was sparking, and started flaming a little, so I pulled the fridge out immediately and unplugged it. BF called you, and thank you so much for coming so quickly!, however, you tried to blame it on the dogs...saying they must have pee'd and the wetness rotted through the wire. Both dogs are now crated while we're not home, because yes, the one has pee'd a little (in other places!) now that we're both full-time, but there has been no "moisture" near that wire that you unplugged. Tonight, it started sparking again!! I have electrical taped the one section, to within an inch of it's life, but while I was doing that, I noticed water just dripping from the fridge itself onto the floor, where the wire sits. Smart me, I grabbed my camera and there is now a video to show you all of the water. No dogs are sitting and peeing inside of the fridge, so it's the fridge's fault, not theirs! Please get us a new fridge! Preferably one that's not 25 years old.
  24. Flamingos look awesome with the Lurkers http://dragcave.net/lineage/X3Au8 If you need any mates, let me know! I must say too, that all the second gens (which are part of my huge Lurker-lineage-work-in-progress) were donated to me by some wonderful people
  25. Actually managed to breed a couple of Metallic eggs Really happy about the one pair! I've been breeding them every week since 2011, and they just gave me their first baby Keeping it for sure!