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  1. Finished a Royal Blue x Lumina lineage. Looks really pretty. Had thought about it a while back, then noticed StarSea had the same idea, so I backed off. Decided to try it again for something to do, lol. Now, if only my Lurker lineage would co-operate!
  2. Abandoned a 2nd gen Soul Peace to grab this Moonstone: http://dragcave.net/lineage/HgzTJ I just couldn't resist! I think we'd all like to give hugz to TJ once in awhile for creating this site, whether we agree with everything he does or not
  3. CB Greens and Blacks don't Alt, hon, only bred ones. Cave borns still come in very handy though, so it's still a huge congrats My Silvers have been nice to me and bred some lovelies, and I just caught my 10th (and hopefully final) Speckle-Throat. Oh, and I'm up to the 6th gen for one half of my Lurker lineage. Either have to hope my Ices breed well or will have to pick another blue dragon to continue on the other half. Was using Winters, but ran out of time to keep using them.
  4. First time ever breeding this pair together *happy dances* Lineage Of beauty And bred this pair on a whim Hello sweet little eggie
  5. If it was a Sunrise egg, it would have only been able to hatch in it's time window (6am-12pm), no matter how ER it was. Sorry So heartbreaking for you *hugs*
  6. Noticed that TJ posted in Help, but not in Erica's thread about the Thuweds. I figure that either he will let us know at some point or we will never know.
  7. There is also the box that allows you to choose an egg type. If FortyTwo clicked on the Silver egg, that's what he would get. If he had chosen only the Silver x Purple pair, then yes, he would get whatever breed of egg popped up when it was his turn for an egg.
  8. Same here. As soon as I hit the "submit" button (? Can't remember what the button's name was) I got the "You are now on the breeding list" message, and that was it. Couldn't see the list of egg/pairs again. edit: Sorry, meant to quote Ultra. That is who I was replying to, lol.
  9. Just wondering if there was a glitch and the original lists were wiped out accidentally....TJ is usually very cloak and dagger, lol, so we might never know *shrugs*
  10. Maybe.....I know that the last time I got on the list again, I signed up as fast as I could, and THEN checked my scroll, and the egg was already there. Same with the time before that. Will definitely hold off on breeding any more eggs just in case
  11. Same here No new Thuwed on my scroll, but I could sign up again (which I have, because I hope to gift someone in a different timezone again.)
  12. I'm thinking of breeding mine with Thunders. They look good together, but I was also thinking that, because we were all saying that they were moth-like, I want to start a bug-zapper lineage Really like the Thunder male with the STD female over the other way around:
  13. Caught two more Speckle-Throated eggs, hatchies have grown up, and had a successful Vamp turn and stay. Also caught another CB Silver, so now I'm at 40 CB Silvers! 10 more, and I will be at my goal <3 edit: Just caught #41!!
  14. Caught two more, so I'm done for now until I see what the adults look like.
  15. Just successfully Vamped a CB egg, that has a code which looks a lot like InkDC (caps messed) The I is a 1, but it's soooo close, lol.
  16. Pretty sure that that is their actual name. Checked using breed-sort yesterday, and they sorted to right above the Spitfires. I could still be proven wrong though I'm thinking uncommon-rare, for these guys. If they're gorgeous as adults, I'm thinking Blusang-rare.
  17. @ Mercury: I think people were also speculating, because of all the CB Metallics that are dropping like leaves. And yes, there ARE limits. Scroll limits. Up to 7 and the person is out for two full days. Even if people are gifting ones that they catch, they still have to wait five full hours, and then hope the person that they gift is online, before they can catch more. There are still plenty dropping. If you're not having any luck, practice refreshing and clicking in the AP. That's what I did, a year or so ago, and now I can catch pretty much anything I want to. AND, I was catching rares on dial-up, on a laptop that ran Windows '95. Never give up, just keep clicking away (while praticing your hand-eye co-ordination) and you will catch one or two. There is a lot of luck with this game, but there is also a lot of practice, practice, practice makes perfect with this game. Being defeatist will only hinder yourself. (General you, not a specific you.)
  18. *checks through News threads* So he did! Good eye, Tikigurl.
  19. It must have been TJ's decision. First time it's ever happened, I'm pretty sure. Their name was already the title of the News thread, as soon as he posted this thread. edit: 'd by Siliconrose
  20. I really hope this boom holds out. It's terrifying, yet exciting at the same time. If I can meet my CB Metallic goal soon, then I just might start Glomping left, right, and centre again 2-ish more hours until my two bred Golds hatch, and then I'll be on the hunt again! Just after Midnight, my Speckle-Throats will hatch, and I would love to have a couple CB Metallics and Speckle-Throats with my birth date as their stolen date, lol.
  21. You're quite welcome, and don't worry, we were all noobs once Ugh, why do the hatchies take so long to become adults, lol. Trying to be patient, but I want to see if I need to collect more than 3 CB pairs!
  22. @ Wyvern_Oliza: This thread is discussing all of the CB Metals, and where to find them: CB Metals everywhere! P.S. It's better to edit your original post, than to double post
  23. A lot of the time, people don't even look at the lineages. They just look at the view page to see if the egg or hatchie is CB, and if not, throw it back. And yes, please NO to retiring more breeds. I only have one CB Old Pink and no CB Frills, I would hate to see more retired just because some people don't like certain "blocker" sprites.
  24. I'm doing the same, lol. Although I might try to catch at least two more, tomorrow, for my birthday.