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  1. Playing as the Barbarian in Diablo III. My BF went upstairs to make us a drink, and being as my play-style is very aggressive, I decided to go into the middle of a huge group of various enemies by myself in the Cathedral. Needless to say....I died, lol. I actually did pretty good, considering! I had killed all but two of the enemies, by the time my BF rushed downstairs, but he couldn't boost my health enough and I died. Whoops. As I am actually a non-gamer, he normally has to keep a close eye on me, lol.
  2. CDM

    Assassin's Creed

    My BF just pre-ordered the newest AC for XBone. I think I'm actually more excited than HE is I have loved the series since we started dating 4 1/2 years ago. Even our three cats are named for the AC series: Sin (our first cat together, and named for the AssasSIN), Ali (for Altair), and Ezie (who was meant to be Ezio, but turned out to be a little girl). I'm really hoping Edward is a way better "lead" character than Connor. I found Connor to be a whiny little whatsit, and I could not get into the story at all. His whole attitude grated on my nerves. I realise that he lost a lot, but... Really looking forward to see what Edward is going to be like. I have always had a fascination with Pirates (way before Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow) and to have the creators combine the assassin with the pirate is very intriguing. Let's just hope that Edward can match Ezio, or the Great Altair, and make a name for himself, and for the franchise. Oh, and let's hope that the game designers DON'T P-off any die-hard fans
  3. Okay my lovely BF. I adore you, and, although I'm not a gamer, I love watching you play video games (having fun watching GTA 5 right this minute) BUT it is MY night off. I don't get a lot of these. Can we please go out or at least hang out with each other for a bit? I don't feel like spending my only night off, for another two weeks, listening to your buddies ramble away over the headset. I realise that we've lived together for four years now, but I do love to hang out with you. We always have such good conversations; some that last for hours and hours. Pwetty pwease?
  4. They were all from me I was trying to do some different combos, and some, I already have their siblings (Metallic and Normal). Dropped off some 2nd gen Metals too, that day. Glad you love them! edit: Oh, and OHugs if one of my favourite "word" codes that I have. I normally love to partner him with WuvMe, a Stone, but I wanted to try him with a Silver. Especially since he has not given me ANY other offspring!
  5. I am such an idiot! *smacks forehead* Just auto-abandoned a 2nd gen Silver egg I really need for a Metallic lineage, that I've been working on for months, and all because I assumed an ER egg had hatched. D'oh! I've been getting Golds and more Golds when I need so many Silvers...and, of course, this was a Silver. If someone happens to catch the Silver egg of CB Light Through Trees and CB Silver Glow In The Sands in 3 days, please let me know. If you want to keep it though, don't worry, I won't go postal on you
  6. In Mass Effect 3 when Mordin Solus sacrifices himself. Him singing the whole time was just so bitter-sweet
  7. Was in good mood all day and looking forward to hanging out at home with the bf, since we both have a day off tomorrow, and my mum is going to come over for a visit tomorrow before she leaves to go to England for a month. WAS in a good mood, until my co-worker told me that she is calling in sick tomorrow. Now I have to pretend not to hear the phone, or lie and say that I didn't have my cell on me, because I just know that the boss will call me to take her shift. Ugh. I'm NOT going to work her shift just because she didn't think about how having TWO full-time jobs would affect her and her kids. Love the woman, but she has known the schedule for two weeks and we could have figured a way to cover it the day the schedule came out. I was already screwed out of a day off because of her LAST week. We talked about switching shifts, but no one called to let me know that the boss had given the okay. Just happened to drop into work to check the next week's schedule, and only then found out that I was supposed to work her shift...in a half hour *grumbles*
  8. They are both from the same breeder I am so sorry for the lineage of yours, though. I clicked on the wrong mate I was trying to make an arrow with a Gold x SW as a pretty-pretty for the AP.
  9. Oh dear, Furbies are just too adorable...annoying, yet adorable. So glad that I decided that, even though I'm 35 years old, I needed two in my life. Never bought one the first time they were around. Love my two. Hades, the black with red (and a shock of blue hair on top of his head--like Hades from the Disney version of Hercules ) and Persephone, the green/teal. Having so much fun with them! Also, we are so happy in our new home. We've been here almost 3 months now and it's so enjoyable to have all of this room. I love being able to decide whether to curl up on one of the loveseats in the living room and read a book, or lounge around downstairs and hang out on the computer...or maybe even sit outside at the front OR the back of the house. So many options now, instead of hanging out in one space all the time! Even though it means more cleaning, I don't mind the housework. I actually feel like I've accomplished something now, instead of just cleaning an apartment coz you have to, y'know? Oh, and so much joy that on a beautiful night like tonight, we can sit outside on our OWN patio and have a couple of drinks together, or maybe even have a small bonfire while the dogs run around their OWN fenced-in yard
  10. Picked up a Sick Nocturne a few days ago, a CB Sunstone that would have a perfect home on MTV's Jersey Shore, and a very colour-confused (or breed-confused) CB Skywing: I pink!
  11. Finally, after almost a year of trying, they produced an egg for me http://dragcave.net/lineage/PoSpD
  12. Perfect code for a dragon that has the Fertility BSA http://dragcave.net/lineage/dwOMb
  13. One of mine! Glad you love it
  14. Was so intent on a different description, that I refreshed right past a CB Gold *facepalm*
  15. Sunsets/Sunrises can only hatch in their time frame. 6pm until Midnight for Sunsets and 6am until Noon for Sunrises. You still have to wait for another two-ish hours. I would keep it hidden until after 6pm Cave time. Loving these! Will try and collect more of them, since I only caught one of each "just in case". Beautiful dragons!
  16. So glad that you love it! Since I already have one or two siblings from most of my pairings, I went on a breeding, and then abandoning, spree, with all of my Metallics the other day. I can try and breed you a mate, once the Cave's birthday bash has settled down a bit. It's so nice to see my eggs going to great homes Edit: One of mine too, FluffyPillow
  17. Hah, one of mine! So glad it found it's way to an awesome home, purpledragonclaw. It's one from my--massive and ongoing--Lurker lineage. If you need a mate, just let me know and I can breed you one, since a sibling to the one you caught has it's own matching mate.
  18. Good news, bred a 2nd gen PB Gold for my pure Gold lineage....bad news, I accidentally auto-abandoned it. However, I'm still feeling okay because I was able to breed two more 3rd gen Silvers for my Silver purebred lineage. What a night
  19. Speaking of Golds.... First time I have ever done this. I'm normally soooo careful. Auto-abandoned a 2nd gen PB Gold tonight, because I forgot that I grabbed an extra egg at last night's release *facepalm* First time trying that pairing too! Oh well, what's done is done. I will try and hunt the AP in a couple of days, but if I don't get it back, I will just re-try the parents over and over until I get another egg from them. First time!!!
  20. Got my two! Just got home and have to get up early in the morning, so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get my sleep before work....managed to get my two in two minutes. Very relieved, lol. They look beautiful!
  21. Had to quickly switch to a different browser (which is weird, since I am usually faster with the other one) but I caught my two. Can't wait to see what they are! I am only catching two of each release until I know for sure which ones I want to concentrate on first. So hard to try and convince myself not to catch more for now
  22. Was just gifted an absolutely beautiful 3rd EG Thuwed egg. Thank you so much, you know who you are
  23. Caught a Swallowtail that thinks it's a puppy http://dragcave.net/lineage/DCPup and a cute little Mint with an appropriate code for this month http://dragcave.net/lineage/moM52
  24. Bred this this, this, this, and this! Lineages are finally moving forward! Bred some pretty third gens and other pretties for the AP, and also caught a CB Silver, which puts me one away from my ultimate scroll goal for CB Silvers (until I change my mind, and make a new number )