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  1. -24C with the wind chill. So damp, and so cold. We actually had sunshine today, though. I don't remember the last time we saw the sun! Everyone was a little more cheerful today, lol.
  2. Any Red Dwarf fans? http://dragcave.net/lineage/listr
  3. -17C, but it's nice and clear out. We can actually see stars Haven't seen a proper night sky in weeks!
  4. -21C (with the Wind Chill) and extremely windy. It's snowing a little bit, but most of the snow is from the wind blowing around the soft stuff. I'm freeeeeezing. For some reason, my work place is about 10C right now. We've tried raising the temp, but only cold air keeps blowing out of the vents. It's the first time I've kept my sweater on the whole time. Normally, when I'm behind the counter, the toasters and oven keep it nice and warm, but today it's still so cold *shivers* I've been drinking hot chocolate all night *shivers really hard* Had to make a sandwich for someone, and our butter was almost too hard to spread. It's normally very soft. How long till Spring? Edit: Stay safe, RW!
  5. Grabbed Bouke, who is a Dutch singer http://boukel8.nl/pages/sub/84555/About_Bouke.html and as my BF is Dutch, I thought it was fun. Also grabbed Posho. A posh little Mint.
  6. -8C and snowing. I'm so shocked that it's snowing again Lol.
  7. *sniffles* Whelp, no Prize dragon me this year. Oh well, I'll survive
  8. -4C with a light snow. It's a beautiful snowfall today and the warmest it's been for weeks. The snow looks like movie snow, BUT, the wind is supposed to pick up by tonight, the temps drop, and we're in for another storm. At least our roads have finally opened, well for today anyway. They've been steadily closed everyday for two weeks now. Even our grocery stores are starting to run out of essentials. And we're used to this weather in this county! I might actually be able to walk to work today, instead of having to wait for my BF to get home and give me a ride. Unless the storm starts to move in in two hours time. I miss walking I also miss having full hours at work. Normally, I do 40 hour weeks, but since we've been closing early due to weather, I've only been able to get around 25-ish hours. Not helpful for paying mortgages. Oh well, Spring's not far away now, and at least we made sure to set some money aside before Winter hit. Apparently, we're in for more storms right into next week. Yay
  9. Another storm system going through. Should clear up by Wednesday I like my extra days off (although I would rather have the moola) but my BF has come down with the Man-Flu, so being stuck in the house listening to him whine, is getting a bit old
  10. Send some heat, please! So cold! I'm sitting indoors, and I'm still cold. Poor Dobermann has NOT moved from in front of our fireplace. Temps have gone up 5 degrees since yesterday though, from -25C to -20C (not including the Wind Chill). So cold that my boss actually yelled at me for walking to work yesterday, instead of asking for a ride or waiting for my BF to pick me up at our house. His co-workers are always late to work to relieve him, so I figured I might as well walk. Plus, I grew up in this town and would often have to walk to school in these temps, back in the day Looks like it's going to get colder again. Brr. Just checked the Weather Network for our local town: Blowing Snow Warning (issued at 8:20PM EST Thursday, January 23 2014): Blowing snow beginning Friday morning. An Arctic Low Pressure System will be tracking through Southern Ontario, Saturday. Very strong South-West winds of 40-60km/hr with gusts up to 80km/hr are forecast to begin Friday afternoon in advance of the low. Wind Chill Warning (issued at 8:20PM EST Thursday, January 23 2014): Cold Wind Chill values expected tonight and Friday morning. A cold Arctic air mass remains over much of Southern Ontario, with overnight lows once again to be expected in the minus twenties. Winds are forecast to pick up from the South-West in advance of a low pressure system, after Midnight. The combination of cold temperatures and moderate South-West winds are expected to generate wind chill values in the minus 30 to minus 35 range. Exercise caution when venturing outdoors as frostbite may occur on exposed skin in less than 10 minutes.
  11. Name : CB Cherry Breed : Old Pink Mate/s : CB Lucky Glance (and for a while there, any Gold!) Fail to produce : Gold. She has given me one Gold, ONE, in all this time. All I want from her is a 2nd gen Gold egg from Gold x Old Pink. She is my only CB Old Pink...the witch. The first 12 CB Golds I tried, she refused them all. Y'know, 'cause they're so easy to come by Finally, I managed to catch the 13th...and she accepted him! They produced an egg together, but, of course, have never produced a Gold egg together She has since accepted two other CB Gold mates, but the story is quickly repeating itself. Oh, and she doesn't care about CB Silvers, Ices, or Blacks, either. Such Pinkness: Progeny **A couple of mates in there will, of course, only produce Pinks. I'm talking about her Gold/Silver mates.
  12. Such a rude little Misfit! Normally, I would keep such an awesomely coded egg (and I'm very, very tempted to!) but I don't really have any other coded Pygmies to breed it with. Well, one, maybe, but it's not a perfect pairing. Might decide later on what to do with the little nasty. Forgot about this little guy, that I caught the other day: http://dragcave.net/lineage/3ZOmG Thinking that I might breed "him" to my Turp. Her code is Wife3
  13. One of mine Elemental Nights of Harmony was a beautiful gift to me (thank you again!) and Tarnished Oasis is the mate I bred for him <3 Now I breed their offspring as gifts for the AP catchers. Have to keep re-breeding though, for a proper matching mate, because Ziqway and Scared Dancer keep giving me Silver offspring instead of Ridgewings
  14. The German Stripe doesn't like the #8, apparently: http://dragcave.net/lineage/NeIN8 A Nhio Dr. that I'm not sure if I would go see... http://dragcave.net/lineage/DImDr A Flamingo, however, that I just might go see: http://dragcave.net/lineage/iMeND And a Skywing that is confused about it's colouring: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ipink
  15. Our car. Even if I do have to work tomorrow, I think I'll walk there instead I decided to jump out of our front window, so that I could get to the front door and shovel what I could. My landing spot The snow is up to my chest! And again, I'm 5'. I had to dig, breast-stroke, and kick my way out, lol. And my landing spot as seen from our now-shovelled front door. The window is to the far right. Those frozen bubble pics are stunning, Vhale! Thanks for the link. Will definitely go and have a peek.
  16. Very, very cold (-15C, but feels more like -30C) and very snowy. We had 2' overnight-adding to the almost 3' feet we've had this week, and it hasn't stopped snowing! We can't open our front door to get out, our basement windows are covered, and even the bottom of our big, picture window in the living room is covered. Not sure how I'm going to dig out to get to work tomorrow, if I can't get out the front door to dig out our front door Manager said that my shift would most likely be cancelled...here's hoping! Highways are closed and most businesses closed by 4pm today. So glad we have gas heat. edit: Just went outside with our dogs, and we have at least another foot! The snow is coming down so heavily that we could barely see our dogs, and they're BOTH black! The BF is going to have to climb our back gate to get to the front. It's a 6' gate (luck that he is over 6', lol) and the snow is almost at the top. We got word that it is supposed to keep snowing like this for the next two days.
  17. After a whole year, several refuses, several mate changes, failed attempts with two different breed swaps.......my huge lineage is finally finished! One more breeding so that I can get a Winter eggie version as well, and then I will start handing out eggs to those that helped me out with mates. Thank you sooooo much to everyone that helped me <3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/Tl2tJ Pattern is blue, pink, blue, pink etc., with a different pattern of male Lurker, male Lurker, female Lurker, and then back to male Lurker, male Lurker etc,. *wipes brow*
  18. Squeeee! The two Silvers x Stones I have been trying for a while, mainly because of the Silvers' names. Silver x Stone Silver x Stone Silver x Water horse edit: Yay! Was worried that it would take me a while to breed a mate: Silver x Water Horse
  19. I would gladly share our coldness with you Ali'i! This is going to be a long, cold walk to work in a few minutes. -10C NOT including the wind-chill, and I can't see the houses across the street . Love living in Bruce County, but, and even though I was born and raised here, I still can't get used to the winters. Brrrrrrr! Have long-johns under my work clothes, and two pairs of socks on. Apparently, we are getting snow squall warnings, and they're forecasting up to 30 cm of snow. Normal for us around here, but not fun to walk in! At least the winds are only 30km/hr with gusts up to 60km/hr. Would be a lot worse if the winds were higher...although bad enough
  20. One of mine! Glad that you love it! It you ever need or want any other Metal-fails, or if I can breed you a Metallic mate (although the new-ish releases are not co-operating), let me know and I'll be happy to try and breed for you
  21. Have liked and "liked". Awesome artwork, Nakase!
  22. Lucked out with the Ice pairings, and wow, do I ever love them! Just waiting for two eggs to hatch before I can try it with the females. http://dragcave.net/lineage/HK4zY http://dragcave.net/lineage/PW9jO And m. Silver x f. Twister: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ygyUq
  23. CDM

    Rant Thread

    Really?! Really I have tried to send all the support/troops/spells that I could, only to be told by the game's website, that I don't have the ships. 'Scuse me? I have 5 of the ships that I apparently need. Then I get a message from the alliance's leader that those of us that have "0" battle points today, might as well leave the alliance. I'm sorry! I tried. I tried to send whatever help I could!!!! Messages as nasty as the one I got, just make me want to say $&)^ it and stop playing all-together. Bah
  24. Not sure if anyone remembers the dragon that I raised last year, with the code of: dieYN. I know there are some with offspring of this dragon and Karma (Mint mate). Well, I finally decided to try and see if...yes or no, he would die. He dodged the blade! Safe for this year, so I guess is was a no. The other funny part, is that I just tried to kill and Zombify an offspring...the hatchie was revived successfully, but not Zombified. Tough family! Lol. Am still waiting for some hatchies to die in a couple of hours for more attempts, but I do have one new Zombie out of four attempts so far.