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  1. 3 hours ago, Etude_Citron said:

    Ooooh is that a Jacksepticeye reference in the treats???

    That's what I thought too! I was so excited when I saw it, I actually took a screenshot and messaged him on Instagram, lol. 

  2. Hollies were 2007, Yulebucks 2008, Snow Angels 2009, Ribbon dancers 2010, Butterbutts 2011, Wrapping Wings 2012, Solstice 2013, and Mistletoe 2014.


    I knew about the Cave in 2007, and even saw the Hollies on someone's forum signature (a dog forum), but I didn't join until late 2008. Even missed out on the CB Vamps dry.gifsad.gif

  3. I, for one, never replied in the Silver thread because 1) I didn't think they would actually change the Silvers and 2) I never wanted to change them in the first place and therefore, knew my voice wouldn't be heard over the ones who did. And the fact that people were replying in that thread meant that they were the ones that DID want change, why would they listen to what I had to say as someone who wanted the Silvers left alone? I saw others get shot down for actually speaking up and "voicing their concerns" about not wanting the change, so why would I post? (That thread was also more of a Which Updated Sprite Do You Like Better?, and not a Should We Update The Silver Yes Or No?)


    The people that did speak up were told, just like they/we are being told now, that it's just because we don't like change....deal with it and stop whining.



    However, your re-working of the sprites is beautiful, and I thank you for all the work you put into them.






    eta: If people are wondering why I'm speaking up, for once, you only have to look at my scroll. Silvers have always been my breed of choice, right from the beginning back in 2008. I have almost 400 Silvers with 62 of them being CB. They are my most hunted, most gifted, and most bred of any of the dragon breeds. No matter how many CB Silvers I've caught to keep, and have gifted, my heart still races when I see one pop-up in the Biomes, and I still get disappointed when I miss. Even in my Avatar, the egg that holds pride of place on the Grim Reaper's lap is a Silver.

  4. The new sprites are beautiful and very well done! Thank you! Both the Silvers and the Splits look so sleek now and very dragonesque. Might grab some more Splits now.





    But....where have my Silvers gone? unsure.gif Where are the snuggable hatchies? Why did their derpy personality have to go? They look like they could have been a new release or a new Prize Xmas dragon. Looking at my many Silvers on my scroll just doesn't give me the same fluttery feeling now.


    I guess I will get used to them, I'm just disappointed. They are gorgeous, but they are not the same dragon that I've spent years collecting.


    I'm not resistant to change, but I am resistant to change just for change's sake.


    @ Symphoneira: Exactly!! All of it.

  5. So lovely to see the adults on my scroll <3 The rest of mine will grow up around this time tomorrow.


    What a great Halloween! It was a lot of fun this year and the new dragons are gorgeous. Thank you to everyone who made it happen. Was able to get a few of the new ones, freeze-ables of the old ones, and finally bred an egg that has taken two years to get!!


    By the way, if anyone finds one of my dragons' eggs in the AP, the parents WILL be named...I've been lazy

  6. I have strawberry blonde hair too, Darien! Well, I dyed it auburn earlier this year, but it's naturally strawberry blonde.


    I'm good, thank you. Health issues, but who doesn't have them *laughs wryly*


    Ewww, exams! Haven't had to deal with them for almost 20 years, CottonKatt, but they still pop up in nightmare form, lol.


    How short are you, WaterScorpion, if you don't mind me asking? I'm 5' nothing. The BF is 6' 2", so we get a lot of funny comments :-P It's more comical when his dad hugs my mum. His dad is 6'6"- ish (Dutch...) and my mum is 4'8-ish.


    Edit: Good morning, Spirit 😊

  7. *sneaks in quietly*


    Long time no talk, how is everyone?!


    My hair is to just below my tailbone. Another couple of months and I should be able to sit on it. Used to wear it in a bun all the time for work, but after we went private, I wore it down or in a plait. Was really funny for the first few days when our regular customers saw my hair down for the first time, lol.


    Edit: Wear it...however, now. Took a voluntary lay off last month, and apparently they're closing end of this month. Looks like I picked a good time to get out tongue.gif

  8. Took a couple hours, since I'm on my tablet, but got my 7. Been quite a few months since I've been around for a drop 😛


    That reminds me....must be on the look out for the Mana Dragons, lol.

  9. Cold yet again dry.gif


    -17C (but feels like -25C, with the Wind Chill) and it's supposed to go down to -25C, but feel like it's in the -30s. So tired of the bone-chilling cold, and the snow. Oh God the snow! So sick of snow. Why won't it stop snowing?!


    Supposed to snow all week...again rolleyes.gif

  10. Currently Raining and Snowing with Thunder and Heavy Winds.


    You know, Michigan Weather.

    Ontario weather, too, lol. I'm right across from Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron.


    Driving home from work, a half hour ago, was a lot of fun. Had to have the wipers on full, and dodge the huge "lakes" on the road from the melting snow banks. Car tried to stall at one point because of all of the water.


    It's 1C right now, but is supposed to drop down to -8C by tomorrow night. Yay, lots of ice to have fun with, after all of tonight's rain and melted snow! Pulled a muscle between my ribs tonight (walking to my car) because the rain is making all of the mush pretty slippery, and I almost went down. Twisted wrong, d'oh!

  11. Diablo III. BF got me into the game, because I couldn't handle Borderlands 2, lol. I run around like a drunken sailor, whenever I play games that require the left stick and right stick. I grew up in the time of joysticks tongue.gif


    We are in Heaven, and will continue on tonight. It was 5am before we decided to give it a rest last night. My character is the Barbarian, since I'm the type of player that kinda forgets to check my health, so we wanted me as a powerhouse. Just like when we play Marvel Alliance and I am Wolverine. The Barbarian also fits my style better, because I like to run into the middle of a group of enemies and just let loose. Even when we play Soul Calibur or Mortal Kombat, I never use block. I just continually use every move I can until I tire my enemy out tongue.gif


    I have Stomp, Rend, Avatar of Destruction (where I turn into a psycho Amazon), War Cry, and whatever it is where the three-chain spear shoots out. I love to run in the middle, hit Stomp and then Rend, then War Cry.