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  1. Still no luck getting Duotone offspring from my Magnesium Amphitere x Duotone pairs At this point, I'm seriously considering scrapping what I've already done for my lineage project of Magnesium Amphitere x Duotone and restarting it with Temple Wyrms instead of Duotones!
  2. Forgot the new release would be this weekend, but still managed to grab 4 of the purple egg and a pair of the other this morning. Love the danger noodles (and if the 2-headed ones keep their tan/gold and purple colouring as adults, I might just have an alternative to Duotones for my current lineage project )
  3. Alas, every attempt today get a 2G Duotone from Tan/Desert Magnesium Amphitere (m) x Duotone (f) pairs for my checker project has resulted in the wrong breed Oh well, at least they didn't refuse!
  4. Finally about to complete my Deep Sea x Tideweaver lineage - today's breeding attempt for a 6G finally produced a Deep Sea! And it even precogged male 😄
  5. Can also confirm that the egg I bred appears in Custom Sort, although not on my scroll, in "Growing Dragons" or on either of their parents' pages
  6. Yes, I'm also getting this with both the AP and all biomes in the Cave
  7. This has just happened to me as well, when trying to breed drakes for the new hybrid. The drakes that have been bred are all still showing up in "Available for breeding" as well, even though they've been bred just now.(but when I try breeding them again, I get the "Action unavailable" message that they've bred in the last 7 days.) The breed actions don't appear in my action log and the hybrid egg the second pair produced doesn't show up under the "Children" link for either drake.
  8. Bred both my Morphodrakes, one with Fertility, one without. Got Greater Spotted egg on the first one and Morphodrake from the second pair.
  9. @Confused Cat @sorenna @Doll_81 Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, they just gave me another "no interest" 😢
  10. I could do with some help getting a Deep Sea from Deep Sea x Tideweaver (the old Red Finned Tidals) again, if anyone is willing to do a Tideweaver mass-breed. My pair won't be off breeding cooldown until next Friday, if that helps with timing it. Also, abandoned the following to the AP on June 15th 3 x 2G pink Sapphire (1 PB, 1 from Sapphire x Mutamore, 1 from Sapphire x Sakuhana) 16 misc eggs
  11. More Deep Sea x Tideweaver Lindwyrm woes.... 😭 The 5G Deep Sea x Tide weaver Lindwyrm pair I need a 6G Deep Sea from to complete a line project gave me a Tideweaver on May 18th and every attempt since has resulted in "no interest".... *grumbles about stubborn dragons*
  12. Same "tan" male x same Duotone female produced a "tan" hatchling on latest breeding: Lineage - Purple Flash 2G M1 - Dragon Cave (dragcave.net) Would an egg containing a "grey" sort below a "tan" hatchling? I just bred another "tan" male x Duotone female pair & the egg has sorted like this:
  13. Thank you @Lyncerta for this lovely checker Thalassa Xeno with Mutamore: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Se9zB
  14. "Tan" male x Duotone female produced "grey" Magnesium Amphitere Lineage - (c08tx) - Dragon Cave (dragcave.net)
  15. After 12 years on DC (but only maybe 6/7 active), I finally have a leetle tree!
  16. Bought a Sapphire egg to create my 4th yellow Sapphire, incu'd it and dropped it in the hatcheries and then forgot to go back and hide it until this morning.😳 It died 😢
  17. Do ungendered Nebula hatchies sort at the top or bottom of their colour group? Trying to work out if this little one is going to be blue/purple or red/green...
  18. Picked up a CB Astrapi in the AP... so will shortly complete my scroll goal of 4 adults of the breed. Thanks, kind unknown DC-er who tossed it!
  19. Forgot to incu my Cantos before I warded them ... now (impatiently) stuck on the slow road to hatching. (Don't want to EQ as I want these to be white Cantos)
  20. Had a go at breeding my 2 pairs of Sapphires last night to create some 2G PBs for abandoning .... one refusal (my own fault for being out of Purples and impatient!) & one no interest. At least they didn't all refuse, so I can swap the mates around next time! Have also been brainstorming a list of pretty mates for Sapphires and am definitely going to be staking the Sapphire breeding plans thread for more ideas
  21. Stupid question, but I've forgotten how refusals work! Can a pair that's already bred successfully one or more times still refuse if you don't use Fertility BSA?
  22. I keep mistaking Cassares for Coppers in the AP...... 😆
  23. Managed to grab 4 of the peach Florets in the birthday flood, and am currently 4 for 4 successful breedings on the new Royal hybrids! (so will have reached my scroll goal for 2 adults of each gender for those when they hatch/grow up 🙂) . Am now out of Fertility until my Purples come off cooldown so the Nilia variants will have to wait a bit, so I think the next ones I attempt will be will be either yellow Sapphires or the new Electric variant/alt. Am not even THINKING about the new Gemshards/Cantos/Florets/Pink Sapphires until I've got the easier ones out of the way 😁 I won't deny I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new variants and by the ever more complicated mechanics (and definitely grumpy about it), and while I've now calmed down and realised it's a marathon not a sprint, I do hope the increasingly complicated mechanics don't become a regular feature of new egg drops.
  24. @Magellan Oops forgot we can trade hatchies......