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  1. Draith saw the the purple growling and smiled. I could have kept going but I noticed some commotion going on that wasn't caused by me. Would that have been you? She watched the purple carefully ready to doge if she were to lunge. You know if you stop you might have nothing to worry about. I didn't come here to start trouble which you might find hard to believe, I was looking for someone to maybe consider an offer. She put her hand on the hilt of her sword in case anyone else dared to try something.
  2. ((I could talk to Roran, since I am walking over but I don't think you want me to.....))
  3. Draith watched the commotion with the purple dragon from a distance, wanting to see if anyone else or anything else important enough showed up. She walked toward them a little more to get a better view but decided better than to see what it was about. Too many dragons, too many people for an easy meal. They should know better than to stay around in one spot for too long. She muttered to herself, still watching as more humans showed up. She overheard one say something to the ra'zac. Darn right he did that, he'd try anything to get anyone strong enough on his side whether they like it or not. She moved out of view and walked their direction again releasing the barriers around her mind as well to be prepared.
  4. ((Nice drawing by the way. Someone should do something about that.))
  5. ((Writers block for a story I'm writing, um wait I didn't say Hello. just did.))
  6. A female shade walked through the forest, her mind shut to intruders. I should have just left that when I had the chance. I wouldn't be out here alone if I did. Draith continued to walk through the forest keeping an eye out for anyone that looked like an easy target. She also watched for wild animals as she needed something to eat from the five day trip of walking without food. A bird called a warning out and flew off. Draith ignored its warning and continued on deeper into the forest. OOC: New and that's all I could think of, for now. HI
  7. Dear piece of paper, I'm not really sure where I am or why I am here but there are lots of other dragons looking after me and the 4 eggs here. There are six blueish grey dragons that have been watching me ever since I hatched but they watch the eggs too. There is one egg that looks like me but I'm not sure if I should go over to it. Then there is this odd blue egg with white swirlys on it, weird egg. Why do those big dragons keep looking at me? Maybe I'll go ask them sometime but they can't know where you are piece of paper so I'm gonna hide you. DON'T GET LOST! Confused Spring Hatchling
  8. I reposted them I can't get the codes to work, they get cut off. oh more spelling errors- meh I'll leave it.
  9. I have some well 3 there they are!
  10. I've never done spriting before and I read this whole thread but I' still confused about everything. I use Photoshop (tried downloading GIMP but it crashed each time I opened it) I'm on a mac and I don't know pretty much anything about shading. I'm pretty comfortable with photoshop (have used it for many painting things and I draw there when I get bored) I hope someone here can help me out some. Also how big is the sprite supposed to be Is it in pixels or something else?
  11. Dear Journal, Even though I've been in my caretaker's cave for a while I'm still unsure about everything. That mint egg is all dead and creepy, its staring at me like I'm going to die next..gulp...Hope not. I know from the other dragons my caretaker is nice but it still is scary to see a mint egg dead and me being a mint hatchling I feel connected to it. Signed, Petrified Mint Hatchling
  12. Dear Journal, I was minding my own business when 1 after another eggs appear. I walked over to inspect the eggs when I see one fly up in the air and nearly land on my head. I tried to catch the mint egg but I missed and it fell with a sudden cracking sound. I looked up to see who had done this terrible crime when I saw my care taker walking away. I thought about why she would do such a thing when I realized (upon further inspection)she was upset about the egg dieing and didn't mean for this to happen, ( I wonder why?) Now I probably should clean this off of eg........ Terrified, Unnamed Hatchling Thats all the farther due to the water markings on the words. That wasn't me who killed the egg that was one of my friends who got in trouble later when I found out she was on my computer. I was hoping to give the egg to someone too! I was really sorry for the egg and I didn't think the unnamed black hatchling would have been there to see it die. I feel sorry for her too.
  13. Dear piece of burning paper thing, I'm having fun with my caretaker's guardian dragon Guardian Ryuu- but he thinks I'm going to burn our cave to the ground. My caretaker doesn't believe him though- she thinks I'm innocent. *evil grin appears* Hey what she doesn't know won't hurt her right? That Guardian Ryuu wants me to come back now so I guess I should put this flame out.....I mean I can make a fireball out of that paper dragon my caretaker wants when she gets it. Until then I'll stick with this a writing paper. Unnamed Red Hatchling *smiles evilly*
  14. Dear Diary, I had a hard time taking care of four hatchlings and four eggs at the same time. *sigh* I wish my caretaker would stop looking for more eggs and take care of the hatchling that keep biting me all over. HEY STOP THAT YOUR GOING TO BURN THIS PAPER GUARDIAN RYUU!!! That was the one red hatchling that just loves to burn things up. (He's a very big pain and my most watched just incase he tries to destroy our caretaker's cave) Well I guess I should go back to watching the hatchlings again. Please don't be found by my caretaker or burned by the crazy red hatchling. Going Insane, Guardian Ryuu