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  1. Hello!! Everything looks good so far! Is this going to be going to the Freeform RP section, or Other Rp section? As there's a bit more to the latter usually for specifics on what gets approved. But wiggle room is always available depending on the situations. If you need help deleting specific threads, posts, or editing your posts to make different sections (merging posts tend to get a bit funky sometimes) just shoot me a dm and I'll get to it asap!! :D DH
  2. Popping in to say hello I hope everyone is doing well! @Lagie poor Toothless! I'm sure he can be repaired!
  3. The purple smoke from Unsure didn't help Avisk see or figure out how to better get a grip on this organic. Why had Unsure done this? Avisk rattled a little with a curious chirp, trying to somewhat disband the smoke. The up-wet was getting heavier and more frequent, but Unsure and some of the leaves had obscured the up-wet from Avisk enough that it merely heard them getting faster. It resisted the urge to flare fire again as a defence from the smoke. Burning more things wouldn't be good. That could hurt Unsure. All of this could hurt Unsure. But Unsure had caused this weird smoke. Was Unsure trying to prey on Avisk? Avisk rattled and chirruped more in question, trying to figure out Unsure's motives. It hoped Unsure wasn't angry for Avisk accidentally nearly slamming into it. Flying was difficult, especially with wet wings.
  4. Hello I read over your thread and I see everything is all very organized. Grammar and story all look fine too for the most part. I'll quote the sections that have a small error. Some should be capitalized as it is the beginning of a new sentence. All should also be capitalized for the same reason. Other than that, the rp seems to be fleshed out fine and can be approved.
  5. @DuskOfTheStars Asterisks are fine to use. The way the forum works now, the censor should actually turn most of those into asterisks anyways and only a few words in to censorkipz now. Not sure why, or how that changed/changes, but most swear words turn in to asterisks now from what i've seen. So feel free to blot out any non-PG13 words with asterisks instead of censorkipz.
  6. ((Viirin's back yay also, I think I would like to bring Sevak back... I miss him lol)) Avisk Avisk was already in the air, struggling to actually fly. These wings were wonderful, but flying wasn't something the slime was used to really at all. It spied Unsure up a bit further above it before the slime kept calling to ensure Avisk was not lost. Up-wet started to fall too as the hot lights got worse. What now? Wait, and where was Unsure!? Unsure was just above Avisk as it flapped more trying to gain altitude. Smoke started to sizzle off the slime as the up-wet hit the scale-nettle network that produced the hot-light flames. The call sounded again, and Avisk returned the chirrup. Down. That meant landing. But it also came from green things that weren't hot-lighted. And somehow preventing the up-wet from bothering them it seemed. Flying was getting harder too as the up-wet got worse. The wings weren't made for up-wet flights. Alright, so down. Landing. Avisk circled around, chuttering to itself as it tried to figure out how landing was properly done. It didn't want to hurt Unsure. Avisk tucked the wings inward a bit and started to fall toward where Unsure was. Avisk called out, trying to warn Unsure that it had absolutely no idea how to land. Unsure came in to view as Avisk crashed through one of the large green things and rolled somewhat. Its wings popped back out instinctively, slowing Avisk more and allowing the odd creature to almost land properly. It ended up slightly slamming its odd body into the large rounded thing near where Unsure had landed but a different one next to Unsure. With an angry shake, Avisk chirruped again to Unsure as it noticed Unsure was eating. Avisk ripped off one of the green parts near it, looking downward to notice the ground below. That probably could have gone worse. Sevak ((the last update for Sevak)) @Sevak: The other creature paid little attention to the slime's conveyance. Instead, it made more pink spheres appear, and this time when they noised, the light made the organic the flappies were on become bright. The big flappy came down, and dove at the slime, maybe aiming for the wrong one. No, it wasn't attacking. It... landed behind the slime and other creature, a few feet away on top of one of the tall things with pokies, and watched. After a little while, the thing with the small flaps came down, and the small flaps were wiggling their limbs and didn't fall as fast as the other stuff did. They didn't seem to be going anywhere than in front of the slime and other creature, though, barely managing to miss the various stick-outs of sharp inorganic that the slime had not been fortunate enough to avoid when it came down itself. ((The last replay I had for Sevak)) Sevak remembered these little white things as they came down. They were the small white things that had came out of the big hard ovals before and wiggled instead of helping fight Big Flappy. The other slime didn't seem too bothered by either Big Flappy watching or the two small flappies coming down. The slime knew from before the smaller flaps probably wouldn't remember him, as their eyes had been closed when they first met. But maybe sound had worked? And what of Big Flappy? Why wasn't it attacking? Sevak turned around for a moment, glaring up at the watcher in the giant pokey. Last time they met they had attacked each other, why hadn't this happened now? Big Flappy had an wonderful vantage point to attack both of them. He turned back around, positioning his tail to be able to shoot a web if needbe thanks to his 360 vision anyways. He had originally tried to get help from these smaller flaps. Maybe now that they could see they would be more willing to help both the creatures now?
  7. ((Sorry for not posting. Computer's been broken for a while and I was waiting to see if I'd get a chance to barrow one.)) Avisk noticed Unsure push the food nearer and then take off. Unsure definitely had flight down being able to take off like that. Landing still was very hard for Avisk and it wondered if Unsure had the same problem for a moment. But, the food was far more tempting even as the hot light continued to eat around it. Food wasn't something the slime had gotten in a good amount of time and Unsure was nice enough to share it. The slime moved forward, digging in to the same spot Unsure had been feasting since that was the easiest route to get food. This food tasted strange than previously similar food it had feasted on before. The slime ignored that for a moment and continued to eat a few more bites, just to be sure it could survive at least another few days without food once they left this place. Avisk wasn't full when it stopped, but the hot light was getting worse and it wanted to leave anyways. No sense in staying and waiting out the light for more weird food. The other creatures probably perished in this new warm world anyways when they ran off. Avisk looked up. Unsure was still circling above the smaller floating hot lights in Up. Could it just take off like that too? Without running? The wings it owned outstretched as if in answer, raised up and ready. It could always run at least slightly if it couldn't just lift off the ground like Unsure had. The wings beat down hard, offering a slight lift for that one movement. Avisk repeated that measure a few times, actually getting off the ground for a moment. But forward momentum was an odd concept in this manner for the slime. It could go up. It knew how to go forward. Matching the two with wings it didn't use all that often without a running start was weird for the slime. It wasn't nearly as successful as Unsure in the matter, having a close miss to the hot lights eating the nearby plants. But, Avisk was successful, much to the slime's own surprise. It chirruped happily as it rose to meet Unsure, circling with the other slime for a moment while it waited to see where to go. As far as Avisk knew, they had no real destination. Avisk did make it known that it wished to get away from these hot lights, hoping maybe Unsure knew of a place they could head that would be safe from this dangerous place.
  8. Popping in to say hello to everyone again Haven't seen me in a while I apologize. I've been terribly busy How is everyone?
  9. *hugs Sevak* ((Let's try and bring that big boy back Viirin. Sevak's lonely.)) Avisk chirruped happily as it spotted Unsure. Finally! They could be back as a pack again if Unsure wanted to! Not alone in this weird place of hot light and weird mean creatures. The slime angled downward slightly, gliding down to Unsure while being careful to not hit the hot lights. It landed sloppily, nearly digging a trench in to the ground with impact before righting itself and moving over to Unsure. A 'hello' call was made, coupled with nicer shaking of the scale nettle network. It didn't take any bites of the animal Unsure was on top of however, unsure itself if Unsure would actually let Avisk have a few bites.
  10. Sorry for the long wait! I got real busy with two new jobs and moving around a lot
  11. ((pardon the large wait... i got very busy with two new jobs)) Larien Larien watched as the demon nearly collided with Zarall, noting the gunshot being fire off behind them. The angel turned to see one of the humans absolutely terrified, being held hostage by the demon-human who had recently fired a shot hopefully to get their attention. No blood was shown anywhere at least. The demon-human smiled viciously, glaring right at Larien and the other angels. Most of the attention was on Larien however, as they were closest. "Such a sad day when these ones die no?" He drawled out, pointing the gun closer to the innocent human's head. "You're failing your duties." He added sternly, shaking the human slightly. To the human, nothing was there. Who was this crazed human talking to? Probably the voices in his head, which didn't reassure matters. If anything that was probably worse. "Let them go..." Larien retorted equally sternly, moving slightly closer with her gun aimed. "Uh-uh-uh. Not so easy!" The demon-human moved the innocent one quickly in front of himself, obviously as a shield. "Don't want this one dead now do we? But you wouldn't dare kill me if I can shoot this one right as quick." Larien was liking this less and less. Humans were supposed to be kept safe and this was anything but that. Meanwhile, all around, the fires spread more. The smell of gasoline wafted through the air. That wasn't good either. The other trapped humans still cowered in fear, even more so now as the possessed human walked toward the invisible angel to close the gap fully. Obviously a taunt. But also to get in the way of Karleo's clear shot. The angel aimed a close cut shot in the closed gap, trying to gauge if there'd be a way to fake the demon-human in to thinking he didn't need to fire the gun just yet. He would have by now if he sensed impending doom. Right? One last kill before being killed. They usually prided themselves on that. Or was that only when they tried killing angels? They swore silently, sending two shots directed at the head. The innocent screamed as a shot rang out from the possessed human, but he seemed too late. Larien hoped he was. A pain ripped through their left wing as the demon-human fell, freed and dead of the possession. Larien winced, chancing a glance. Feathers were missing and a gouge taken out of the upper edge of the wing, thankfully not anything super serious. That demon had aimed at the last moment to try and kill Larien. Smart. The wound hurt terribly more than other wounds of similar kinds had before. Were they using different bullets this time? Their wing also wasn't healing as fast as it normally had. "Something's wrong." Larien voiced, hopefully loud enough for either Karleo or Zarall to hear.
  12. Avisk noticed the shadow and tried to find the source of it. Directing some eyes upward, some keeping an eye on the other creatures and some at the shadow, the slime moved carefully to avoid angering the distracted creatures. The shadow did seem familiar. Where was the source? A few of the eyes caught glimpses of Unsure, very very briefly and not entirely certain if it was Unsure. But it had heard Unsure. Unsure was somewhere nearby. Someone near enough to answer back, and encouragingly at that. The creatures were angry and looking up. Why? The shadow too, had no source on the ground from what Avisk could see. So up? Was up the answer? Avisk looked up through a clearing near the shadow, through the waffs of smoke from the fires and leaves burning. Fire still spurted from the slime's back and the spines were splayed outward in order to deter any creature. Avisk had wings though. It could get up. Up scared Avisk however. Up wasn't the safest place. But up also wasn't on fire. Another questioning chirrup and Avisk spread out the wings, closing most of the spines to make that easy. A running start and a leap, some clumsy flaps, and Avisk was up. Not very high, and not very well, but up. It liked having been able to jump off higher things the last time it flew, but getting used to these wings was necessary. The ground pulled away as Avisk flapped through the smoke. A burning pincoushing of light through dark smoke in the sky. More chirrups hopefully asking where Unsure was. And then the sound of silence minus the flapping Avisk could hear. Some of the eyes were directed downward now, clearly seeing the angry creatures now divided attentions. Unsure was somewhere.
  13. I've only managed to catch two since I was traveling when this started lol They're so hard to find! But very interesting concept and I like how everything has turned out so far!
  14. Medium bump so we don't lose this even if we have the link. Also Val I think it's your 'turn'? I've got unreliable internet for a week or so, so I'm not sure when i'll be able to write up a proper post
  15. ((*is gonna casually post cuz brief free time from massive amounts of work* *will edit as needed*)) Avisk noticed the spreading out and diminishing of the fire. Was it really the other slime that had left? And where was Unsure!? It called out the questioning chirrup call, loudly, with some rattle of the scales so maybe Unsure would hear it. Hopefully. The slime didn't want to be alone with all the chaos going on. But what about the fire weakening? And this other slime spreading thing? Avisk really hoped that other slime wasn't going to try and attack it with all these other creatures around. That wouldn't be a good time.
  16. Eggdropsoup works for me. So does Allure. Here and Hatching Club don't work however and I get the 'cave is down' message even when the cave is not down.
  17. I'm getting the same message here even though the cave is not down.
  18. Larien noticed the beast's fast approach and fired their pistol without much thought. The claws missed, instead grazing their shoulder as they darted out of the way. The demons were back and causing more havoc. So much for a quiet day. The shot was ringed with fire, the fire seeming to spiral out behind the bullet almost as it collided with the demon's head. The entire shadowy body was burst into flame almost instantly, only a shriek crying out lasting. "Damn things get smarter each time!" They mentioned angrily, looking to where Zarall had pointed out other movement. The humans still scattered with screams as the fires worked their ways along the buildings. But there was one human male who seemed to be sauntering along, not bothered at all by the fires. Something seemed off about him. Larien turned back to the other two angels. "You two ok? I think we should check out this straggler here...." They motion to the human slowly walking their direction from further away. He could just be hurt, but Larien knew by now hurt humans had a tendency to make a lot more racket. "Something's not right about this..." They muttered, moving a little closer. A gunshot rang, coming from the human's shotgun he had been casually holding to his side. As the angel got a little closer they could spot some humans hiding amongst burning rubble, too hurt or too petrified to move with the recent gunshot and more spread of fire. "Great." Larien cursed, keeping an eye out for other demons ready for an ambush. The human fired again, closer to one of the hiding humans, with a slight laugh. Nothing serious, but also not usual. A snarl caught the angel's attention as a section of fire spread more. Another demon was darting among the balconies of one of the buildings, gearing up to jump upon Zarall. "Watch!" Larien yelled, turning her back to the odd human in order to fire a shot at the demon readying its attack to the other angel.
  19. I'd like to keep going. I meant to post but life threw a broken computer at me.... Then college picked up (yay). I'll post what i managed to save, sorry for not be able to do that (yay computer autocorrecting a word that i spelled right to the wrong word- didn't even know that was a capable thing)
  20. I love unexpected near 2 week power outages.... I'm back! I'm alive, and alright. Slowly getting back in to the swing of where everything's been left off.