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  1. If I release one of my 3 GoNs, will I get the summon BSA back?
  2. Cars are rolling Faraday cages that go 'vroom vroom' when you wiggle the key around and will get you from one point in space to another point in space faster than walking will. They're pretty cool.
  3. But what about redheads and black-haired people and dishwater-blond hair that is both or bald people or rainbow-dyed hair what if i just dyed my hair every hair color in stripes
  4. Uh...you think that it will take several billion years for ANY of the cosmic phenomena out there, which are huge, unpredictable and common, affect us?
  5. I'm planning on cutting off my 3 feet of hair soon, donating it, getting the remainder into a pixie cut and dying it purple. Purple is a great color.
  6. I will bet your undead ghost money that natural phenomena and other unavoidable aspects of existing will wipe out humanity, not humanity. Humanity might make things suck for humanity, humanity might diminish itself, or just kind of funk things up for a while, but ultimately I believe humans will persevere, until space kills us. Good 'ol space.
  7. Well, no matter what, humans are going to die. Maybe sooner than we think. http://www.exitmundi.nl/exitmundi.htm I guess a lot of those imply that humans destroy themselves, but I see this less as 'humans are bad and destructive and we should hate ourselves' and more as 'inevitable outcome of intelligence'. Honestly you people saying capitalism is going to kill us all or global warming or whatever, and I'm just like lololololol you guys ain't seen nothin yet. Been watching George Carlin have we? Nah but seriously, I'm pretty sure humans can figure out some way
  8. The few I've been in were okay. I dunno what you guys are even talking about.
  9. Russian Same as me I guess Polish/Ukrainian? But really it's pretty much Russian.
  10. I seem to be stuck at 26 items >> I can't get past the spell locked door, or to the green house, or the closed door. Help please?
  11. Huge desk dominates room. Books all around me, about 600 of them? I need to count them again. Chesterfield armchair in corner, next to an easel. Dusty unused TV. Mini-table and mini-closet holding all my artsy pursuits. It only looks clean because I picked up all my papers and folders and put them on the chairs.
  12. It's actually sort of insulting, isn't it? "You black people are obviously not smart enough to get scholarships on your own, but that's ok! Us liberal, enlightened folks are going to give you them, no problem. We're sorry we're white and stuff."
  13. :/ I'm not saying we shouldn't study other cultures at all. But that should be part of regular world history courses, and not given so much emphasis that it backfires. And I can attest to the fact that it will backfire. Ok are we going to completely ignore everything I say just to conveniently misinterpret one awkward turn of phrase. Cool cool so long as we're all on the same page.
  14. Little misapprehension about cause-effect there. In simplified form, I say that everyone wants to belong to a group, and this instinct is deep and primal enough to be taken to dumb levels despite our better judgement, and race is a type of group--because of these things, yeah, everyone is just a little racist on the inside. Probably without knowing it, in this TERRIBLY ENLIGHTENED, HIGHLY PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL AGE. Hey, maybe you don't show it. Maybe your psychology shows in other ways. Maybe you only hang out with drama kids or only talk to science nerds or stick mostly with people from your re
  15. That's...basically what I'm already saying? Of course not all groups are based on race. Groups are the big thing here. Race need not have anything to do with it--hence all my examples about raceless societies still finding reasons to divide themselves. Race is perceived as a pretty prominent group, though. Therefore, divisions and loyalties based on it are more common. Not very specific, directly acknowledged ones most of the time, owing to race's broadness, And hey bro have you heard of this neat thing called the subconscious? All sorts of fun things go on in it. Last I heard, nearly all
  16. And I'm politically incorrect just to spite liberals. I was just being facetious Man, is the only reply I'm ever going to get complaining about whatever 'generalization' I halfjokingly made.
  17. I dunno why we're all jumping down that guy's throat because he said everyone was a little bit racist. Remember that huge post I did about humans and groups that nobody addressed? That's basically what I meant. Very few people can totally escape group mentality. I deeply suspect people who claim to be 'word citizens' or 'race blind' or otherwise indifferent to groups are full of it. Perhaps some people might be to some groups, but for the love of god, are we all so high and mighty on our golden thrones of enlightenment that we can't acknowledge our innate imperfection as a species? A
  18. I think we have a discrepancy in terms of scale here. One group harassing another, different group has probably caused the most net suffering over all time, yes. (Though I might mention, an awful lot of the time that was born out of convenience and political gain. Jews collecting interest on their loans? Run them out of town, don't have to pay them back. Ruling class of a specific phenotype? It's easier to convince countrymen to overthrow them if you make it a matter of US FOLK and THOSE ***.) Thing is though, groups harassing other, different groups is something that's been bre
  19. How about murder? Infanticide? Betrayal? Rape? Torture? Genocide? If Hitler killed millions, but did so to every race equally, would he be better than a man who often and loudly claims that black people are lazy and stupid? Racism might LEAD to things like murder and rape, but so might mental instability, or misanthropy, or any number of things. And oh my goodness, are we actually taking a fallacious argument and claiming it's not fallacious for this one situation? Bloody Americans have been conditioned to believe racism is OMGHORRIBLE for so lon
  20. I don't particularly hate racism. For one thing, I think there are worse things in the world than racism, and I'm not a very hateful person in general. For another, examining the human psyche, it's easy to explain why racism exists. I'm afraid it is the default. To not be noticeably racist is admirable and desirable and expected, but it's not really how the human brain evolved. I'm wearing my fire-proof suit, you may now begin flaming.
  21. Used to hate cutting my nails. Now they're ridiculously short. I guess my piano-player mother finally drilled it into me. I don't have any reason aside from having even middling-length fingernails drives me nuts.
  22. Ilera

    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    Dangit >_> The alt nebula hatchling I'd frozen right before it matured defroze and grew up. Well at least it's just downtime and not me going prematurely senile.
  23. Woop. I think I'm just about done. I have all of the eggs now. ALL OF THEM. >
  24. It sounds really fun to me, and I've been curious about it for a while--but alas, the materials are expensive, and most of my friends aren't geeky enough to play.