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  1. Well, I got one actual revive and one zombie revive out of this year. Since I have S1, S2, and Adult Zombies now, I see no more reason to limit my kill number any further.
  2. An adult & a frozen hatchling. Wish I'd gotten just a few more. And yes, they are gone forever, "phased-out".
  3. Thank you TJ, for the Easter present.
  4. You helped sprite these? I didn't see the hatchies and adults, but I heard they were awesome! Good job!
  5. I actually sort from oldest to newest release, up to the point that I don't know, where it is sorted by my thought of rarity. The Adults are above the Hatchlings, and the newer adults/hatchlings are above the old ones. Surprisingly simple, actually.
  6. I was wondering what was going on. Thanks for the update. Is there any way to revive the old threads?
  7. There are thousands and thousands of scrolls in a big pile. Somehow, in less than 30 seconds (as if just you just typed in some sort of username and password and CAPTCHA code and pressed "login") you easily find your scroll.
  8. The First Biter, The Second Biter, The Real Second Biter, The Third Biter, The Fourth Biter, Dray Evarg, The Biter, The Corpse, The Living Dead, Fang Dorkface, And two other unnamed eggs.
  9. Mostly unaffected, sometimes forced, sometimes died. But only use it if you're willing to risk all your eggs.
  10. I believe there may have been a topic about this before (Somewhere... ) I highly doubt anyone will ever take my username for the forum or in Dragcave. However, for my real name, I'm a female Water Dragon (http://dragcave.net/view/n/Andrew) with four children, and I am stuffed full of views, unique views, and clicks. Thank you to the owner of this dragon, although did you pay attention to the gender?
  11. Just attempted to make a banner. [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=45321&st=500][IMG=http://i556.photobucket.com/albums/ss3/AnnOnymuzz/EvilProject.png][/url]
  12. Me too, a lot of new leetles are starting to come.
  13. Just wondering... how do you increase your shop's size?
  14. I honestly think the smallest money you can use to create something is 1000┬ÁP.
  15. I think TJ just made the shops cost less... http://leetles.com/shop/27
  16. I clicked most of them, I couldn't click all, since I'm messing with the URL and clicked all numbers up to 350. Please click mine in my sig!
  17. So is your new leetle? Nice job! And LA is down a lot...
  18. (Please click mine, they're in my sig) Great job! Heck, it'll be a while before I can create anything. The number for me is almost always 600-1000!
  19. This idea rocks! Although TJ's gonna have to increase Yulebuck/Valentine's Day dragon limits... and this'll make dragcave more fun.
  20. http://leetles.com/in/310 I just started an account. And I want to make adoptables and a shop, so please click?
  21. Journal Entry 22: Hey, dudes! I'm floating! My owner knows my actual name, but he refuses to tell anyone. He jumped up in the air and grabbed me yesterday. He says that I'll be fat when I grow up. Is that a compliment? Signed, Floating Egg
  22. 7264- (Frill)Subject 7264 (You know how rare all-number codes are) GnuF- (Storm)Hurricane GnuF spPz- (Black)General SpPaz (For the black army) nxXy- (Black)Nix-E efIe- (Black)Eifie NONb- (Mint)No Noob
  23. Journal Entry 21 (Journal has been moved for 2 entries): Hello, I am a Spring Egg. I was not "caveborn", but I heard Easter is coming up. My owner is saving room. He also got two black hatchlings from the "abandoned page". Doesn't he have enough blacks already? This place is swarming with them. Anyways, can someone click me? NAO? Thank you, and good luck. Spring Dragon Egg
  24. Journal Entry No, 18: Oops, gotta start writing in itallics again! Anyways, I'm a mint dragon. I feel kinda weird since my dad, when he grew up, he didn't look like me. He told me that eventually, by the power of the god TJ (Who has created many powerful dragons along with the help of his other gods, called "spiriters (spriters)".) he changed the way mint hatchlings looked. He was one of the first dragons that my owner got. Since my name is a food, other dragons sometimes joke about eating me, but I'm still scared. My brother, Lime Slice, is also afraid. I hide with the chickens, Road Crossings and Frozen Chicken Dinner. My other brother, Denekayi, already married a white dragon and has a kid who's already grown up! It's weird being so young. Anyways, I gotta go, that red dragon is looking at me and her stomach just rumbled. Signed, Breath Mint.