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    PM me to inquire about breeding. Please understand I don't breed in linage projects, I focus on low gen & even gen. So while I am happy to pair certain breeds up for you, I have no interest in joining myself.

    I will decline trades that have messy lines even if it's a breed I really want. I am slowly working to remove all messy lineages from my scroll and replace them with low/even gens. Dead lines don't bother me as long as they are even!

    I will never freeze/bite/earthquake/abandon/trade eggs or hatchies gifted to me from the threads on here or via private trade. Any dead eggs you may see on my scroll are vampire bite fails on CB eggs from my low "vampire lineage" dragons so that others may have low vampire lines as well!

    All reserve lists will note what I have of that breed & lineage x amount. No names = list is empty

    V-Day List:

    High = I'm actively seeking trades for these asap. Moderate = also seeking but not as actively, will move to high list as I acquire those dragons though. Low = I can breed/catch these myself but would still definitely consider trades offers with them. Also Interested = not actively looking at all, but will consider trades for if offered (non-breedables are on this list since I can not breed them after they grow up :P )

    -High Priority-
    Gold Shimmer - Even gen4 or less
    Silver Shimmer - Even gen4 or less
    Bronze Shimmer - Even gen4 or less

    -Moderate Priority-
    Pyro - CB only
    Gaia - CB/2g only
    Nexus - CB only

    -Low Priority-
    Striped River - CB/2g only
    Kingcrowne - CB/2g only
    Gold - CB/2g pref
    Silver - CB/2g pref
    Lunar Herald (all) - CB/2g only
    Blusang Lindwurm - CB/2g
    Alt Black - 2g only
    Alt Vine - 2g only
    Alt Undine - 2ng only

    -Also Interested-
    Red Dino
    Red - CB/2g Hatchie
    Magi - CB/2g Hatchie
    Pink - CB/2g Hatchie