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  1. Might as well post here as well for my egg. Mine was this one: I did make a different red version, but it felt a little too valentine-y to me xD
  2. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: XDLugia Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: (for example, ToT 2019) FoE 2021 Brief description of treat: (Optional- does it reference anything?) Based off the mask used by Adam in Sk8 the Infinity I hope the image isn't too big, as I'm doing it off my phone xD
  3. So about them new eggs ... Is this the early April fool's joke? xD
  4. I'm interested to see how holiday hunting will be in the future.
  5. And the hunt begins! Good luck!
  6. As @catzrule1990 said, I bred them a pair of the parents. Mainly because I knew they love heart lineages and the amount of xenos were perfect for one! My personal pair is this one: https://dragcave.net/lineage/CSPqK I don't recall exactly why I came up with the naming scheme for the inside of the heart. It could be that I was feeling down at the time and wanted to make something more joyful. It could be that I wanted a hopeful message to go along with cb names. Unfortunately, I simply don't remember. Either way, I'm glad that you've enjoyed it! I tend to forget to
  7. Seems I sent out 230-ish cookies (of which like 100 or so were unique xD) and recieved about 100 cookies back.
  8. Currently have one cookie that are looking for homes: - sent randomly - claimed
  9. @water-spirit It is! Unfortunately, I have already sent both cookies out to someone.
  10. Before going to bed, decided on making two more cookies The first one I tried to match a reference image for the background, but that didn't turn out exactly right xD If it turned out at least somewhat feline in it's form, then I'm happy.
  11. I guarantee that zigzagoon is adorable.
  12. @Awdz Bodkins Sure, that's fine! I'd love the pillow or black tea!
  13. Decided to butcher some well known paintings xD All claimed
  14. @biruko I'd love deino, swinub, slugma or bonsly! I can't really choose between them all xD
  15. @biruko Sure, they're both available! I'll send one of them over. I'd love to get a pokemon cookie in return!
  16. @Long_Before_Sunrise Yup, it's still available!
  17. @Awdz Bodkins I don't believe you've sent anything to me. Not unless you're in one of the discords and sent me something xD I'll send Chip and Dale your way!
  18. @sfts Sure, I can send it your way! I'd love a christmas fir cookie!
  19. I currently have these cookies up for grabs, if anyone is interested! Cookies still available: Pikachu, and Bird! Ideally, I'd like to send chip and dale as a pair, if that's alright xD
  20. @Moriaty I'd love politoed if it hasn't been claimed yet!
  21. I was feeling nostalgic so these happened.
  22. OMG, I'd love the owl one! Owls are one of my favorite animals.