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  1. Not long. The eggs currently showing are from the last hour/few minutes of breeding.
  2. Happy Holidays and good luck hunting!
  3. I Want to Participate! CB Prize(s): Makwa - CB Male Silver Shimmer Notes: As of right now, just have one person in my waiting list. Hopefully it will be done soon. This seems like a fun project! I would love to join in.
  4. Do what's best for you, Rosa. While we surely appreciate you hosting the raffle, it wouldn't be fun if you're stressed. Anyways, the releases will likely keep us busy for the most part. At least, that's my opinion
  5. Well, I'm locked from before, so good luck hunting!
  6. Some of my pairs were grumpy and didn't give an egg, but I got a few things to donate!
  7. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: XDLugia Scroll Name: XDLugia Group Name: XDLugia's Secret Santa 2019 + Leetle Tree Wishlist: 1. 2g from any Spriter's Alt, an ND, or any of the following codes: Lugia, Tsula, Znowy, Snowy, Owl, word codes in general xD 2. 3g from Spriter Alts (staircases are fine!), 3g Thuwed 3. CB Aeons 4. CB Zyumorphs 5. CB Reds, CB Purples, CB Lunar Heralds 6. An even gen rainbow lineage! Or a lineage you've worked on and are proud of! 7. CB Nilias, loads of them. Also any other CB pygmy breeds. xD Breeding abilities: I can breed 3g+ from spriter alts and thuweds. I can also breed 3g prizes, or 2g silver shimmers provided my shim cooperates. Also can breed loads of different checker lineages, rainbow lineages, and other things. Catching abilities: I can catch CB trios, xenowyrms, zyumorphs, papers, cheeses and what-not fairly easily. I can also catch codes pretty well too! I can't catch cb metals though. xD Trading abilities: I'm able to trade for 2g saltkins from time to time. I'm also able to create NDs when I'm lucky, so I can trade for many things as well. As I mentioned before, I can try breeding my cb shimmer to trade for more valuable things, if my giftee doesn't want a 2g prize. Teleport abilities: No, I believe I have a good amount of magis available.
  8. Since it seems a few of us are sharing what we made, this was my treat: It's mainly based on a fox mask, though I'm not too sure that came across too well. xD
  9. 3g checkers sw x guardian, each have an alt SW https://dragcave.net/teleport/046791f3a83e05172f18a3d0e064ad62 https://dragcave.net/teleport/4fc8aef9febcfd6cb778c353af5bed17
  10. 3g checker of SW x Ribbon Dancers, has an alt SW https://dragcave.net/teleport/8cecfdf8e447bf130ef97de80de65526
  11. My journey to 1000 fell short, but good luck to others with a similar build! May RNG be kinder to you than it was to me.
  12. The end is near. The great magma wall is starting to crumble. Only the great GoN, master of all four three elements can stop them.
  13. Still 4 zombies, still 2 dmg from each zombie attack, each zombie still dies from 1 dmg
  14. Yay other people in the 600s xD
  15. This was like 30 minutes ago and still going. I'm at 450 currently.
  16. And so it begins! Good luck everyone!
  17. If it's spooky enough and you get it done before tomorrow, you can still try to submit it. There have been egg-based Halloween treats before.
  18. I got a response earlier today (I had submitted a while back), so hopefully others get one too! I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with.
  19. You're free to use market eggs in lineages! I believe there are two main reasons for not using market eggs. First is that users are able to get eggs from the cave easily enough. The second is that they are trying to save up their shards for something else like a market gold for example. There are some lineages that can only be done using market dragons too! I don't recall which of the biome based dragons it is that takes advantage of this. I want to say it might be coppers, so they can be paired with something else.
  20. The pygmy looks so cute so far! I can't wait to see what both of these dragons turn into!
  21. Thanks @Wmctalon for the egg(s?)! I can't tell if the bonus was from you as well xD