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  1. Caught an egg recently with code N4omy. Thought it was cool.
  2. Magical Smile Angelic Victory Golden Detail Enchanted Greens Touch of Pure Gold All holidays but there are a few other non-holidays too not mentioned.
  3. @jerzeeshadow Awesome, I'll breed him/her if I can remember.
  4. I just recently acquired a descendant of an upside-down mint. Would breeding that count?
  5. Just zombie dragons.. no other pretty fire-breathing ones!! Let the meter burn! Added big log (hard puzzle).
  6. @Zylara I'm in central USA too. I have to wear gloves and/or several jackets or layers if I am outside and needing to use my hands for a while. Living with my sister right now and luckily she has updated heat and air. Electric fireplace. I just feel bad for my family the next town over, but its just the pipes cuz the house is only slightly chilly sometimes. My parents right outside town will have to use their heat now, they normally wait until the dead of winter or summer before they use the AC or heater. Another hard puzzle submitted to the heat gods!
  7. Is it getting a little less chilly in here? heheh Why not come join us next to the fireplace?
  8. @Zylara I've actually been fire but I just now discovered the thread. Plus it's been in the single digits here at home the last few nights so I despise the cold atm. My family the next town over ended up with their mainline pipe frozen (even with keeping the sinks dripping) while I was there the last few days. No running water sounds like a job for heat! Submitted two or three hard puzzles today. I actually find the puzzles pretty fast to do.
  9. Some people just want to watch the world burn..I on the other hand want that bar blazing! #TeamFIRE
  10. Caught two CB Hollies within the same drop and I also caught a 3rd gen silver a few days ago.
  11. Have: -CB Holly egg, two Zs at start of code. Want: -2nd Gen Tinsel or Shimmer PM please, it's off CD but fogged for safety.
  12. Traded for this. :3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/v8C2q Edit: I also reached 600 dragons!
  13. Now I have one bronze, two silvers (one is a offspring of my first), and zero golds. So three of them in all. I'm hoping I get lucky with a gold shimmer off the AP but that's doubtful as my clicking and luck is abysmal at best. So I guess somehow trading for it is my only bet. This'll be fun.
  14. I have one Old Pink, a CB. I also have two Frills, a CB and a lineaged one.
  15. Out of 12 vamps, only 3 are lineaged. Since I have no NDs (unfortunately), those are the only lineaged unbreedables on my scroll.
  16. I found this stripe. http://dragcave.net/lineage/DcgkR And this too. http://dragcave.net/lineage/QYswn I grabbed a couple more but those are interesting to me.
  17. This was yesterday, but I had finally finished renaming my +580 dragons to reflect their lineages. This will be so much easier, I can tell you that! Oh, and two days ago, I bred my first shimmer ever! I forgot to check if I said this already so sorry if I repeat myself. >.> http://dragcave.net/lineage/wzEKb Edit: Grammar.
  18. http://dragcave.net/lineage/nXUp8 This is probably the best Dorkface I have. I wish I had a lower gen though.
  19. http://dragcave.net/lineage/OJ4VY I have this 2nd gen Dusk I got a long time ago. :3 I just thought I would share that. Let me know if anyone wants a 3rd gen from this dragon.
  20. Well, I have a 3rd gen Holly, a GoN, a CB Silver, a Leetle Tree, a CB Yulebuck, a CB Old Pink, and a CB Frill. I also have a non-CB Frill but they are less rare than CB ones. That's about as rare as I am going to get. I don't know anyone to get much else, especially NDs.
  21. My very first breeding of a silver shimmer, or any shimmer really, a few minutes ago came out with a successful shiny baby.
  22. Well, my number of shimmers went from 0 to 1. Thanks to a lovely person!
  23. I managed to get this beauty thanks to a wonderful person. <3
  24. Female stone, I think. I caught her as a hatchling. If that does not count then Fall Seasonal male would be next.
  25. All thanks to the breeder. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to have this beautiful tinsel.