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  1. Lucifer took a defensive position, lowering the front of his body as if he was preparing for a pounce. Shasta's words made sense to him. Having so many of them together in one place was a dangerous thing. He dropped some of his guard when Lunar spoke, though. More of them together meant that it would be more difficult for them to be captured, especially if they could work in an team. Lunar's wolf form would make an excellent offensive; her size was perfect to make the initial blows. He and Shasta could ambush at the legs, knocking any enemies to the ground with quick bites to the knees that would hinder their mobility. Then Kenji could swoop in... His thoughts raced through scenario after scenario until he suddenly stopp. He caught the scent of someone else arriving. She shared the same scent that all the other experiments did, but she had the added odor of drugs. He dropped to a pouncing position again, his nose twitching in irritation. Suddenly the newcomer revealed herself. "I should be asking you the same thing," Lucifer snarled at the bat girl. His tail was raised in alert as his dark eyes watched the girl's every move. One step in the wrong direction could easily mean a bite. "I didn't think I saw anyone's name around here, so I doubt that you own this alley. We're not intruding and we were here first. That gives us the advantage, therefore we reserve the right to interrogate you first. Now, are you alone or have you brought government scum with you?" -------- "I happen to live in this city," Kenji said as he walked alongside Sandi. His wings were stuffed uncomfortably in a backpack and the feathers on his arms were covered by arm warmers, giving him an odd look to passerbys. The headband and indian feathers weren't helping his image much either, but he had grown accustomed to the strange looks over the years. Besides, if Lucifer could handle stuffing his ears into a hat and dealing with people staring at his white hair, then he could easily handle some wings and feathers. He always thought he was the cooler animal, anyway. He shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out some of his leftover bread. Just as he did Sandi was nearly bowled over by a man with too many shopping bags. Kenji placed a hand on her back to steady her as he held up the bread before her with his other hand. "Here! Eat this," he said quickly as he watch the man hurry off. Years of survival on the streets with Lucifer had made Kenji incredibly alert to any negative situations, and this man had shot a red flag up in Kenji's mind. He didn't know if it was just a false alarm or whether he should really be worried, but he turned his attention back to Sandi, leaving a minimal amount aside just in case the man came a little too close again.
  2. I'm having way more fun with Renzo than I should. I'll get a power guide up for the Lightning Element as soon as I can. Gist's guide for the Space Elementians looks great.
  3. Renzo "Oh, I would never dream of doing anything to this delicate little flower," Renzo drawled as Marcus rode by. His grey eyes glimmered in a silent laugh as he felt the ice building up on his legs, slowly freezing his lower limbs as he angered the girl more and more. He wondered how long it would take her to figure out his sense of humor. Provoking people was one of the many spices of life that he truly enjoyed. Part of him didn't want her to realize it, though. He didn't enjoy losing out on a source of fun. He patiently endured her ice, allowing her to encase him in it as she snarled on and on and on about respect or something. The words went in one ear and out the other. Finally she stopped talking. "Respect this, respect that. Blah di blah di blah and something about a militia. You really are quite the chatterbox, aren't you?" Renzo wrapped his hand around Celeste's wrist, allowing her crimson blood to flow between his fingers. "A little on the clumsy side, too." He sent a shock through the ice, releasing his legs from the cold as the shattered dew piled around his feet. "I have to admit you people entertain me. I like you even though I can tell the feeling is not mutual. The same goes for the rest, although they cannot hold a candle to your antics. At least not yet..." He began to chuckle. "You people are all very interesting, so what need would I have for killing you?" His grip tightened around her wrist as he leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Now respect on the other hand is something else. If you want it you will have to earn it, and, trust me, there is a very high price for it. Are you willing to go down that path?" He dropped her wrist and took a step away from her. Lifting his fingers to his lips, he licked a drop of blood that had remained. Luna Luna tightened her grip around Loren once they took off. The lack of solid ground beneath her feeling was both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Don't look. Don't look around. Don't look down. She kept telling herself. The wind whipped her hair around, giving Luna a sense of just how quickly they were moving. She could hear Loren's words rushing into her ears, but only about half of them registered before she was falling through the air. She landed on the first machine with a thump as her cane landed beside her. It took her about two seconds to gather her senses before she grabbed her cane and released the blade from its base. Driving the blade deep into the machine, she began to pull the cane as she stepped backwards, tearing the machine apart with each step. A large gash like this was certainly not going to be easy to fix. As she pulled, she used her telekinesis to move parts around on the inside of the machine. Soon gears were falling out of place and supports were dropping, crumbling the machine away beneath her. She held it up long enough to support her for her final few seconds atop it as she waited for Loren. Some of the soldiers were starting to come to the senses. Their thoughts were screaming in her head as they scurried around for orders. Luna watched the skies, her eyes frantically searching for Loren so that she could get away from the soldiers. They were already realizing what had happened and she knew it wouldn't be long before they took offensive action.
  4. Luna It looked like Luna wasn't going to be riding into this battle. She nodded at Loren's words, understanding that in this kind of situation a plan that was executed quickly and efficiently was better than nothing at all. Hesitation would only increase their chances of getting killed. There was no way she was going to allow that to happen today. But....flying. Moving through the air without any ground beneath her feet. She could do that to other objects and it never bothered her, but she had never let the ground herself. Her heart thudded at the thought. She couldn't remember the last time she had been high enough to know if she had a fear of heights, but she certainly didn't want to find out today. There was only one way to handle this. Luna dismounted her horse and headed over to Loren. His limbs were already covered in the winds that would lift them into the sky; it would only be a matter of seconds before everything started. Luna took a deep breath then wrapped her arms around Loren. "Let's go," she said before she closed her eyes and buried her face in his shoulder. Renzo Renzo grinned. Services accepted, huh? It sounded like they were drawing out a contract. Where was the fine print? No matter. He had something to entertain him for a few days. At least that would keep him from killing lowly citizens and ending up in jail again. They had already named a prison cell after him. He remembered that the cell had hard rubber walls, but that had been no impediment to him. "Oh, you needn't worry about me," Renzo said nonchalantly. The electricity faded from his fingertips, leaving him looking like a normal young man save for the cuff on his wrist. "I won't get in the way. Just tell me what to do. Besides, does not the electricity need to build in the clouds before it strikes?" He glanced over at Celeste who stood stoically beside him, a tiny soldier who babbled too much in his opinion. "Have I unknowingly been assigned a guard?" he asked her softly. "You see like an odd little one. Something tells me you won't be able to handle me for very long," he teased, his whispering voice hinting at his annoyance with her as a jolt of electricity shot through his palm. He understood why they did not trust him, but to have this little girl as a guard was practically an insult. Hadn't he done better than that?
  5. Renzo The attention Renzo was getting was absolutely thrilling. The kind of chaos he was causing created none other than a feeling of fulfillment and pleasure within him. This is what he liked to see happen: bickering, yelling, people at each other's throats because they obviously cannot get along. There was no order in lightning, and Renzo had never liked order in life. Just as lightning was quick, though, so was his patience for the stupidity in front of him. Jahanshah beat him to the punch, though, and ordered everyone back to normality before Renzo could make any rash moves. He let the ball of lightning drop to a simple trickling of agitated electricity flowing around his fingers, but his hand began to twitch impatiently. "Now, I know that you people have all sorts of issues, but we really have better things to do right now. Besides, you were beginning to bore me." He feigned a yawn to emphasize his point. "Anyway, my name is Renzo Hallensen. You may have heard of one of my many prison escapes. If not...Well, you've probably been living in a hole. As you may have noticed, I am a Lightning Elementian and I would like to offer my services for your escapade today. I've got nothing better to do, anyway." Luna With Z'fan in her sights, Luna felt that now was the appropriate time to catch up with Loren. It wasn't long until she reached him and he began to dictate his plan to them. She knew she couldn't be the only one that saw right through him. His stutter was giving away his uncertainty, but to Luna the emotion was practically dripping from him. She knew that she couldn't do anything, though. She was terrible at planning, and at such short notice she knew that there wouldn't be time to make a new one. Who knew how much time they had left? "I agree," Luna said in an effort to boost his confidence. She gripped her horse's mane. This was going to be an interesting fight considering she was going bareback on this. Hopefully she wouldn't have to ride for too long.
  6. Sorry for not replying at the speed of light, everyone! I decided to procrastinate on my homework and now I'm paying back for all that with hours upon hours of work (although it's really stupid and I hate it). I'll try to get Renzo up as soon as I finish!
  7. Lucifer glanced over at Lunar before he looked back at Shasta. By that time she had already turned back into a fox. He looked around one more time, silently wondering where Kenji had gone. That stupid crow would get into trouble if he stayed by himself for too long. Lucifer had dealt with enough of that through the years they had been together, but he shrugged it off for now. All these half-breeds showing up had to mean something; they needed to be dealt with now instead of later. "Apparently there's more than just us," Lucifer said as he transformed into an Arctic fox. He knew his white coat would stick out in the shadows, especially if there was moonlight. He practically glowed in that. "Lunar isn't the only one. There's also Sophie and Kenji." He glanced over at the quiet horse girl before looking back at Shasta. "We've all met today. That is, all of us here in the alley. Kenji and I have been working together for a few years. I just don't know what happened today, but it's weird to say the least."
  8. "Her name is Lunar," Lucifer said as he took a step away from her. He removed his hat to reveal his white fox ears that protruded from his white hair. "My name is Lucifer." His right ear twitched a little as he leaned to the side to get a better view of the new girl. Something seemed familiar about her, but he couldn't figure it out. Something about her ginger curls that was really setting him off...Then he caught sight of her tail. A fellow fox! Albeit a shy and rather stereotypical one, but a fox all the same. Good thing Kenji wasn't here. That boy would have embarrassed the life out of him once he found out. Still, knowing all he did about being a fox, he could tell that this girl might be useful. The only thing holding her back from being a strong survivor was her apparent shyness. Well, not everybody could be perfect...unfortunately. "You must be part fox," he said as he shoved his hat back over his ears and adjusted his glasses. "It's interesting to meet another one." ((Lucifer is mixed with an Arctic fox, just so you know.))
  9. ((@shadowclaw: I think it's okay, but you might want to PM your form to Wolfie and delete your post so that it doesn't take up space on the board. @wolfie: Can you put all of the accepted forms and characters on the first two posts? It's getting difficult to follow who is who when some of the forms are not up yet.)) Lucifer Lucifer watched curiously as the man walked in on them in the alley. Something didn't seem right about him. He could smell the scent of a lab on him, a very foreboding sign that meant trouble. Of course, his instincts had been right and the man went after the wolf-girl, taking her hostage by gunpoint. Lucifer simply leaned against the wall, never letting an expression of surprise or fear cross his face. He had learned years ago that showing weak emotions would only mean more trouble for him and Kenji. Instead, he analyzed the girl's movements, gauging her strengths and weaknesses based on how well she handled the situation. If anything went wrong, he knew he could easily step in. It all ended within a few moments. The man was gone, but now she was armed with a gun. Suddenly the situation was no longer in his favor. "That was...impressive," he said as he walked back up to her. He looked over her shoulder to see a new girl walking up. Another one? he thought. It was like they had planned this...Something about the way that she moved...shy and quiet...It softened him enough to make him reply, "Yes, the wolf-girl took care of it. It's alright now." ---------- Kenji knew he should be more careful, but as he took off again he found the girl and decided that nobody would notice a public transformation in a place as busy as this. Besides, he had just seen the little mouse turn into a girl a moment ago. As long as Lucifer was around he knew he could pull it off. He glided down to the girl and transformed into a human right before he hit the ground, landing in a sitting position right next to her. "Hi! I'm Kenji!" he greeted cheerfully. "You must be frightened right now, but don't worry. I won't eat you. Mice aren't very tasty."
  10. Renzo "Hey! What do you think you're doing?! You could hurt them!" Renzo smiled as he heard the girl's voice behind him. The rain came pouring down on top of him, but he didn't care. Rainstorms were lightning's natural element. He was complete comfortable with the precipitation as he turned around to face the girl. A ball of electricity curled up in his palm, impatiently humming and striking out at his fingers, but he was so accustomed to it that he barely noticed. "Do you really think I care?" Renzo asked. The ball of lightning charged, glowing brighter as some of the electricity leaked down to his chain. "Oh, but surely you must know of the Shadow people's movements around here. You see, I've been so terribly bored lately and I need something to do...something to massacre. Now, I would never want to aid those dull Light Elementians, but I've noticed both of you have been a little...how shall we put this? Ah, yes. Riled up in the past few days. Now, do you have any plans today, because I'm certain it would be very, very beneficial to have a Lightning Elementian on your side."
  11. Luna "Aketsu said to come with me. We're going to knock the shadow elementians out of the sky and destroy a few things of theirs." Luna already knew her job, but the bitter taste of nerves was already creeping up on her. From the thoughts she was catching from Loren, she could already sense disaster. He had no intention of killing anyone, but she bit her lip to prevent herself from squealing on him. There would be no point in pointing fingers now when a united group was the only thing preventing them from total annihilation. They could save the arguments for later. If it came down to it, Luna knew she would take down the Shadow Elementians herself. She gripped her cane tighter, its silver blade glittering in the sparse sunlight. "Find Z'fan, I'll relay the plan further ahead... You can find me by tracing my thoughts." Luna nodded as she began to look around for Z'fan. At least she could postpone the moment of truth for now. Who knew? Maybe Loren might even change his mind about killing those of the Shadow. It would certainly save her some trouble. Renzo Renzo yawned as his eyes fluttered open in a haze of blurry sunlight. He had spent the night lounging against a tree, patiently biding his time away until he could make his grand introduction to that loser of a Fire Elementian he had found. He knew he could use the entertainment, but he was appreciative enough to want it to last. As his eyes adjusted to the morning light, the glittering crackle of lightning played across his fingers. He flexed his hand, watching the little show with a dull expression as the electricity hummed in his ears. He yawned one more time before he stood up and looked at the tiny camp in the distance. Well, it was now or never. He made his way over to the camp, rotating between normal steps and tiny intervals of levitating motion. Goodness, he was so bored right now. He could tell that the camp was already abuzz with activity as its members rushed to and fro. Oh, how wonderful! He would certainly be able to make an interesting entrance with all these people awake. He made it to the edge of the camp, silently calculating his best options before he made his first move. "Good morning!" he bellowed as a shot of lightning cracked through the sky. "Don't let me interrupt you, but you see, I'm so terribly bored right now. Do you morons know of any place where I can have some fun around here?" He gave a sheepish grin, a daring look that flashed the menace behind his words' meaning. He saw no value in their lives and would have easily taken any one of them out with his lightning, but that would have been dull and expected. The chain still attached to his wrist dangled, catching a morning breeze with the muffled clanking of partly-rusted metal.
  12. I've got a post for Luna and Renzo in the works. It should be up soon!
  13. In order to get Renzo interact with all the characters he needs to meet with, I plan on posting him waking up Marcus and Sky. Gist, do you mind having Celeste run in while he's doing that?
  14. Luna Orders! Luna jumped up and quickly began to follow her commands. At least it was something simple for now. She wouldn't have to pull any mind tricks to take care of this part. She took a mental head count, taking note of how many voices drifted through her head as she hurriedly packed away the tents and stuff the extra food away in storage bags for later. She didn't know how many of them would be able to catch and make food once the battle was over, let alone how many of them would be left. It would just be better to stay on the safe side. Once that was done, she picked up her cane that she had left leaning against a tree and hit the switch on the side. Its hidden blade instantly released from its protective barrier, popping out from the bottom of the cane in glimmering, sharp beauty. Luna turned her cane so that the blade was facing up and began to run where the others had headed. Wait, they had horses. She skidded to a halt and turned around. Where had hers gone? Had they already taken it? She finally saw the dark bay mare and jumped on bareback. There was no time for saddles now; she had to catch up to the others. As the horse galloped beneath her, she began to mull over the situation. She knew just the job Space Elementians had in battles, and she wasn't too eager to participate. She wouldn't be fighting so much as predicting, and any foul call would be her fault, especially if it caused serious damage. She didn't like that kind of pressure, but there was more at stake here than her own personal preferences. Luna slowed her horse down once she found Kai, Leith, Nerio, and Noe were gathered together. She nearly started in surprise once she felt the presence of Battlemate. Part of her relaxed with the knowledge that he was here while the other part tensed up, preparing herself for his watchful eyes. She just knew he would be paying attention to what she did today. "Are we almost ready to go?" Luna said after she stopped a few meters away from them.
  15. Lucifer watched as the wolf girl rushed off to go find food. Her coat seemed odd...knotted and dirty like that of a street mutt. Of course, he wasn't one to say anything. He took great pains to keep his white coat clean, but that was because more people would simply think he was a lost dog and would be less likely to call animal control on him. Man, he hated those freaks. "Kenji!" he called. The crow swooped down and landed on Lucifer's shoulder. "It's your turn to pick up food today, especially since you followed me instead of going to the other market. Go make me proud." The crow nodded and took off, his black form blending in with the others that scavenged the farmer's market. Something felt off about the place, like someone wasn't supposed to be there, but he had better things to do than think about that. Kenji glided above the many stalls of vendors shouting their wares until he came upon one that he liked. He was a clever crow, though, and he knew better than to go picking up heavy foods with only his lame excuse for talons. He also would never sink so low as to scavenge leftovers off the ground, so when a bread stall owner was looking away he swooped down, gripping a bag full of a loaf of bread between his claws. He hesitated for a moment, adjusted himself to the new weight before he quickly took off again, the lightweight bag dangling beneath him. It didn't take long before Kenji made it back to Lucifer. He cawed to let Lucifer know he was back before he dropped the bag into his hands, then he turned into a human just before he landed, taking a few steps to slow himself down. "That should do it for today!" Kenji said cheerfully as Lucifer inspected the bag. "Not bad," Lucifer replied. Lunar came back with her haul of the sausages just then. "I think it's all taken care of for now," he said to her as he took a bite of the bread. "Hey, Lucifer," Kenji said between mouthfuls of bread. "Something was weird back at the market. I'm going to go check it out." Lucifer gave the boy a confused look before he waved it away and gave him his permission to go. "Just don't get yourself killed," Lucifer said as Kenji transformed into a crow and took off again. The crow soared through the air as quickly as he could, hoping the thing was still there. He landed near the meat vendor's stall and began to look around. It had to be around here somewhere... ((Kenji is looking for Sandi, just so ya know.))
  16. Oh good. 'cause there were some loong posts in there. Is everyone headed off to battle now?
  17. >_> Oh my gosh. What have I missed?!
  18. Luna Luna had been purposefully avoiding the camp all morning, hiding herself away in the forest so that nobody would find her unless she wanted them to. Her thoughts kept swirling around Zepheena. She hated to admit how on-edge that girl made her feel. The fact that nobody else felt that way around her only served to make things worse. Normally she was not this obsessive. The inner secrets of a person's mind ceased to bother her after she had listened to thousands of thoughts. To her, everyone was unique and the same. There was difference and unity all in one, but Zepheena had managed to break that pattern. It was like walking down a hallway of uniquely painted, unlocked doors. She was so used to opening them that when one was locked a red flag went up in her mind. Why was the door locked? She had been alone for a few hours when she finally decided to open herself up again to outside sources of mental activity. The first thing she felt was tremendous sadness and fear. What had she missed?! A funeral? She instantly began to run back to the campsite, listening for any details she could distinguish from the rush of thoughts that crammed themselves in her head. She skidded to a halt once she made it to the clearing, using her cane to help slow her down as she took in her surroundings. The tent where Ayame was slowly dying was closed off, but she could still figure out what was going on inside. She looked up at the sky as it began to dawn on her. They were going to fight today. Her heart felt like it skipped a beat. She hadn't fought anyone in a long while. She didn't know if she could handle herself, let alone protect the lives of her companions. She had been trained to the point of muscle-memory, but she knew even her clumsy nature could get the best of that. She closed her eyes as she let it all sink in. What if they asked Zepheena to fight with them? She didn't know how much she could trust the girl. Was that how other people felt when they couldn't read minds? She knew so much about everyone else that she could see all of their battle potential, but very few others had that kind of luxury. She sighed. There would only be one way to find out. She took a seat near the edge of the camp. It was obvious to her that battle orders would be coming out soon. They would all be sent to fight, but until then she would wait. There was no need to rush into the fray.
  19. Oh gosh. What's been happening? I fell asleep for a few hours then had class...and now I'm all discombobulated. Are they getting ready for a fight?
  20. ....I lost count after five. I know that I have a lot and it just keeps rotating. Oh, and Lachrymation, that website you brought up is amazing! More pics of Luna! 1.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (it's not perfect, but it's a totally adorable version of her) And I think that should do it for now. I went through all the pics of the character Luna is based on, and wow. There were a lot of pictures. I'm always going to use that website from now on.
  21. Luna is suspicious. She doesn't hate Zepheena...yet. She thinks Isis is nice, though. Currently she's not up to anything.
  22. @Gist: Renzo can find Celeste in the morning. Maybe she gets close to Marcus's camp and he finds her more interesting than a Fire Elementian (he doesn't really like the attitudes of Fire Elementians either, anyway).
  23. He shall sneak up on him in the morning.... sneakily....
  24. >_> Renzo was totally walking into Marcus's camp, but if we're doing a time skip to morning I can just have him sneak around the place like a creeper. I think his name still needs to be added to the list of those with the Shadow Alliance on the first post of the RP.
  25. Renzo Renzo let a tiny bolt of lightning flicker in his hand like a deadly candle. The light illuminated his face and the area around him just enough for him to make his way through without hitting anything. He levitated a few feet off the ground, relaxing in his flight as he let the electromagnetic currents carry him on his meandering path. He yawned. It was getting late. The moon was high and he could already feel the sensation of sleep tugging at his eye lides, begging for the blanket of his skin to cover his eyes for the night. Just a little further he thought to himself over and over again. He was dreadfully bored with no one around to entertain him, and his hands were constantly twitching with the the electricity that coursed through him. His silver eyes caught a flicker of a fire being lit in the distance. If he knew anything about the Shadow Alliance it was that only a Fire Elementian could light a flame like that. Renzo grinned. Finally, some entertainment at last! He dropped himself to the ground and hastened towards the campsite, lightning still flickering in his palm just in case he came across any unnecessary trouble.