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  1. Technically she doesn't have anything to do...I've paused her for a bit.
  2. Renzo Renzo was not liking the looks he was getting from some of the citizens of Cumulus. As he tailed the group on their path to the inn, he kept glancing over his shoulder to see the curious stares of the people. There was little chance of his fame finding a place like this. He knew stories of what he had done had made it to Triton and Univerum, but Cumulus seemed like a podunk little town compared to the two. There was no way they would have enough connections to know who he was based on glances. Of course, if he tossed the name around a few times he was sure to get in trouble. At least they were in a weather city, though. He didn't look that different for them. His skin was slightly paler than that of anyone living in Cumulus, but his light-colored hair made him look almost exactly like a Weather Elementian. It had infuriated him to no end when people used to confuse him with one of those low-lifes, but this was not the place for him to lose his temper. He continued on behind the group, the horse he had ridden clopping along behind him. Once they stopped in front of the inn his paranoia diminished slightly. The fuss focused on Marcus as they tried to hide him from the sight of the other patrons. Taking this as a warning sign for what may happen to him if he was discovered, he pulled his cloak out of his pack and pulled the hood over his head to hide his features. Then he let one of the stable boys take the horse away as he gave the area one last look around. It was all so...dull, absolutely nothing compared to Electra. Where were the grand buildings? The amazing vehicles? The filthy aristocrats and even filthier plebeians? He had barely taken the time to examine cities beyond Electra as the technological goldmine had become a playground for his many exploits, but he had expected better of a place so similar to that of the City of Lightning. If all they had to boast about was some stupid weather machine, then Renzo was going to be sorely disappointed. He caught a glimpse of Celeste just as she turned around the corner of the building. Looking back at the rest of the group Renzo could tell that they were too busy to take too much notice. A second later and he could tell what she was up to. There was no way she was going to stay in the inn tonight, especially after he had noticed her submissive behavior around Jahan. There was no point in him staying at the inn, either, considering his reputation. If he were them he knew that he wouldn't want to share a room with a criminal, and he didn't like them enough in the first place to even consider such a possibility. So, with a turn of his heel he quickly followed the young Water Elementian. "I don't think it's the greatest idea for you to be out here all alone, don't you?" Renzo asked tauntingly as he walked towards her on the other side of the inn. "A young girl outside an inn during the middle of the night? Now what kind of message do you think that would send? I don't think that's too difficult to figure out." He paused beside her then leaned against the building. "Of course, I would never think of doing anything like that. No, you're far too boring. I doubt you would even scream. Admirable, yes, but that's definitely no fun for me." He sighed for dramatic effect. "Now, Celeste, you'll catch cold out here. I hate the sound of sneezing. It's dreadfully noisy and makes people sound stupid and weak." He pulled a blanket out of his pack and casually tossed it over to Celeste. "Take it before you get sick and annoy me even more." ((That was a lot longer than I planned on...oops.))
  3. Oh....Now that would be fun....She makes playing Renzo so much more fun.
  4. That would be interesting....I'd love to see how that plays out. Which reminds me....I should totally get a post up for Renzo.
  5. @Silver Basically everyone who is still alive has returned to a new campsite for the Guardians. They're setting up the camp (unpacking, taking inventory, getting food ready, etc.), and plan on burying all the dead the next morning in the RP. Isis should be with them...although I forget what he was instructed to do....
  6. ((Sorry about the tardiness of the post...)) "My name is Lucifer," the white fox said nonchalantly as he looked around. Shasta's words floated through his ears as he lifted his nose to the wind. Something felt off, but he couldn't quite put his paw on it. He looked back at Shasta just as she asked him if they were all together. He looked down at his paws for a moment, toying with the thought in quiet reflection. The larger creatures would certainly be an asset, but they could also kill him if they suspected that he was turning against them. He would have to watch himself; every step could easily be misread by the others. Still, it would be interesting to watch Shasta. He glanced up at the other fox. Could she possibly match his own wits? "Sure, I'm in, but we have to take Kenji with us, too," Lucifer said. "He's a crow. You'll know him when you see him."
  7. Gah! Kai is so honorable and sweet!
  8. Hey! Two different stews! *didn't read LL's post* >_>
  9. Luna Luna was absolutely relieved once she felt the presence of recognizable minds. Isis, Yuaki, Kai, and so many others were such a comfort even though they had not been separated for too long. The horse stopped beneath her and she began to take in their new camp as Kai gave orders to everyone. She caught her commands just as she was thinking about dismounting the horse. Looking down, the earth seemed a lot farther away than it had been the whole way there. With a sigh she stood up in the left stirrup, lifting her right leg over as slowly as possible until it was aligned with her left leg. Then resting as much of her weight as she could on her left arm as her hand held onto the saddle, she jumped down and landed on her left foot. It looked slightly awkward, but she was back on the ground without any further aggravation of her injuries. Food...food... she began to think when she remembered her task that Kai had given her. There had to be food in the packs that one of the horses was carrying. Looking around she was able to locate one that had a bunch of vegetables and an oilskin filled with water. Vegetable soup, then. She sat near the center of the clearing and focused on a pile of sticks. With the battle over and some of her energy regained she thought she could use the practice for her telekinesis. It had been working fine out in the field (even though her job had been a rather destructive one), so she had no worries about any negative impact from it now. Plus, a resolute calm had fallen over her. It was the quietest her mind had been in months; so peaceful that she kind of wished something like this had happened earlier. Within minutes a fire was lit and she was gently lowering the vegetables in the boiling water as she sat in her quiet vigil. Her shoulder throbbed as her thoughts wandered to how both of her injuries would infringe on her. She could always learn to use her telekinesis to support her injured leg, but that just felt like cheating, especially since she had a cane that would easily suffice once her shoulder was healed enough. She finished dropping in the vegetables and let the stew boil as her thoughts continued on their own path. The slice in her shoulder was deep. She knew that she had been lucky that it had not gotten to her bone, but it would still prevent her from lifting anything on that side. She shrugged out of her jacket and stared at the blood-stained fabric. It would take ages to wash out the maroon dye and return it to its normal dark shade of blue. Maybe she should just get a new one, one in a lighter color so it wouldn't be so clear that she was a Space Elementian.
  10. Luna Luna took in Aketsu's information with downcast eyes. So, some of the others had it worse than she did. She hadn't lost anyone important today (at least she hoped she hadn't), but she knew that Isis, Z'fan and Nerio would be more than heartbroken. Hadn't Battle just been talking to her last night about influencing minds? Now she wouldn't know if he had noticed that he had been right. She didn't know how long Loren would be able to hold up against the enemies; his mind had seemed split that morning, and even she couldn't predict what he would choose to do. It was enough to make her worry for their safety, but the immediate danger was small. Only the next few days would show them what he his choice would be. At least they had won, right? All their efforts, injuries, and death had not been in vain. There was something to be shown for all they had done today. She finally looked up again to see a horse standing beside them. Aketsu held out a hand to help her up onto the horse. She stood up slowly and shakily, keeping her balance by leaning her weight on her cane. All of her injuries were on her right side, so she looked at getting on the horse as a challenge. She took Aketsu's hand and, with a deep breath, swung herself up onto the horse. It took her a moment to adjust, but she found her balance and looked down at Aketsu. "Thank you," she said again. "Are you sure you'll be able to make it back okay, too?"
  11. >_> I didn't realize we were posting that much....oops. Ehehehe....I'll hold off until LL posts for now (and I'm interested in what her characters are going to do, anyway).
  12. Lucifer's ear twitched at Shasta's words, but he refused to interrupt her. This was just too interesting. She would definitely be a challenge. Her mind was terrifically clever, just like his, and he could tell that she knew how to use it. She had been playing him for a fool earlier, he just knew it. There was no such thing as a real shy girl in the fox beside him. Impressive. "Now why on earth would I want to kill you, let alone attack you?" Lucifer said. He remained seated and perfectly calm, his tail still gently wrapped around his forepaws. "Obviously the odds are not in my favor. You are much larger and faster than me, and even the element of surprise would do me no good here. I mean, have you seen the size of your teeth? I'm simply watching. Honestly, you have nothing to fear from me."
  13. Lucifer decided to keep his mouth shut. If there was one thing that humans were never good at it was talking. Now, he believed, was a better time than ever to practice restraint. He sat down, curling his white tail around his forepaws as he watched the others with diligent eyes. He gauged their personalities, guessing their histories and the probable reactions they would have around each other in the next few days. If anything the need for survival would make them a very tightly knit group. That was more than evident. If one fell out of line and betrayed the others....Well, too bad. He could see it in all of their eyes. They were willing to kill if the time arose. They all had more than enough animal spirit in them for that. Even he had felt the hankering need to chase a rabbit more than a few times in the past few years, but he knew he had more potential than that. His keen eyes continued to observe the others; it wouldn't take him long before he could find a way to manipulate them into his favor. Everybody has something they want, something that he could turn into leverage. All he had to do was find out what he could give. ----- Kenji kept an eye out as Sandi munched on the bread he gave her. His wings were cramped in the backpack, but he resisted the urge to move them. One false move and he could easily give himself away. Instead he watched for suspicious figures, anyone that seemed like a threat. This place just wasn't sitting too well with him. It was a good thing to be in populated areas so that they could hide more easily, but this was just too much. There were so many people around that Kenji found it difficult to pick out any threats from the throng. He wanted to take off, fly away and find Lucifer again, but now that he found Sandi he knew that was wishful thinking. It wasn't like he could carry her with him. It was dangerous for a mouse in this environment, and a crow carrying a mouse was nearly impossible. The weight would be too much, and it would look weird. It was rare for a crow to scavenge live prey, let alone a mouse. Instead, Kenji tried to keep talking to distract Sandi from his nervous thoughts. "Do you know any others?" he said. "I mean, anyone else that is like us. It might be beneficial for us to know who each other are. We could team up and defend each other like they do in those comic books. It would be so awesome! Then we wouldn't have as much trouble fighting the bad guys! Oh, and we could have a whole system and an oath to join the group and jackets! Wait, scratch the jackets. That'd be too obvious. Maybe hand signals. That'd be cool..." He rambled on and on as he kept watch and continued walking, hoping that Sandi wouldn't notice his uneasiness.
  14. @Lach: O_O Her picture is of Gumi Megpoid. O_O I love Gumi. So. Much. *is a Vocaloid nerd*
  15. ((It's okay. I can keep up.)) Luna It wasn't long before Luna could sense the familiar mind of Aketsu. She breathed a sigh of relief. At least her plea hadn't reached one of the enemy soldiers. Well, if it did they probably hadn't taken any notice. It wasn't like they knew that hearing voices in your head meant that a Space Elementian was around. Only the few that Luna had ever telepathically talked to even knew what her voice meant. Thank goodness for that. Her hands were still gripping her cane when Aketsu arrived, the blade still drawn against enemies. Her finger swiped across the switch that sheathed the blade; there were no threats about them now, and she didn't believe that she had the will to fight anymore today. Luna had to admit that she found comfort in Aketsu's words. She closed her eyes as she listened to his praise, forcing the negative ghost of her father's thoughts out of her head. It was all a game of the mind, a sick battlefield where the old days sought to gain control of her emotions, but they weren't winning now. Funny how a few simple words could change the tide so quickly. Her father's voice was replaced with Aketsu's and everything felt like it was going to be okay. She hadn't realized that Aketsu was starting to set her ankle. Her first instinct was to start screaming but she bit her lip and restrained her voice instead. She could feel the hot sting of tears in her eyes as the pain coursed through her leg. She couldn't remember if it had hurt that much when she had initially broken it, but this was nearly unbearable. She wondered if she could use her power to knock herself out, but it seemed pointless for just a few moments of respite. Instead she let a few tears fall with only a single yelp as the joint finally settled. Her hands still trembled as they gripped her cane. "Th-thank you," she managed to squeak as she tried to slow her pulse to a normal level. She let go of her cane to wipe the tears from her eyes. Once they were cleared, she took in Aketsu's appearance. He looked like a complete wreck! She felt terribly selfish for having him come out so far to find her. There was no way that they were going to get back any time soon if she couldn't walk, let alone stand up. Suddenly she remembered the others. Why was Aketsu here when she certainly was not the only one injured? She remembered Loren and Zepheena and Isis and the many others that had taken to the battlefield with her. What had become of them? There was only one way to find out. Luna opened her mind to Aketsu, digging through his thoughts to see if she could scrounge any information out of him. The only thing that she got was a reluctance to mention Loren. "W-what happened? Where are the others?" she finally asked. Before she even finished her second question it hit her: death. She had felt more than a few lights go out during the haze in the battle, but with all the frenzy she hadn't had the focus to understand who was gone and who was still alive. Now that her mind was a little more clear she was beginning to recognize the lights that had disappeared. She fixed Aketsu with a worried look. What were they going to do now?
  16. Aaaand I was mean to Luna again. I have way too much fun messing with her. Anyway, Renzo is caught up (I hope!). And, LN, it seems like you're all better now, so yay!
  17. Renzo Renzo took in Celeste's disgusted expression for a moment before he turned to look at the rest of the camp. It appeared that the others had left, leaving him with the decision to either ride with them or sit his first battle out. Of course, he never would have opted for the latter of the two. Aamina's horse still remained, and he quickly took advantage of that opportunity. With an acrobatic leap he landed on top of the horse and turned in the direction the others had gone. This was going to be beyond fun. He galloped the horse through the forest, gauging the trail ahead of him by the length between the hoofprints he glimpsed on the ground. Tracking had become a bit of a game for him when he was younger, and horses were one of the easiest things for him to follow. Their hoofprints were like beautiful signs pointing exactly where a person was headed. He smiled at the thought of some of his more...entertaining hunts. He could hear the sounds of a battle dying away in the distance and his smile faded to a scowl. Oh boo. He had to miss out on all of that fun. Oh well. What he would be doing would be sure to cause much, much more chaos. He caught up with the group just as Jahanshah was mentioning something about changing names. Renzo was about to protest but instead chose to dismount his horse. Using his real name in a place like this was sure to get him captured again. He glanced down at his wrist and remembered that the cuff and chain were still dangling in plain sight. With a quick movement he hid the evidence of his imprisonment inside his sleeve, tucked away behind a layer of fabric. He watched as Jahanshah was greeted by a newcomer, but other than that things seemed rather boring. The Weather Machine was beckoning him, but as he had mentioned before, lightning must first build in the clouds. Luna Luna's eyes slowly blinked open. It wasn't as sunny as it had been before. The foliage shielded much of the sky from her view as she tried to remember where she was. Her body felt numb in her waking moments, a blissful moment of piece until she was wracked by the sudden pain that had lay dormant in her unconsciousness. Luna's eyes closed again as she took in deep breaths. The tears began to sting in her eyes. She didn't want to look at her shoulder or her ankle, but she knew if she opened her eyes again she wouldn't be able to resist. She clutched her cane, her knuckles turning white with her tight grip. Where am I? was her first thought. She recollected the battle, the machines and the flight through the air, but everything beyond that was a garbled mess of images, sound, and adrenaline. What am I going to do? was her second thought. With no idea as to her location, Luna's sense of direction was completely lost. She couldn't tell where anyone was because they were either mixed with hundreds of others' thoughts or they were simply out of range. Without any familiar mind as a guide, there was no way that she was going to find a way out of this forest. With a broken ankle she believed it wasn't likely that she was going to get out on her own anyway. Well, not without a lot of limping. Help me! was her third thought. She sent it as a universal message to anyone that her mind could reach. She practically screamed it in her head with the hope that someone nice would come along and find her. Then she lowered her head, opened her eyes, and stared at her trembling hands as they continued to cling to her cane. She felt horrible, pathetic, and weak. This was exactly the person her father despised. She wasn't strong enough to take care of herself. How awful was that? She was completely ashamed of her desolate state, and her achievements against the machines seemed like mere blinks compared to what had happened, but she knew for a fact that she could not have done anything better. She just couldn't believe that she had been broken so easily. She was a Space Elementian, not some stupid foot soldier with a stick in her hand. Yet she couldn't help but think the way she used to hear her father think all the time. The rage and disappointment coursed through her as she waited...waited...waited.
  18. O_O Luna can't be freaked out by Zepheena anymore. Darn.
  19. Luna Luna's pace began to slow. There weren't as many soldiers around, but the fatigue was starting to set in again. Her last burst of adrenaline was wearing off and she was starting to feel the pain in her shoulder and ankle again. Then she started to hear a voice calling out to her. It sounded distant, so far away. She could barely tell who it was, but it was enough to keep her moving. Just a few more steps she kept repeating to herself. Suddenly the winds were moving around her again. Her initial thought was of Loren as she was hoisted into someone's arms. He was okay! They were going to be fine! She looked up into the man's face and remembered the voice that had been echoing in her head the past few moments. No. It was Aketsu. Loren was gone. He wasn't anywhere to be seen. Captured...maybe even dead. Luna wanted to kick herself so badly. She could have prevented his fall if she hadn't used up all her energy on that one stupid trick. She could have easily pushed all those bat creatures away earlier, but no, she just had to learn a new power right in the middle of battle. It was enough to make her want to scream, but she didn't believe she even had enough energy left for that. Before too long Luna was set down beside a large tree, far from the fray of battle. She couldn't even hear the thoughts of the soldiers any more. Aketsu was gone before she could mumble something about her gratitude. She finally chanced a look down at her leg and sighed. Her foot was turned over ninety degrees, laying limply at an angle and throbbing in pain. Well, at least she would have a legitimate use for her cane now. She closed her eyes and remembered Aketsu's words. Rest... It sounded so wonderful right now. She closed her eyes as her mind relaxed into a quiet state of unconsciousness. ((I'll edit Renzo in later))
  20. Trust me, Luna is not going to be very happy about it either. She can be pretty hard on herself when things go wrong, but she's just too tired to be kicking herself at the moment.
  21. I'm going to hold off on posting Renzo until gist gets a post up for Celeste. Other than that, I think we've got a really awesome battle going on. This is way more fun than it should be....
  22. Luna Luna felt herself being relinquished from Loren's grasp once more. By the time she hit the machine another burst of energy had rushed through her and she immediately began to drag the bladed end of her cane through the machine. She could feel Loren's winds tearing through the gears beneath her so she stopped. There was no hope left for this machine. Taking a look around, she started to gauge the amount of time she had left to fend for herself before Loren came back. Her eyes searched the sky until she saw him plummeting to the ground. Her first instinct was to reach out to him with her own powers to prevent him from falling, but she couldn't. He was far beyond her range and she was much too tired to even try. She stumbled on top of the machine as she tried to think of anything that she could do. The soldiers were closing in on the machine again, leaving her to fight by herself. There wasn't going to be a liftoff now that Loren was gone. The hopelessness of the situation was really starting to dawn on her. Just how long could she hold these men off before she got herself killed? She felt a sting in her shoulder and looked over to see that it was bleeding. Something had gotten her...a dagger or an arrow maybe? She couldn't tell. Her exhaustion was only making her even more disoriented. Why did she have to waste all of her energy like that on just one stupid trick? It had only saved her and Loren for a few seconds and now she was really paying for it. She bit her lip and tried to ignore the pain and blood as she thought up one last trick she could do before she would have to stop relying on her powers. She closed her eyes and placed her hands together, recollecting everything that she had been taught about exploding stars. She opened her hands, allowing the light to burst forth in a bright glow that could be seen for miles. She knew the soldiers would be temporarily blinded, leaving her enough time to get off the machine and find a way out while she still had the energy. She opened her eyes and immediately darted forward, jumping off the machine before anyone could see her. She heard a crack as her ankle twisted beneath her on the landing, but that wasn't important right now. She had to live. She had to run and escape and live. As she took in her surroundings she began to see just how tall an order that was. There were soldiers in every direction and no clear path was revealing itself to her. She closed her eyes one more time and tried to figure out how many people were in each direction. Once she figured out the quickest way to escape, she began to run. Her ankle was screaming in protest and the blood from her shoulder stained her jacket but she ignored it. Her body was in its final rush. She tried to hold on to the sense of urgency for as long as possible. It was the only thing that was going to keep her alive until she reached safety.
  23. Luna Twenty! The second ticked in Luna's mind, but nothing happened. The soldiers were getting closer yet she was still here. She chanced a glimpse up at the sky and noticed that Loren was in a bit of a sticky situation himself. He fired a burst of wind before he finally plummeted toward her. In a matter of seconds she was back in the air with him, holding on tightly as she buried her face in his shoulder again. The knuckles on the hand that was holding her cane were white with the intensity of her grip. How many machines were left? How were they going to survive this? Suddenly Luna felt an even higher sense of alert emanating from Loren. Something was horrifically wrong, something that was endangering both of them. She could sense them approaching, gaining on them with each second that passed. She didn't know how much longer they had until the next machine, but something had to be done sooner rather than later. Their bloodthirsty thoughts were crowding out Luna's own frantic mentality. Go away....her thoughts whispered to the voices at first. Go away. Go away... she repeated again and again. The chant built itself in her mind, gaining intensity until she was screaming the thought. GO AWAY! Luna glanced up to see that they were gone. The bat creatures and their awful riders were all flying away from them now. Her eyes widened as the realization hit her. She had done that. She had infiltrated and influenced their thoughts! Of all the times to effectively learn a new skill...She hid her face in Loren's shoulder again and sighed. She suddenly felt very tired. How many more of those was she going to have to do before she found her limit? She didn't even want to think about that.
  24. Estonia quietly and patiently waited in his seat, viewing the other countries with comfortable neutrality and silence. Sometimes he wished the countries could have a little more tact around each other, but who was he to argue with someone as huge as America or England? He had to admit that his economy had been hurting, but it was nothing that he couldn't handle. Suddenly he grimaced. That voice...It was the only thing that could terrify Estonia almost as much as Russia. Belarus. Her voice grated on his ears, and he instinctively pulled out his laptop and pretended to bury himself in his work. So much for the poised and polite exterior; there was no way he was going to let himself be noticed when Belarus and Russia were around.
  25. Oh gosh...I should probably get a post up for Estonia....eheheh....