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  1. Yeah, still kinda trying to figure out how to bring Luna and Renzo back in.
  2. Hi! I'm super busy-ish (I actually have a semi-social life for once plus an annoying amount of studying and reading for college courses). I've got two other forums I'm working out of (tamatalk and a proboards one), but I've missed the DC Forums.
  3. Okay. Where is everybody right now (in the RP)? Is Love still around? I could use another distraction from college work...
  4. Ooh! Catalina? I've been there! Have fun! You'll have a great time snorkeling if the waters are clear.
  5. And I edited my post! I'll have a reply up for Renzo as soon as I can.
  6. Oh my gosh. People are actually posting. O_O It's a miracle! Love, are you going to post with Aamina soon?
  7. Where's Rak? I hope she doesn't mind that Luna is tagging along in Kai's mind (I can edit if need be). Technically she isn't really leaving, she's just sitting in a weird meditative state in the camp, so she'll be quiet for awhile.
  8. Luna "I don't know about you... But I've gone on a few trips I haven't supposed to go on. If you want to go... Then I say go." Luna's initial thought was no way. She could hardly stand, let alone go on a mission to find Loren. "Wasn't supposed to isn't the same as can't!" she snapped half-heartedly. Her hands curled into indignant fists in her lap. Her frustration was beginning to boil over until an idea popped into her head. She didn't have to physically go. Her features softened as she breathed a sigh. It might be possible for her to at least tag along. "Sorry about that," Luna said softly. "I think I figured it out, though. I can just tag along in someone else's mind. They probably won't even know I'm there, but it's going to take a lot of focus. I don't know how far my range will go, but it's worth something to at least try." She slowly began to stand up, using her cane to steady her legs as she found her balance. She leaned to the left, keeping her injured leg off the ground and her right arm limp so that she would not aggravate her shoulder wound. Looking around, she found a good place for her to stay focused and started making her way over to it. "Oh, and thanks. I think I feel a little better now," she said as she glanced over her shoulder at Isis. Within a few moments she was sitting beside a tree. Her eyes closed and she began to reach out with her mind, trying to figure out who was going to find Loren. She shuffled through their thoughts quickly, like skimming through the pages of a couple of books, but it was like the ink was fading from the pages. Her breathing quickened as she tried to push herself to hold on, but she couldn't. She couldn't get herself inside anyone's minds, and they all fluttered away as she returned her consciousness to her own self. Her heart sank as she realized that all she could do was wait like a useless piece of dirt. She opened her eyes and stared down at her hands. Her grip was tight on her cane, trembling like it had when Aketsu had found her in the forest earlier that day. She had been useless then, too. Suddenly Isis's words seemed like empty air. She couldn't even do this simple task, and now she had hurt herself enough to leave her incapacitated for awhile. Suddenly she found that she was blaming herself for the loss of Loren. She could have saved him. If she had been stronger...If she had done this or that or just not been Luna, then maybe she could have done it. That's it! Luna's frustration boiled over. She tossed her cane aside and leaned against the tree with her arms crossed over her chest. Closing her eyes again, she forced herself to try to fall asleep. At least she was able to do that without any trouble.
  9. I'll get a post up for you soon, Silver. I've been waiting on Aamina, but I guess Renzo's reply can take a backseat for now. Luna needs to get some shtuff done, anyway.
  10. I can't believe I didn't say anything earlier about this, but I'm going to be visiting one of my future college options along with some of my family over the next five days, so my presence shall be sparse. I'll be able to post from my cell phone, but it won't be as often. I'll get a reply up once Love has something up for Aamina.
  11. Luna "Yes, I can ask them about him. What exactly do you want to know? They're pretty scattered, so I have to ask a specific question." Luna tried to think up a specific question as Isis began conversing with the plants in the area. She let the thoughts in his mind trickle into the back of hers. It was strange; instead of just one voice there was a gaggle of many voices together, but the most tangible of them was Isis. They rest seemed to be talking in a different language. Luna assumed that they were the voices of the plants and left it at that; there was no way she was going to be able to directly communicate with them without the help of Isis, so instead she returned to thinking of a solid question. Finally one formulated in her head. "Ask them....Ask them if they saw a man plummet from the sky and get taken away against his will. I'm sure there wasn't anyone else out there like that," she said. She mentally crossed her fingers as she awaited an answer. Hopefully they would know something so that she wouldn't feel too terrible about not being able to do anything. She could already hear the others preparing a rescue mission, and as desperately as she wanted to go, there was no way she was going to be going anywhere with her injuries.
  12. Posted! Sorry 'bout the wait. My spelling tends to forget itself when I'm sleepy.
  13. Renzo The Queen...The Queen... Renzo had never really liked authority. He had met the King and Queen of Electra when he was younger, but even in the days of his aristocratic lifestyle he had never found them to be pleasant people. The Queen had always seemed stuffy and annoying to him while the King looked pathetic and worthless as he wallowed in the immense wealth of Electra. He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the memories; he was certainly happy now that he did not have to deal with them at those stupid royal events they held. "Queen's fury or not, the public would never stand for anyone like Celeste around Jahansha," Renzo stated flatly. "Those haughty aristocrats can have a major influence when they find something scandalous enough to lift their high-heeled feet off their overstuffed cushions." He pulled the hood of his cloak over his head to ward off some of the cold of the snow. A few sparks of electricity crackled around his fingers impatiently. The thought of the old days annoyed him to no end. There was a reason he had left them with a roasted corpse. "Where do you think Celeste has gone? I'm sure Jahanshah wouldn't like it if she got lost here, and I'm not about to let the blame get pinned on me." Luna Luna couldn't help but feel like a replacement, like she was somehow attached a little too closely to Zepheena's memory now.. She knew it was terrible to think that way, especially since she knew that that was not what Isis was thinking. The way he kept comparing her to Zepheena, though, was off-putting. She had been wary of the girl from the very start, and even though Luna had never been prone to superstition, she couldn't help but feel that his comparisons were a bad omen for her. The sense of dark secrets still lingered in the memory of Zepheena even though Luna was trying to forget about it all. She took the pumpkin seeds without a word, quietly pondering for a few moments. Then she closed her eyes and began to listen to everybody around her again. She felt calm enough that she could be confident that they would not influence her as badly as before. The first thing she noticed was that a few of the others were preparing to rescue Loren. She instantly looked in their direction, but it was useless. She couldn't see through the trees, and they were much too far off by now. She popped the pumpkin seeds into her mouth as she turned back around to face Isis. "They're going to save Loren," she said softly. "I don't know if this is even something that you can do, but do you know how to retrieve memories from plants? I mean, that's assuming that plants even remember anything...but maybe they saw something or noticed Loren before he was taken away. The last time I saw him he was plummeting out of the sky. I was too tired to save him, let alone figure out if he was okay." She looked down at the flowers still clutched in her hand, then picked another one of the violet flowers that surrounded her.
  14. I know. I'm just in class all day (I'm stuck 'till about 9 tonight). I'll have a reply up by tomorrow morning though.
  15. >_> I didn't notice there was fine print on that first list.... But yay! List of bad guys makes more sense now.
  16. You forgot Renzo! And I'm going to go with the excuse that Luna has shut down all mental communication except with Isis because she just doesn't want to listen to anyone at the moment....That sounds about right....eheheh....
  17. Multiple characters can be tricky, but I've found that I have a lot more fun keeping up with more characters than I would with just one. I tend to have certain "types" that I base my characters off of for a basic skeleton of their personality, then I add more details to create individuality Luna happens to be my "shy and insecure" type character. She's a bit of an experiment as I normally don't even play girls in the first place (they seem to overpopulate every board I come across). Renzo is my "intelligent guy" type. He has the basic personality of a lot of knowledge and wit, but to separate him from my other characters he has developed into an unforgiving and restless killer with not much of a need for strong social relationships. In another RP I have a character that is similar to him but is a few years younger and is actually a good guy He uses his intelligence to his advantage (kind of like Renzo), but he is more willing to undertake social relations and is definitely not as annoying or deadly. So yeah....I guess that's how I handle multiple characters. They all have a base that I just build off of to make them more unique.
  18. Renzo Renzo grimaced as the ice melted away from his hands. He agreed with Aamina about Marcus; from his initial impressions he knew that the guy was going to be more of a nuisance than anything else. Renzo knew of the tempers of some of the Fire Elementians, but they always seemed more bothersome than necessary. He had to let a smile curl the corners of his lips up, though, at Aamina's favor. Of course he would oblige in keeping Marcus on his toes; respecting Jahanshah...well, he would figure out something for that. He had no intention of taking the young man's authority, but there was no guarantee that he would listen to everything the guy said. He would just have to find a way to make it look like he was being obedient without letting anything slip. Renzo began rubbing his hands together to regain some warmth as Aamina began to walk away. He stopped once she turned around and asked him about Celeste. "Honestly? I only know her from what I've seen today, which isn't much." Renzo grinned. "As you can see, though, she is very easy to anger. It didn't take much to get her to freeze me twice in one day. I'd say she has a temper problem, but most of it has to do with respect for her beloved Jahanshah. It's obvious she's obsessed with him. Other than that, well..." He looked down at his open palms. "I'll just have to see what happens. I'm certain she is going to be one interesting person, though, but who isn't? Everybody has something that makes them tick, and I'm pretty sure I'm not done with Celeste just yet." Luna You're a... very special person. I can tell that you will not be wasted. It was such a nice thought to hear, one that could not come often enough to Luna's thirsty ears. She latched on to the moment for as long as possible until the voice of Isis awoke her from her quiet reflection. She held the poppy seeds before her in her palm, quietly analyzing the tiny objects. She couldn't remember what she had taken for her injuries back at the Academy (she had rarely been injured in the first place since much of her training had been in mind games), but she couldn't remember any natural remedies like poppy seeds. She stared at them for a moment longer before she swallowed a few. The throbbing died down in her ankle and the only real reminder of the cut in her shoulder was her blood-stained tunic. She knew she would have to wash that sometime soon, but it would be okay for now. There were a few more in her packs. She was more worried about her jacket anyway. She didn't know just how irreparable the damage had been on it; only the morning light would give her an accurate understanding. "Thank you," Luna said out loud. There was no need for her mind tricks anymore. "I really appreciate it. Is...Is there anything I can do for you? I mean, you've done so much in one night that I feel like I'm not holding up my side of some unseen bargain."
  19. Renzo Renzo's brows furrowed in frustration as he tried over and over to crack the ice around his hands. The burning cold was becoming more of a nuisance than he was willing to tolerate, but his efforts were yielding less than admirable results. He tried a small shock to try to break it up, but he only felt the electricity crackle around his fingers. After a few more minutes of futile efforts he realized that he wasn't alone. “It won’t work. Once the water has been changed as she does, it is hard to undo without fire or heat from the earth.” Renzo grimaced. He should have known something stupid like that would come along with Celeste's powers. She wasn't a Water Elementian for nothing. It would have been exceedingly difficult for him to produce a flame without the use of his electricity because of his icy hands, so he could easily feign inability over ignorance for not trying harder. He looked up at Aamina as she held out some lava to melt the ice away. His nose wrinkled in disdain. Lava. What an awful substance. He was an element of the sky, well above the dirty ground. The ground was his adversary; that's why the lightning always struck it as hard as it could. Still, he couldn't help but think about how relieved he would be if the ice was gone. Renzo couldn't tell if his hands were turning purple and becoming frostbitten yet because the ice was so thick, and he was reaching the edges of his tolerance with this situation. Finally he stood up and held out his hands to Aamina. "Don't think this means I owe you anything," he growled. He could already feel the electricity crackling around his hands in anticipation. Luna Luna listened quietly to Isis's words. It all seemed so odd to be hearing that, but she could feel a small, gentle smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Why couldn't more people be like Isis? He had such a bright outlook on life with a soothingly calm nature to go with it. Maybe Univerum wouldn't have been such a rigorous place to grow up in if more of the scholars that had surrounded her in her youth had a small part of Isis's personality. It was exactly the words she needed to hear, though. Aketsu had touched on it earlier that day, but Isis's calm, caring nature carried the point all the way across. She was valuable, lucky, and strong, but only if she wanted to be. So far she had been listening to everybody else except the important people. She would have to start making some changes so that she wouldn't shame herself again like she had today. Part of her wanted to make that difference by taking on the search for Loren, but there was no way she was going anywhere for awhile until her injuries healed up. She still had yet to even dress them, but everyone else had been so busy with their own problems that it just seemed rude to ask. Thank you...so much. Luna started to use her telepathy to speak. It just seemed so much more meaningful that way, plus it was quieter and would not disturb the other members in the camp. Do you have any idea how good you are at this? Luna's smile broadened a little. You're great, too. You have no idea what you just did, but it was, simply put, great.
  20. Luna Peaceful. What a nice word, especially at a time like this. Luna tried to hold on to its ringing tone as long as possible as the dark violet flowers popped up around her. They were the same color as her eyes, and their appearance was sharpened at the glow of the moss. She looked at her hands to see that there were now daisies within her grip. "These were her favorite flowers. Take care of them." Luna nodded in agreement. She didn't know how long they would last, but considering who they were coming from it would probably be for a long time. Her trepidation about Zepheena melted away at the simple gesture. If Isis cared so much about her, then she could forgive all the negative aspects she had seen in the girl. Luna used her free hand to gently lift one of the violet flowers and add it to the bouquet, a symbol of her own protection. When she put it back, Isis's hand rested on hers as he asked her if she was alright. It seemed like a stupid question for him to ask. Didn't he know? Hadn't he been listening this whole time? How difficult was it for him to figure her out? Then she remembered that he couldn't hear her. All those thoughts wrapped up in her head were hers alone. Nobody could hear them even if they wanted to listen unless they were like her, a Space Elementian. How did they ever manage to live like that? Her first years of life had been a cacophony of minds smashing together in her head in an endless barrage of noise until she learned to control it, but she had always been aware of what everyone was feeling. It was easy to know how to behave around someone because she could hear it, but how did everyone else manage? Was the world really that lonely? "I... I can hear everything," she began softly. Her gaze focused on the bouquet. It was difficult to meet Isis's eyes. "All the grief, th-the anger, the frustration. I-it all reverberates through my head and sometimes it gets a little difficult to shut it off. But you're different. You're the calmest person here, that's why I came over here. I don't want to listen to them anymore." She looked up at Isis as if she was evaluating him. Then she dropped her eyes back down again. "But you can't understand," she muttered. "You've never had to listen to it all before. All the awful lies, sorrows, memories, opinions, insults, plots, everything. There are times when I wish I had been luckier. The Space Element is a curse." It seemed harsh. Harsh but honest. Luna felt ashamed and relieved at the same time. Now Isis knew. Nearly every thought that had been bothering her was now out on the table for him to see. It was also terrible. Exposing herself so easily to someone she barely knew was cause for a reevaluation of her minimal social skills. Opening herself up like that contradicted her usual quiet, shy nature. Nobody was supposed to know her thoughts even though she knew theirs, but it had gotten to be too much for her. She had never imagined herself as a happy person in the eyes of others, but this utter downpour of emotion was never part of what she had built her personality on. The weight had been lifted at the cost of what little reputation she had.
  21. Renzo Renzo flinched when the ice encased his hands. The ice burned more than his first experiments with lightning, but he knew the consequences of firing electricity to break the ice. He was lucky earlier when his legs had been encased in it; he had had the advantage of the fabric of his trousers to prevent any extra shock to himself so he could shatter the ice. Now he would have to wait all night for the stupid stuff to melt. How bothersome. Of course, now he knew one of Celeste's weaknesses. Simply mentioning the name Jahan was enough to set her off. This was going to be an invaluable plaything for him, but he would have to use it sparingly, and never in front of Jahan. As much as he loved to mess around with people, even Renzo knew better than to take advantage of Jahan's so-called kindness (at least, that's what Renzo was going to call it until he found a better word to describe the odd situation he found himself in). "Come back if you feel lonely. I'm not going anywhere," Renzo called after Celeste for just one last jab at her. Then he leaned against the building and sank into a sitting position while staring at his frozen hands. Man, this was going to be one really annoying night now. The ice was going to take forever to melt, especially in the night air. He sighed in frustration as he began to rub the ice together. At least he could start breaking it down from the outside. Luna Luna sighed and set down her jacket on the ground. The blood stain only seemed to sharpen in the glow of the fire, making Luna relive the event again and again. The night was cold with just her tunic to cover her torso and shoulders, but the fire was able to give her some sense of warmth as she stared into its embers. She had slowly let the thoughts of the others trickle into her mind a few minutes ago, but she wanted to stop. They all seemed so incredibly...depressed. She knew that on a day like this the morale of everybody was going to be at an all time low; it was to be expected with so much death, but she hadn't realized how badly it would affect her. Every emotion magnified itself within her. It was taking every ounce of self control to prevent herself from screaming, crying, punching the ground, tearing her hair out and throwing herself into the fire. She hated it. She hated it so much. Part of her wanted to be one of the dead so that she wouldn't have to listen to all this chatter and stupidity. Maybe it would have been better if she had passed out in the battlefield, only to awaken the next morning as everyone was being buried. They would have started to carry her away just as she mumbled her way back to life. The initial shock of the battle would have disintegrated in the hours that had passed, leaving her with only a fraction of what she had to deal with right now. It was simply wishful thinking, though. Luna finally shut off her mental connection to everybody. It was like receding into her own silent room. Quiet. So much quiet. Even that seemed to haunt her. It had been quiet out in the woods while she slowly endured the pain of her injuries before Aketsu had arrived. She remembered how much her heart had thudded in her chest as she pleaded with fate to bring help instead of death. She didn't want to do this again. Her hand gripped her cane as her father's awful thoughts found their way back into her mind. You're a failure, a disgrace. You can't fight battles, let alone hold your own anywhere. How am I supposed to expect you to live up to what you are when you can barely even talk correctly? You're not good enough. You never will be. Of course, Luna wouldn't let the very worst thought in. No matter how many times she had listened to her father, she had only heard him think it once but it was certainly enough to have a dangerous sting. She squeezed her cane until her knuckles turned white. No, I will not think about it. With that, Luna's thoughts stopped. Her mind was left in an empty void as the firelight glowed in her eyes. Slowly Luna began to feel something different in the camp. Peace. She had blocked all negative mental activity, but the calm and quiet of Isis had managed to slip through her barrier. She looked up from the fire to see that he was silently growing flowers in the shelter of his willow. She blinked once, twice. How odd. Then she began to grow curious. She placed her cane in front of her and began to stand shakily on her left leg while she used the cane to support the rest of her weight. Once she found her balance, she began to slowly hobble over to Isis, shifting her weight to her cane each time she jumped with her left leg to prevent any weight from resting on her right. It was tricky, but within a few moments she was taking a seat in front of Isis as he continued growing his little flowers. Finally she asked him one thing. "Why?
  22. Sorry 'bout that. The internet at my school was getting wonky when I posted.
  23. Renzo Apparently two could play at Renzo's game. Her swift yet calm actions took him slightly by surprise. He would have expected a blubbering idiot from the impression he had gotten from her that morning, but this was something beyond what he had seen. He made a mental note to learn all he could about her history; apparently there was a lot of dirt that would easily interest him. Plus it would be a lot of fun to have Jahan's little pet hanging on to his own leash. He started to squeeze the blanket to check the thoroughness of Celeste's water abilities. It was drier than dirt. Impressive even though the task was simple. He shoved the blanket back into his bag as she started to walk off, then hastened a few steps forward to catch up to her. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he said as he placed a hand on her shoulder. A small shock ran through his fingers with about the same sting as touching a doorknob after you've dragged your feet across the carpet. "I'm sure you would like to stay within shouting distance of the inn, especially if Jahan needs you. Sacrificing your loyalty to him for someone like me is just too much. Now don't you agree?"
  24. Renzo is not a character I normally play. Usually when I have a guy he's a total gentleman. I actually have a lot more room to play around with Renzo since he's not so bound to the laws of good behavior. It's an absolute blast. Of course, scary is all part of the character. He is a wanted criminal.