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  1. Just so I know for Renzo's post, where exactly is Celeste and where's Jahan? I'd rather have Renzo closer to Celeste so he can taunt her. (yay)
  2. oh shiz! Renzo post! I'll try to get on that either tomorrow night or Wednesday. I have two major exams tomorrow and I've been studying like crazy.
  3. Probably a kitten stuffed animal. I have a feeling that Luna has a thing for cats. Cute cats, at least.
  4. He's being chatty and interesting so Luna is confused. I can only imagine Luna hiding in a corner in Kindergarten hugging a stuffed animal for dear life.
  5. Got a post up for Luna (finally!). Now to think of a way to sneak Renzo in... And my programming project is finished and it works!!! So flipping happy about that right now!
  6. Luna Luna had a feeling that Blaise’s first comment was meant as an insult. Well, I have to try to sense him. She didn’t even bother to try blocking the thought from Blaise. If he was listening, he definitely would have heard her rather weak retort. On the outside, though, she remained still and calm as she assumed that Blaise would be heading off without her soon enough. He seemed annoyed and restless, something that Luna didn’t enjoy associating with too much. That, and it was just plain strange that someone like Blaise would be like that. Luna had always believed that he was the epitome of calm and calculating, quiet and never showing any signs of disturbance. This version of Blaise seemed impatient. He’s probably just eager to meet Tractus Luna presumed. Blaise spoke again to confirm her belief, but he also saddled her with the responsibility of introducing them to each other. Suddenly Luna grew tense. ”A-are you sure that's such a good idea?...” Her voice trailed off at the end of her question as Blaise was already headed off in the direction of Tractus’ presence. Of course, the dear put her completely off her guard. What’s that supposed to mean? She gave Blaise a confused look as he walked away, but she knew he wasn’t going to just let her try to sneak away from this unsavory situation, though. ”O-okay. Right behind you,” Luna said as she hastened to catch up to Blaise, her cane lightly tapping the rhythm of her pace on the ground.
  7. It might take me a few days to get posts up. I have a really awful programming project I have to do and it's more confusing than necessary (and it's eating up all my time). I'll probably start something on Saturday.
  8. @DP I love my avvies, too! I used randimg.com (or something like that) for it, although I think I've lost my account info so I haven't added anything new to it in awhile...
  9. If you guys don't mind, I would love to bring Renzo in around Celeste. I remember he enjoyed messing with her a lot. (Of course, that's mainly up to Gist )
  10. I guess Tractus can come in whenever he feels like. Luna and Blaise are just idly chatting right now. I'm fine with it, and I'm pretty sure Silver wouldn't mind. Plus both Luna and Blaise are basically sensing his presence already.
  11. Ooh that's right. Just haven't seen any posts with Tractus yet. This should be interesting...
  12. Silver, is Gist bringing Tractus in to meet with Luna and Blaise in the garden? I think you were hinting at that in your last post, so I played along with it as best I could.
  13. Luna Luna couldn’t tell if she felt better or worse speaking out loud with Blaise. Certainly her voice would remain unsteady, but at least the fellow Space Elementian had been kind enough to notice her discomfort. Having an uninvited voice in her head was a little unnerving. Now she couldn’t tell if he was still listening in on her thoughts, so she tried to keep them reined in as much as possible. Of course I remember what you can do Luna thought as she watched Blaise remove his mask. It was quite a unique quality for a Space Elementian, and it was one of the things that set Blaise a few levels ahead of her in terms of their abilities. Luna wasn’t likely to forget something like Blaise’s eye. Not many people could hide from its perceptive qualities. Luna had left her mind slightly open in the background, just enough to be aware of anyone else that came into the area. She was picking up on another presence nearby, but it wasn’t close enough for her to decipher who it was. If Blaise had noticed, Luna didn’t see any sign of it. He was as nonchalant and stoic as usual. Well, maybe he had picked up on the other presence. Luna wasn’t sure that she liked the quick changes in conversation (although part of it had been of her own accord), but this one made it slightly easier to comprehend Blaise. He had always been a ball of confusion for Luna. Was he making himself obvious for her sake? At least he had asked a question she knew she could answer. ”There’s a third one, yes. His name is T-Tractus,” Luna said softly. She hadn’t spent much time with Tractus, either. In the past year she had distanced herself from nearly everything that could remind her of Univerum, even Tractus. No wonder she wasn’t picking up on his presence as easily as Blaise had. She had nearly forgotten what his mind felt like. Wait, is it Tractus? Luna reached a little further with her mind, but she couldn’t tell. ”D-did you sense him around here?” she asked as she looked over her shoulder. In all honesty Luna wasn’t sure how she felt about Tractus anymore. Her first meeting with him had been…awkward to say the least. She cringed at the thought of her own cowardice. Why did I run from him? Maybe they had both grown up a little in the past year. Maybe he had even figured out what that whole aura thing was about that he had been jabbering about when she had first met him. She was still just as confused about it as she was back then.
  14. Luna Luna looked up at the sky as she wondered if she should head back inside or continue walking for awhile. She glanced down at her ankle, but any remaining pains from the injury had made no complaints today. Tapping her cane on the ground lightly, she gave her decision a few moments more to ponder over in her head before she finally decided it was time for her to head back inside. With that, she took one last sweeping look of all the lovely flowers in the garden before she began to head back to the castle, her cane tapping alongside her with each step. She wasn’t too far away from the doors when the tapping of her cane stopped and her feet were brought to a halt. She had been staring at the ground while she was walking, and now there was another pair of feet in front of hers. Lifting her eyes, she took in the sight of none other than Blaise Sivett. For a moment Luna was confused. What was he doing in her path? It wasn’t like they had much in common. Granted they were both from families with high status in Univerum, Luna knew her place and it certainly wasn’t in the presence of someone as stoic and overly intelligent as Blaise. His calm voice seemed to say otherwise, though. Luna cringed slightly when she heard his voice in her head. She was certainly used to hearing the thoughts of others in her head, but that was more like she was calmly listening to them from a distance. Listening to another Space Elementian, especially one like Blaise, was more like having someone whisper in her ear: she wouldn’t be able to tune him out even if she wanted to. Luna knew to keep her own mind quiet, though. Blaise was just as capable as she was to listen to the thoughts of others. There was no hiding anything from him. As long as she kept her thoughts calm, then everything would be okay. It definitely has been awhile. I-I now have a real use for my cane because of the battle last year. Luna lifted the cane slightly off the ground to emphasize her point. As for my father, he’s been rather silent. I haven’t been back to Univerum since before I graduated, so I’ve had no chance to speak with him. No wonder he’s asked about me. Even though Luna was trying to sound calm, she was a little surprised about her father. She had purposefully disconnected herself from him so that she wouldn’t have to deal with all the disappointment he brought with his words. Now she was curious. Had he changed at all in the past few years? Had he heard anything about what she had done? Still, she wasn’t too keen on asking; part of her had enjoyed the distance and preferred to keep it that way. Instead of pursuing the matter, she decided to change the subject. What about you? Are there any tricks up your sleeve for the Shadow Alliance?
  15. Just saw the kindergarten idea thingamajig. *raises hand* I totally support it.
  16. Yay! Space Elementians! Luna would be up for some chatting.
  17. Wow lot's of awesome posts! Got my first one in for Luna. I'll try to do one for Renzo tomorrow, but I'm packing to go back to school and whatnot. Yay college.
  18. Luna Luna had absolutely no interest in eavesdropping on any meetings, let alone the one that was nearing its completion. Even though she could turn off her telepathy at any time, there was always so much tension radiating from the room it was almost as if she had never switched it off. Instead of putting herself through any unnecessary stress, she calmly strolled through the garden. Her cane lightly tapped the ground with each step. Because of her injury from the year before, she now had slight limp and an actual need for the use of the cane. It worked out quite well, actually. Her grip was much tighter on the cane, and there was no chance of her accidentally letting it fly against random walls if she lost control of her powers again. The time she had spent healing had also created time for her to reflect and learn. What she had done on the battlefield had remained a mystery for quite awhile. She had tried again and again to imitate its effects, but it never seemed to work. As hard as she tried, she just couldn't force someone to obey a telepathic command. It was frustrating, but one thing was certain: she could do it. As she continued to walk around the garden, Luna finally felt that enough time had passed for the meeting to be over. She slowly opened her mind, feeling out the other presences around her. Immediately she picked up the presence of Blaise. She faltered for a step, then continued walking. His presence nearly shadowed everybody else's, but what made him even more interesting was that Luna knew he could reach back at her. At least his attention is focused elsewhere she thought as she found Yuaki, a few servants, Kai, and....Isa? She seemed distressed. Luna turned off her telepathy and paused her steps. Even from that little blip of emotion she had sensed from the Princess, she could tell that the meeting had not gone over well. Luna knew better than to pry for that kind of information. She would be told about it all in due time. Besides, she didn't need the stress; there was already more than enough conflict between light and shadow for her to handle at the moment. Trouble was boiling all around them and maybe Isa had found the tipping point. Of all things, Luna wanted to hold off on knowing that for sure.
  19. Whoa. I took a nap for two hours and now there's a lot of posts. o_o I've got some catching up to do.
  20. And I think I have a new pic for Renzo. His eyes are shocking blue. Go him. He's purdy and epic now.
  21. Got a new image for Luna's appearance: x It looks like she's grown up a little bit. Working on finding a better one for Renzo since his is ridiculously generic.
  22. Oh goodness he's got Luna beat practically everywhere, Silver! Wow! This should be fun, though! Definitely a good foil to Luna's character.
  23. Whoa. You guys have been doing a lot lately. I should probably update Luna and Renzo if this keeps up. They could use better pictures anyway.
  24. It's back! WOOOHOOOO! Luna and Renzo really like to pop back in my head randomly. It's nice to see this thing back. Anyway, I'm definitely up for keeping my two charries!