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  1. BLAH! just joining in.... ...can I make an apprentice for Thunderclan if any of the warriors are available?
  2. (Okay...I'm back. I was gone for over a week doing shtuff for this program I'm in and yeah...There's no internet access on a ship. I never really RPed here in the first place, but I'm bringing Ashkit back. Can she be apprenticed soon?)) Ashkit bounded about the Shadowclan. She pretended to be a warrior as she snuck up behind her brothers and leapt on them. They never responded well to her attempting to pounce on them, and she began to realize they were the reason why she was bored all the time. They never did like to play with her. She tugged on the ear of another one of her brothers. He just sat there and continued to joke around with one of the other kits. ((I might make a form for that kit...))
  3. Ashkit's ears twitched. Was that the sound of another kit? Maybe it wanted to play to or something. She traced the sound of the kit's voice to find it with the medicine cat. The kit looked terribly frightened, and Ashkit could only imagine what had happened. She took a seat and watched what was going on. Maybe she could learn a thing or two about what happened.
  4. Wait...so Shadowclan needs a Medicine Cat apprentice?
  5. Ashkit immediately turned to the sound of Silkstar's voice. What was happening now? She had called two cats to her den. Ashkit sat down, forgetting the game of tag she had been playing with Brightpaw. Was this about her becoming an apprentice? No...Silkstar wouldn't call in two cats for that. Gosh, why couldn't she just be an apprentice already?!
  6. Ashkit crouched as low as she could and bunched her muscles up as tight as she could. She suddenly sprang up into the air with a gleeful shout and landed an inch away from Brightpaw. She touched a paw to his ear. "You're it!"
  7. Ashkit stared at Brightpaw in awe. Now she really couldn't wait to be an apprentice! "How did you do that?!" she asked as she dashed past Brightpaw, just barely missing him as she rushed by him. She skidded to a halt and prepared to rush by him again. "That was amazing! I can't leap like that! Did you learn it in your apprentice training?" She rushed forward again without crouching and once again missed Brightpaw as she passed by him. This was going to be harder than she thought.
  8. Ashkit leapt excitedly. "Tag!" she shrieked, then shrank back. Maybe she shouldn't be so loud. She giggled to herself excitedly, though, and touched Brightpaw with her own gray paw. "You're it!" she whispered as she dashed away. She knew her siblings would be jealous. They never got to play with any of the apprentices.
  9. ((Her siblings are NPC or whatever you call them. I just mention them, but I might make a form for one of them later on if I feel like it.)) Ashkit jumped when Brightpaw began talking to her. So Shadowclan wasn't as empty and quiet as she thought it was today. "Hi, Brightpaw," she answered. "I'm not looking for anyone...not really. I'm just bored. Shadowclan is really quiet today, and I should be an apprentice really soon. I just want all the fun of training to start as soon as possible! That's probably why I'm up so early." She sat down.
  10. Where is everyone? Ashkit thought as she sat in the middle of the Shadowclan camp. She glanced around warily. Maybe everyone was still asleep. She was awake a little early, so maybe she was the first one up. She shook her gray head and padded around the camp. With her siblings still asleep she felt more bored than usual.
  11. Ashkit opened up her eyes and nearly squeaked. Today was the big day, she just knew it. She had to be six moons old now. It felt like an age to her, but she could only wonder how longs six moons would feel as an apprentice. Ashpaw...She already liked the sound of her soon-to-be name. If only time would move faster! She dashed around excitedly, now hardly able to contain her energy. When would the other Shadowclan cats be ready for her big day?
  12. ((Whoa, SHEEPSKIN!!! I did not see that first page....*goes to edit again* grrr....))
  13. ((Okay, completely forgot about this thing....May I join?)) Name: Ashkit User: BlueApollo Appearance: Ash gray with a white spot on her forehead and chest Bio: Ashkit was born and raised in Shadowclan. She is nearing six moons and cannot wait to become an apprentice. Clan: Shadowclan Position: Kit Gender: Female Password: Starclan
  14. Okay, this is probably the one dream that I can remember that I'm willing to share. The other ones just make me sound really, really insane. More insane than I truly am, of course. For some reason I had left my family and had fallen into some water and the next thing I knew I was swimming next to this island, or at least I thought it was an island. I could see people waiting in lines outside buildings and was wondering what it was all for. I then find a place to get out of the water and this old man finds me. I agree to go back to where he lives and stayed with him for awhile (it felt like a few days or weeks or something in the dream). He told me that I was in Russia. Of course, I was weirded out a bit, but what was worse was that I was in my Sea Cadet utility uniform (an American military uniform, just modified a bit for the program I'm in). I really hoped he wouldn't figure out what the uniform was. I don't remember much else of the dream, except for at the end I let him adopt me because I didn't want to go back home because I thought my parents would be mad at me for leaving behind my family and "getting lost". He added me to a paper that looked like a family tree and renamed me Robin. I guess I have a new secret first name. Shweet.
  15. Username: BlueApollo Name: Thomas Morrison Dorm floor: 6 Dorm #: 53 Power(s): shapeshifter, basically can transform into any creature he wants, but he is limited to mammals only Personality: usually quiet, but can be bold and loyal to anyone who he deems has earned his respect, hates when people yell at him description:(pics allowed)[x] Teacher/Student: Student Hero/Villain: Hero Nickname: Biteo