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  1. Foxfire (MountainClan) What an impertinent apprentice. Leopardfire needs to teach her a few manners Foxfire thought as Dawnpaw pranced away from him. This is exactly why I have yet to volunteer as a mentor. Dealing with brats like Dawnpaw hardly seems like an enjoyable task. He was just about to set paw in his den when he heard Blazestar call out to the clan. Looking up, he saw the leader atop the High Rock obviously worried about something. All thoughts of annoyance instantly dissipated as he turned around and bounded to the center of the camp. This felt like an emergency, and he knew better than to let his opinions get in the way at a time like this. He stood, ears pricked forward, and waited for news and any orders from Blazestar.
  2. Foxfire (MountainClan) Just as he suspected, Leopardfire had sent Dawnpaw away. Foxfire was certain that the apprentice had spent enough time training to handle a little time outside the camp after dark. Still, she looked quite defensive about the whole thing. What an impetuous pair he thought to himself as the younger cat boldly stared back up at him. His eyes narrowed in annoyance. "I hope that mentor of yours isn't shirking her responsibilities for something of less importance," he muttered as Dawnpaw turned to head back to the camp. He took one last look around before he too began to trod back to the camp. It appeared that many his clan mates had already returned. With the whole fiasco of the foxes preying on the cats, it was no wonder everyone preferred to take refuge in the camp at night. His tail twitched when he saw Blazestar ducking into his den, obviously disturbed over something. With one final sigh of annoyance, he began to head over to his den.
  3. ((Hi, everyone! Spirit has already accepted my two charries, so I guess I should post. Here's Foxfire for now.)) Foxfire (MountainClan) Foxfire held his nose up to the wind, waiting silently for any important scents to make its way towards him. It was a typical hunting excursion, nothing unusual as he independently meandered through the wilderness, pausing every few meters or so to check for signs of prey. He halted once again and caught the scent of not one, not two, but three cats nearby. Blazestar, Lepoardfire, and....Dawnpaw. It wasn't strange for Dawnpaw to be with Lepoardfire, but didn't Blazestar have more important business than tending to the training team? His eyes scanned the area that he had picked up the scent from. A moment later Dawnpaw scampered across his field of vision. "Dawnpaw," he called, "What are you doing without Lepoardfire?' He started to walk towards the apprentice. He had already been suspicious of Blazestar and Lepoardfire for awhile, but this just seemed a little too fishy for him.
  4. ((Hi there! Are you still open for appications!))
  5. Edited Luna into my latest post!
  6. *noms on brownie from DP* yum! Hope everything goes well on that exam, LL! *huggles* The semester is almost over for me (just two weeks left!), so it should be easier for me to fit in more posting once it's all over. Plus I'll be taking less tedious/annoying classes next year since I changed to a different degree ( from comp sci. to translation woot!). I think it'll make it a little easier for my muse to be active when I don't have to worry about how to get a program to do random things.
  7. Post is up for Renzo! I forgot just how fun he is to play with!
  8. Renzo A ruckus was really getting started in the lobby of the inn. Renzo could clearly hear all the noise from his casual hiding spot in the shade of the tree. He waited and waited until he saw someone slightly familiar exit the building. So, Celeste wasn't trying to escape the building? What a shame. He would have enjoyed seeing her run in fear of all the guards that were swarming about. Naomi seemed to recognize him well enough. Renzo pulled his hood over his head a little more to hide his features. Light hair in Cumulus wasn't so bad, but if anyone saw his sharp blue eyes they would certainly be suspicious. This would have been a very serious problem, especially since Naomi had decided that it was a perfectly good idea to bring him back inside the building. Is she daft? he thought as he watched her turn around and start walking towards the inn. The inn is complete madness and she thinks I can just waltz back in without attracting any atten- oh. Renzo was hesitant to follow Naomi, but there was one thing he had forgotten about: the stairs in the back. Of course. Maybe she's not so daft after all. Renzo hastened behind her as his heartbeat began to speed up in excitement. Finally he was going to see that incredibly interesting girl again. What would she do this time? Slice his arm with an icicle? Freeze his ears? A tiny shiver ran down his spine as he remembered the last time he had seen her. Frozen hands were out of the question this time. There was no way he was going to let her get away with that. Renzo stood in the doorway just as Celeste was standing up. The girl seemed disgruntled and more than a little annoyed. Something seemed….off about her, though. Renzo couldn't quite put his finger on it, but she seemed different. The spark that usually flamed behind her eyes seemed duller. It took Renzo by surprise, and for a moment his face was shadowed with concern. It all faded as quickly as it had come, and a rather sinister grin broke across his face. "Lovely Celeste, how nice it is to see you again." Renzo lightly jumped into the air, but before he could fall back down, he activated his flight ability. He floated in the doorway and leaned back as if he was stretched out on a reclining chair. "You look different. Did you get a haircut? Lose weight maybe? Honestly, I'm dying to know how Jahaha-whateverhisnameis's pet has been doing without her master. It's a matter of curiosity, really. Your drama never ceases to entertain me. It's like a badly-written opera that never seems to end. Now please, indulge me." He looked at Celeste expectantly. Now what will she have in store for me this time? Luna Luna wasn’t too sure, but it seemed like Tractus was slightly surprised by her presence. Well, not as surprised as she was. She was still trying to understand the mechanics of his entrance. He had just appeared out of nowhere. She couldn’t even comprehend how he was able to bend space and time like that. Well, he is self-taught she thought as she looked between Tractus and Blaise. They made an interesting contrast. Their attire was equally strange, one masked and one clad in white (the opposite of the color most associated with Space Elementians) , but their upbringing rivaled any differences in their rather unique appearance. To Luna, it looked like they were silently sizing each other up. Realizing that Tractus had officially greeted her, she gave a slight nod of her head in a quick reply before it became awkward. It sounded as if Blaise was challenging Tractus. His words seemed blunt and dry, like he was only interested in seeing the minimum skill required to get into that “group of young stereotypical heroes”. Wait. I got in. Oh. Luna quickly corrected her thoughts, if only to prevent herself from once again feeling inadequate in the presence of others like herself. That’s right. Blaise is only interested in how far self-education can take a Space Elementian. Once that was sorted out in her head, Luna began to feel a slight wind tugging at the end of her skirt. It grew stronger and stronger, like something was sucking her in. For a moment she was confused and more than a little frightened. What is that? Just beyond Tractus, she could see a strange tunnel in the air. She took a step back, not sure if she wanted to go into whatever that tunnel was. Tractus was holding out his hand to her, though, waiting for her to follow him to wherever that tunnel went. ”Ah...O-okay,” she managed to say. She took one look back at Blaise to make sure he was coming, too, then she took Tractus’s hand and stepped beside him. The suction grew stronger, and she closed her eyes tightly. Please don’t screw this up, Tractus she thought.
  9. I think he's at least been able to see an aura emanating from Luna...I'm not so sure about everyone. I'll try to get Luna (and Renzo) in before this weekend. >_> I have an awful Calc III test to study for. Blargh triple integrals!
  10. Woohoo! Post up for Luna. I'll get to Renzo once I can sort out this awful programming project.
  11. Luna Luna wasn't one to complain too often, but Blaise's pace was making her wish she was a little more outspoken. She was usually fine with running, but, oddly enough, speed-walking was something she struggled with. The rhythm of her cane quickened as she tried to keep up with the other Space Elementian. Unfortunately, Blaise seemed well aware of her disability in a less-than-pitying way. Although he never slowed, Luna did appreciate his pause in steps so that she could catch up. By now she was definitely sensing another Elementian about. It felt an awful lot like Tractus, but it had been a long time since she had felt his presence. She glanced around the garden trying to see if she could spot the peculiar white-haired boy, but he was nowhere to be found. It was silly of her to do such a thing in the first place, considering now she could definitely sense his direction and it was definitely nowhere near the garden. She looked up towards the sky with a confused look. Where could he be?… Suddenly a form landed on the path ahead of them. Luna let out a tiny yelp of surprise and faltered for a step, but she managed to regain enough of her composure to stand beside Blaise and face Tractus for the first time in a year. It appeared that Blaise already knew who Tractus was. His voice was calm and certain, like he was the one introducing her instead of the other way around. She nodded in response to his half-question anyway before mumbling a soft, "H-hello, Tractus." She wasn't entirely sure what to do about either one of the Space Elementians now. Blaise seemed dismissive about her right now, like he had better things to deal with than a dim girl like her. Luna was already trying to get a read on Tractus's mind, but all she could get was that he was waiting. He was calm and patient…and possibly curious? These two would have plenty to talk about without her. Or not. Blaise's mood had been slowly drifting towards the more disgruntled side in the past few minutes, and Luna couldn't tell whether or not it was her fault. She remained still as she looked between the pair. What will they think of each other? ((I'll edit in Renzo later.))
  12. Yay! *noms on brownie* Thanks, DP!
  13. You were controlling Naomi and Celeste, right? That's what I call a godmod...Sorry if there was any confusion! Just stating an observation. There's nothing wrong with the post! *cowers in corner*
  14. That might be a good idea. The last post between Celeste and Naomi was a godmod(with permission) by gist.
  15. I made a post with Renzo for Celeste (he stirred up quite a ruckus in the lobby of the inn)...does Naomi still need to reply, though?
  16. That's fine, Silver. Take your time. I've got a lot of classes to keep me busy for the next few days anyway (and a physics test to study for next week blargh).
  17. Good post, Gist! As far as I can tell, it looks fine. I don't think you need to edit it.
  18. Renzo is up! Decided to let him have a little fun in Cumulus. Yay!
  19. Renzo Renzo knew he had pledged himself to the Shadow Alliance, but the past year had been nothing but ventures into self-satisfaction. Of course, some of his little tricks had been for the benefit of those with the Shadows. He had to admit that playing with those sweet little Light Alliance dimwits was much more pleasurable than almost any he had come across in the realm of the Shadows. Their cries for justice had been music to his ears as he played with their silly souls to his heart's content. The memory of all of his escapades over the past year brought a smile to his face as he quietly took in the rather dull people around him. Time had brought him back to Cumulus, the very place he had vacated his very short term with the more organized section of the Shadow Alliance. Apparently that pesky Lord Jahaha-whatever-his-name-was had overlooked his past transgressions and lack of loyalty in favor of inviting him to join the Shadows again. Was he really that desperate to bring a rogue Lightning Elementian to his inner circle, or did he seriously believe that he could control Renzo Hallensen, the most wanted man in Electra? A few crackles of electricity flickered at Renzo's fingertips. He was excited and impatient. A little surprise had fallen into his lap when he had decided to spend some time in Cumulus before joining up with Jahaha-whatever: Celeste was here. The adorable, fiery girl had been absolutely unforgettable. Of course, it was kind of difficult for Renzo to forget the girl who had frozen his hands the year before. Still, the look on her face every time he made any impertinent remarks had been one of his absolute favorites. Her glaring eyes, her scowling lips, her knit eyebrows…Oh it was all just so perfect! How he loved the frustration of a girl who was too stupid to know when to give up and ignore him. She was the ultimate toy, and she was in exactly the same inn as the year before. Renzo had been subtle, though. He had already had a few close calls with capture and arrest on the way to Cumulus, and finding yet another way to break out of jail again just seemed like a boring waste of time. He couldn't draw attention to himself here, so he had to remain quiet until he could find the perfect opportunity to draw Celeste out. As far as he knew, she was currently in one of the rooms upstairs. All he had to do was make enough of a ruckus down here to force her to leave the building and run right into his clutches. He remained in his quiet little corner of the lobby, observing the random people that milled about mindlessly until he saw his opportunity: a guard had walked in with a few moochers in tow. They were all probably looking for a drink, but they all looked like perfect targets to Renzo. Making like he was headed towards the stairs, he walked behind the last person to enter the building and gently tapped his shoulder. A jolt of electricity zapped the young man and knocked him unconscious. He fell to the floor with a thud, and as everyone turned to the victim, Renzo made his escape outside. He glanced behind him and, just as he expected, the guard had run off to grab reinforcements. A grin spread across his face; it wouldn't be long before this place was teeming with wild activity. Pulling his hood over his head, he strode away from the building then lingered beneath the shadow of a nearby tree.
  20. Now to throw Renzo back in the fray...hrmm. EDIT: Page Topper!!! YAY!
  21. My computer has been fixed! Well, mostly. They had to wipe all the data on it and completely reinstall the operating system, so it's like I have a brand new computer all over again. Blargh. At least it works and I'll be able to get a post up.
  22. Something might be wrong with my computer, so I might not be able to get any posts up for the next few days. Sorry, guys!
  23. Scuffle inside the lobby, huh? Should Renzo cause it?
  24. Oooh might not be a good idea to put Renzo there...Actually, he could be waiting by the door outside and help them escape (if there aren't other plans already). He'd be bitter about it, but I doubt he'd like it if too many soldier were around.