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  1. ((Looks like y'all could use another Tribute!)) Name: Bennet Hayes Appearance: medium-length layered dark brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin, 6'1", muscular Personality: In a general sense, Bennet is kind and soft-hearted - definitely not a good fit for the Games. He's spent enough time slaughtering farm animals in his home district to have the willpower to kill, though. Ever since he got to the Capitol, his personality has been deteriorating into something quieter and more menacing. Gender: Male District: 10 Preferred Weapon: Knives/Hatchets Strength: Brute strength, bladed weapons Weakness: Speed, Tactics (with enough kind words, he can easily be fooled into false alliances) Age: 17 Other: Got a training score of 6 mainly for his weapon skills.
  2. Maybe if you PM Gist about taking control, that might work. Otherwise, we can continue with just Naomi and Renzo and have them head of to Jahanshah.
  3. Erm, looking at my charries, it appears they've both reached standstills. Lachy, should we still continue Renzo and Naomi without Celeste? I guess Luna can remain on standby until something opens up.
  4. Welp, I managed to get a Kinder post up. Little Luna had a little more muse behind her. Renzo next!
  5. I can get a Renzo post in within the next few days. @_@ Theatre tech suddenly got crazy, and I tacked a computer security class on top of it and everything decided to get busy all at once. Blargh. I'll find time for a post, though.
  6. Aww I'm gonna miss Gist! Welp, looks like I'm gonna send Renzo to Jahan (Naomi can go with him if that's fine with Lach). Not so sure what Luna will do yet...
  7. What happened to the Kinder thread in Freeform? Either I'm totally blind, or it's gone missing/deleted or whatever.
  8. Yay! Ash is going to join the fun! So excited! Wait...has Ash's form been added to DP's Googledoc yet? (Love the Ouran avvies, by the way, DP!)
  9. Post is up for Renzo! That was so much fun to write!
  10. Renzo Celeste couldn't hide what had happened to her, not after the stunt she had just tried to pull. Renzo wasn't oblivious to the movement of her hands, and he definitely couldn't ignore the fact that no water was responding to her call. He should have had at the very least a frozen finger right now, but there was nothing. For a moment he had managed to capture the fire in her eyes, that spark of anger that always sent an exciting shiver down his spine. Now it was gone, replaced by depression and a disappointing resignation. Renzo's eyes narrowed as he leaned forward like a doctor examining a new patient, his feet still floating a few inches above the floor. His favorite toy was broken, and he didn't like broken toys. A small crackling of electricity jumped between his fingers and he considered giving Celeste a good shock. It could help her get her powers back…or it could kill her. With the other people in the building and all the commotion downstairs, it didn't seem like a good plan. Not to mention Jahaha would probably be on his case for hurting his little pet. As much as he disliked the boy, Renzo wasn't in the mood to make another enemy. "Tsk tsk tsk, sweetheart. What a sad, pathetic, boring little creature you've become," Renzo drawled. "But here's some interesting news. I just so happen to be heading Jahaha's way, too. With those lovely powers of yours gone, how is a frail little creature such as yourself going to make it to him without getting hurt…or killed?" He landed lightly on the floor and took a step towards Celeste. "Come now, we've just been reunited after a year of being apart. I know we got off on the wrong foot…or legs…or hands…or whatever it is. You froze a lot of things back then. Anyway, I assume the brutes downstairs will be coming here in a few minutes to investigate whoever knocked out the poor lad by the door. I assure you these guards will not be friendly, and without your powers you will be completely at their mercy. So, with that being said, how about you and I get out of here with all your other silly friends and make our way to Jahaha?" Renzo held out his hand to Celeste and nodded at Naomi to assure her that she was part of the deal. "Who knows, together we may even be able to figure out your whole power situation before we reach the little princeling. He'll never have to know how weak you are right now, and you can go back to making doe-eyes at him like you used to."
  11. Ah! Gist! Wait! I just wanted to see if I should wait for Naomi or go ahead and post as Renzo.
  12. I really don't know why I'm laughing at Blaise's post, Silver, but I find the second paragraph funny. My head must be messed up more than I thought. Good post, though!
  13. Don't forget Blaise, Silver! He's still with Tractus and Luna.
  14. A Celeste post would be awesome! I'm really looking forward to what she has to say about Renzo.
  15. Oh hey. Haven't posted here in awhile. Semester is done and I'm safely back home from school. Looks like everyone else is starting to head towards summer break, too, so welcome back! Are you guys still thinking of doing the Kinder RP?
  16. Foxfire (MountainClan) Another fox?! Foxfire had already been knocked off of the first fox, but his attack had done well enough. He hadn't been injured yet, so he was still in this fight. Blazestar had finally jumped in, too. It looked like they were going to overpower the first fox, but a second fox came in to change the odds away from the warriors' favor. They're not getting away that easy Foxfire thought as he lowered himself into a crouch to prepare to pounce. The second fox was spouting gibberish in fox, some random language that Foxfire was hardly willing to understand at the moment. His only focus was on forcing the enemies away before they could do more harm. Suddenly he pounced towards Gamble. "Hey you ugly foxes!" Foxfire shouted. "Look over here!" He landed on the fox's back near the base of his tail. All he wanted to do was get the fox off-balance and on the ground, then he and the others could attack vital regions like its throat and belly. That should hurt him enough to scare him off. ((I'm not so sure what I should do with Rainheart for now since StreamClan seems a little jumbled with everyone's locations, so I'll hold off on posting her for a little while longer.))
  17. Foxfire (MountainClan) Foxfire remained hidden within the cover of the bushes as he watched the first onslaught of foxes and cats begin. His eyes tracked the enemies' attacks, searching for weak points and working out a plan to take them out easily. They were fast, almost as fast as he was. He knew he would have to be careful lest they take a bite out of his tail or tear up his ears. He didn't even want to think about what other damage they could do with their claws and teeth. Springheart seemed to be handling herself well, even landing a hit on one of the angered foxes. The first fox appeared to be quite arrogant. The fox was laughing at his fellow warriors and taking each shot for granted. Foxfire's eyes narrowed in annoyance. How rude! Doesn't he have any tact? Foxfire lowered himself in the bushes and quietly waited for an opportunity to attack. The fox landed a hit on Badgerclaw before Springheart lunged and caught hold of an ear. Now! Foxfire pounced, aiming for the fox's side in an attempt to knock him over while he was distracted by Springheart. ((It's up to you whether he hits or not, Raven.))
  18. I just finished today! I had my last final this afternoon. Now I have to move everything out of my dorm and fly all the way across the country back home. -__- Not looking forward to the seven hours of travel time.
  19. Foxfire (MountainClan) Foxfire kept low to the ground as he headed towards the Sky Oak. His senses were all on high alert, but his paws were steady and quiet on the ground. He could just barely pick up the sound of the other cats moving around him. Once he reached the Sky Oak, he took cover in a nearby bush and lifted his nose to get a scent of the surrounding area. He instantly picked up the stench of multiple foxes nearby. So it's true...we're under attack. Lowering his head again, Foxfire scanned the area as he patiently waited for the foxes to make the first move. He knew they could be cunning, but he believed he was much smarter than any silly tricks those foxes could pull.
  20. ((I think you have to post the OOC thread in the RP Approval section, then the mods will move it for you))
  21. ((I say an OOC thread would be appropriate, and Rainheart could mentor Foxpaw (not that she'd be all too great at it considering her personality).))
  22. Well, it is alternate universe. Technically Luna never left home before she went to the Academy (and she should be there already anyway), so you can adjust the history of your characters a little if you're still interested in joining.
  23. Foxfire (MountainClan) Now things were finally moving! For a moment Foxfire doubted that Blazestar would agree with him. He wasn't always quiet about his opinions around the clan's leader, so he believed he had earned a distinct reputation of disrespect and a mild level of dislike from Blazestar. With the other warriors echoing agreement to his idea (even the annoying Dawnpaw), Foxfire knew Blazestar would have to approve whether or not he liked the idea. If he had a problem with it, Foxfire couldn't tell. All he knew was that they were setting out immediately. "To the Sky Oak, then," Foxfire said as he turned around and started heading out the camp. He could barely hear Blazestar taking to the trees, but he fully expected Badgerclaw to keep pace behind him.
  24. FoxFire (MountainClan) Foxes?! Foxfire quickly glanced around the camp. So far everything seemed calm and peaceful, but there was tension in the air, especially among the warriors. They all knew what foxes in the area meant. "I say we take the fight to the foxes!" Foxfire suggested. "We can prevent them from finding the camp and getting too close to any cats who cannot properly defend themselves." The warrior looked around the camp once more. Foxes attacking the camp would mean chaos for everyone, not just the warriors. He didn't want to deal with repairs, and he definitely wasn't interested in waiting for this fight. This needed to be taken care of as soon as possible.