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    Collecting dragons ^^, creating familys and breeding Golds (i LOVE gold Dragons):

    - "Indavl" means inbreed, it is a very special and old family with striped dragons based on a sibling-pair i caught at abandon-page. i'm on the second F9 partner in white to breed. ...sing Hallejuja with me! today, after millions of trys the second white striped is laid! hurray!...

    - "Weihnachtsstern" are out of mints and whites spawned to all the christmas-dragons. (searching for some out of Holly partners *hushpuppieeyes*)

    - "Ockbro" - name mixed from "ocker" and "brown" - are Nightglorys with Ochre Drakes.

    - "Plaj" means complementary, because of the colours of Terrae and Sunstone Dragons.

    - started yet is "Dopunski" which means the same as "Plaj", it will be made with RoyalBlue males and Brimstone females. Untill now they only bred Brime.. grr

    - "DagliIniziPuri" means from the pure beginnings and is (or will be) a line out of all possible colours, first spawnings pure. a hugh project.

    - "Glow" are red males with orange females.

    - "Moonrose" are rosè males with Moonstone females.

    - "Gloryssimo" are Day and Nightglorys. (rests at the moment)

    - "Magi" is a stairs-line, orange females spawned with orange cb males. The 15th female of that line waiting to spawn.

    - "Nightpoem" stairs lineage with nocturne males and cb-sunsong females. The 9th generation is on the way to grow up.

    - "HotCreme" are Ember Males with Black-tip females, but untill now they only breed Blacktips. So not sure, if this will go on in future.

    - "Opak" are Swallowtail females with Seragamma males, just started.

    - "Hybrid" will be a lineage out of all kinds of Hybrids we have here, could say the equivalent to "DagliIniziPuri" from the normal breeds.

    - "Rosenquarz", was stairs, but i change it now, all the valentine dragons spawned with rosè males and started with the old pink females. (rests at the moment)

    i use the gen-counting of genetics, were the parental generation is counted as 0 or just parental generation and the first Offspring is 1st-gen or F1, etc.

    The names of my dragons are own creations (the characteristics of the race translated via google translator in all speaches) leaning on the names of the dragons from Anne McCaffreys "Die Drachenreiter von Pern", which i loved to read. And all names start only with L, M or S - these are my initials. The last vowels show the gender - female-names have o, u and i. Male-names end with a, e and y (.. no vowel, but well).

    if you want some offspring (i like to gift breedable rares to players, who have none or less), or like to give me matching partners :-D , or need partners for yours, just pm. IOUs are fine.
    i have two cb old-pinks and cb-frills.

    The one neglected i own was made not with purpose. it was a shimmer hatchling, which did not gender (although he had a lot views and everything) and finally had 2 hours left! as he still did not gender, i put him in every click site i know and as i looked later that day, there was a neglected. You can be sure, i was pretty speachless.

    And if you wonder, why there are no Dinos & Chicken on my scroll - i gift them away, because i only want dragons. Cheese and baloons you also will not find on my scroll, i don't like them. (ps: well, now i own my first 2 baloons)