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  1. Snow calmed slightly as the bigger dragon said it was alright, but started when she said it was only a small one. How could that be small!?! Then the words I don't want to go kaboom echoed through the nursery. "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!" Snow freaked out. she scrambled onto the dragon who was holding her's head.
  2. Snow jumped off the nest gingerly as shouts came from outside. Panic filled Snow. What was happening? If this safe haven was destroyed, where would she wander from here? And then she saw the lava and understood. Snow jumped and quaked in fear under the feet f a dragon approaching the nursery.
  3. Snow stumbled lopsidedly towards the warm eggs, and then came t a halt. "May I lay with the eggs?" Her voice was shaky, and weary. "I promise not to break them." Snow didn't wait, instead she carried on to the eggs. Squeezing into the space between the horse dragon egg and another egg, she curled around the purple egg. the warmth form the eggs spread through the shell, and mingled with Snow's body heat, leaving both warmer.
  4. ((Yes she is.)) Snow looked up into the eyes of another dragon, and quivered with both fear and excitement. "Snow... My name is Snow." The wind in the trees blew Snow's fans in the air, and brought sweet smelling fallen leaves closer to her. ((I have Too go, be back tomorrow.))
  5. Snow wandered closer and closer to the sound of voices, passing more and more large rocks. In the distance she could see a large peak, creasting the horizon. The grumbles of dragons grew louder and louder. Where were they?
  6. ((Yay but I dont know where everyone is. No one interacted with me..))
  7. ((Oh)) Snow wandered aimlessly, her long flowing fans trailing behind her. She didn't know where she was, or where she was going. All Snow knew was how hungry she was, how tired. her steps grew slower and slower, her breath weaker and weaker. A bug crossed her path, but Snow was too tired to snap the meat up. Snow heard something, and her drooping ears picked it up as a sweet melody to her ears. A sound of fellow dragons. Snow stumbled towards it, slowly, but steadily.
  8. ((Can I Join? If not I will this.)) Scroll name: Bubblesox Dragon name: Snow Type of dragon(DC dragon):Orche Dragon Age(human years please):9 Gender:Female Appearance(scars, marks, ect.):She has long fans along her tail and has bellowing fans trailing from her spin as well. A scar runs along her eye, from a rock that hit her in the face. Personality: She is shy at first, but as she grows older, Snow becomes cold and calculating. Bio(how did your dragon get to the land of gold):She wandered in, separated from her parents in a storm. The wind blew her into the lad of gold. Job:Worker Position:Wingless Hatching Other:She will grow wings after I get her set up. Password: DragonHearts
  9. Msitfoot-Die Squirrelflight-Die Daisy-Die Crowfeather-Die
  10. Belle kicked, trying to release the hold. Her efforts grew less and less, and she was almost unconscious.
  11. Belle fell over alright, but as she did she tryed to stab Jonah with a lance of wine.
  12. Belle ducked and shreick, slashing at him with ice shards.
  13. ((sORRY MY INTERNET DIED THERE.)) Belle ducked as Jonah broke through her wall of ice, thrusting a sharp sourd like ice shard up at him as he lept. She hoped it would collide, but worried about what to do next as she sprang up with the shard.
  14. (Sorry.)) Belle groaned inwardly as she looked at Jonah. But, the water and the man's spilled wine both rose off the floor mixing together in the air with any other liquid to for 2 rows of spikes, one pointing up, the other towards Jonah.
  15. Belle watched Jonah finish, and with a sigh, she too ended her game. She punched the one attacking her, and jumped onto the flame thrower's head. Both fell over and stayed down.
  16. Belle laughed from her posiion. She was sitting on a grumbing and awaking students back,using the ice in front of her as a attack on her other opponet.
  17. I am getting one. Do they ever change appearance?
  18. ((No, Cure is in the villain school, your character is a hero, she goes to hero school. Find Leo or something.))
  19. Belle and her flame throwing opponent were both smirking at the teacher, at least they were until Belle whirled around, whacking the back of the other students head with a echoing clunk. He fell over.
  20. Everybody froze. Belle turned sheepshly, and allowed her hand to creep up.
  21. Belle lunged at the other team, the water in her bottle exploding into action. It whired around one boys head, as he kept jumping high off the ground. "Is that all he can do?" Belle wondered aloud. Her fist smacked out, hitting the other boys face. To her suprise, he wasn't there. Instead, he had ducked, and Belle had just plunged her fi into a wad of flames. "Oh s***." Belle recled her ice, and made it knocked the oher by uncounse before it whirled back. Half of the ice coated heer hands, the other half wirling around her body.