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  1. I know at my school (well, my brother's school now, since I no longer attend) that our Parenting class required both girls and boys to take care of the electronic babies and wear the fake bellies. It was funny seeing a guy have to wear those ridiculous belly things.. Most of the people who have taken the class haven't had a child during high school. Quite a few have, though. Which is unsurprising, since the school has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state.. it used to have the highest, even. :/ I honestly think kids around here just don't care if they get pregnant. I know one girl who TRIED (and succeeded) to get pregnant just so she could drop out.
  2. I'm still gonna call him N because his full name is ridiculous. Pfffffahaha. xP Has there been any new news about the games, or are we all still waiting?
  3. I know that my best friend is pansexual, and she described it as.. well, she didn't really describe it, I guess, she just said "I just don't care what sex you are or what gender you consider yourself to be. If I like you and find you attractive, I LIKE YOU AND FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE. I don't see sex or gender as being important when it comes to the person I like. I just don't." She doesn't care who other people date and is extremely supportive of people dating and marrying whoever they want. I'm thankful for that. I wouldn't know what to do if she tried to make me feel bad for being completely straight. :V
  4. Yeah, Imma get Black 2. Since they are direct sequels, I kind of figured that it would make sense. :3 I still haven't finished my White version. <3 Of course that is a Nuzlocke, so I keep having to restart it because I fail so hard.
  5. I feel like it's the last one, since she got both Black and White and loved them. :/
  6. Someone on tumblr said that Black 2 and White 2 is taking the Pokemon games "too far". I guess they would rather just have a generic Grey version. *scratches head*
  7. There is no Pokemon Grey, only Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Both of them will be available to the regular Nintendo DS. Pokemon Conquest will also be available to the regular Nintendo DS, I do believe. (Someone correct me if this is incorrect.)
  8. HUH. *flips out* Is this true?! Oh my goodness if it is.. that would be so great. Are you sure?
  9. Isn't that what Crystal was? And Emerald? And Platinum? No, these are true sequels, and I am LOVING IT. LOVING IT, I SAY.
  10. God, the new trainers are such cuties. The new gym leaders are awesome. The new professor has Absol hair. New rival? Other side of the region open because the other side is frozen? kdjhfkjdhf IT'S GONNA BE LIKE A WHOLE NEW GAME.
  11. "So, when is the Mists of Pandaria beta?" Are you guys excited as I am? O:
  12. So.. who wants MoP to come out already? *slams face into computer screen* Hnngggh. Why aren't you here yet.
  13. So.. there was a whole leak on TONS of MoP pictures, including the Pandaren female. I'm trying not to look until tomorrow, when the NDA lifts.. but it is SO tempting. D: To wait or to not wait, to wait or to not wait. DFbfgbdfgb. ;__;
  14. Yes! Awesome! <3 So they really are true sequels. Man, this is gonna be sweet.
  15. Yeah, Exfolis, the level jump is very drastic. It was hard for even my better Pokemon to beat an unevolved Pokemon because of it. :/ Honestly, the easiest way is to grind on Audinos before trying to head through all of the second half of Unova. I didn't do that.. I just tried getting past everyone as fast as I could. It was extremely hard but I was able to do it. >__> I was able to beat N and Ghetsis as well, even though my Pokemon were a good 5 or more levels lower than their's. Just gotta have a good, rounded-out team with more than just offensive moves.
  16. fwehfjkhwef yes Man, they seriously need white fur for the Worgen. D: Not just a lightish grey. WHITE. I understand that they want Worgen to look oh so dark and edgy but gosh.
  17. ... *thumbs up* I approve. I gave a Scroll to my friend. It's awesome for her, because she only had up to BC and she was on a different server. Now her Undead Warlock is over on Norgannon with me as a lv 80 and we can have adventures together! ;w;
  18. So what does everyone think about how they're doing the Scroll of Rez now? You know. With the free faction transfer, free server transfer, free "auto-level to 80", and free armor for the lv 80.Oh, and updating your game up to Cataclysm. ...hm.
  19. I'm very mad at Japan for that Rayquaza thing. :[ They already got a normal Rayquaza, now a shiny one? POO ON THEM. Well, at least I got that free Arceus from the Pokemon Global Link.
  20. Kyurem is the one who morphs, not Reshi or Zekky.. And where did it say Reshi and Zekky went back into the stones? These are supposed to be sequels, so it's after Reshi and Zekky are in their full bodies out in the world.
  21. That is, however, more of a "legend" since there really isn't any evidence of Kyurem eating any people or whatever besides the disappearances. But, well, the disappearances alone are pretty suspicious, so it's either they wandered into the Chasm and got lost or Kyurem stole them away and.. uh, ate them. :V So yeah. My friend was trying to tell me that Kyurem represents balance and shouldn't be evil, but he actually represents "wuji", the absence of yin and yang. This is probably because he was the leftover, the empty shell if you will, of the split between Reshiram and Zekrom. So basically he is "nothingness", and while I guess he is not necessarily evil, I'm sure that he is not opposed to destroying things. This is all just theory, mind you, but it makes sense to me at least.
  22. To be fair, I don't think you're a bigot. You're not hostile and/or completely intolerant, and that's what a bigot is.. a hostile, intolerant, prejudiced being. Says so in the dictionary and everything. So yeah. :3
  23. Oh, there's a trailer? O: *goes to see* Oh man, that is intense. Yeah, definitely seems like Kyurem is behind all that madness, not just same crazed human. I wonder what Zekrom and Reshiram feel about all this. o-o Poor guys. I mean, that cannot feel good for them.
  24. Yeah, it seems like some people like to generalize and say that ALL of a group oppose or do not oppose something, while this is clearly untrue. There is going to be differing opinions on just about anything in any group. Not all Americans are uninformed idiots, not all Christians are bigots.. it goes on and on. You can't just say everyone in a group does or does not do something, because that statement is going to come out being wrong.