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  1. I have a hatchling from March 2010 with a name and description that alludes to having been identified this way, so it was still happening at least at that point. Permanent S1 freezing with no possibility of later gendering was one of the new features announced on 11-11-2010 so maybe that change eliminated the preassigned gender from S1 hatchlings. I wonder if very old hatchlings would still display latent genders in the review system, but I'm not inclined to abuse the review system to find out.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation! It was a thing a very very long time ago that I assumed had been fixed, but I didn't remember if it actually had been. You used to be able to beg description reviewers to tell you the gender; not a good use of the description review system but it was definitely done.
  3. Can description reviewers still see the gender of ungendered frozen hatchlings?
  4. I'm in the process of renaming every single dragon on my scroll (nearly 10k) so that I can use name sort to get the custom sort I want. I want them sorted by breed, then generation, then date, basically, with some modifiers. Every breed has a four-character code that sorts in the correct order alphabetically, then there's a single character "source" notifier, then a generation count, then the maturation date, and then a call name. So "SILVC01-191225 Example" would be Silver, Caveborn, Generation 1, matured on December 25th, 2019, and called "Example". Sourc
  5. I believe Koriand'r was one that I renamed very recently! I've decided to rename my entire (almost 10k) scroll and thus some names I've had locked down as far back as 2008 have been/are going to be released as I work on this project. If I have something anyone wants, just... keep an eye on it. 😉
  6. @Dragon_Arbock We started out with 30 prize dragons a year and now release 720. This is 24 times more. We get twice the number of dragons released every month than we did in the first full year. Forum membership is a very poor metric to estimate the userbase as most forum accounts will be inactive, and I very sincerely doubt that the active userbase has grown more than 24-fold since 2010. Your odds are better now than they were, and by a lot. A lottery is a game or system in which prizes are awarded by random chance. I understand that most people only think of this ter
  7. Full Disclosure - I won a raffle prize in November. It was the first CB metal of any kind other than Copper that I've ever had in the over nine years I've been playing this game. General Personal Opinion - The current lottery system did fix something that was broken. We now all have not only a continuing chance, but a very-much-higher chance than before, of owning a CB Tinsel or Shimmer dragon. The current system is a huge improvement over the holiday raffles (and voting!) of old. It's not broke; don't fix it. Re: CB Limits - The chances of anyone actually winning th
  8. Found more, Both Dorkface and Not. This topic is giving me a sense of déjà vu, but I didn't come up with any similar topics when I searched. I checked the lineage of one of the "0" dragons from my last example, and that lineage page labels the dragon as gen 12 (Here's that lineage; it has a dead-and-blank ancestor that accounts for the irregularity of its own lineage). In doing more fiddling around looking into this, it appears that my longest lineaged dragon, which I never manually checked, is mislabeled as 37th generation when AOND reports it is 40th generation.
  9. Well I can think of several compelling reasons to maintain unique dragon names, but I don't think anyone but TJ could tell you why it is actually the case. Possible considerations: Logistics: Dragons can still be viewed using the old /view/n/NAME URLs, and developing a workaround for this feature (which continues to be useful even though the default URLS are code-based, when searching for a specific dragon or checking if a name is available) would be more trouble than it seems to be worth based on other considerations. Removing name-based URLs completely would be wildly impr
  10. I was torn between Black Marrow and Pumpkin, and chose Black Marrow because I assumed the Pumpkins would be very popular and I'm very fond of my Black Marrows. Imagine my surprise; I've only seen two Pumpkins so far.
  11. Blacks and Vines used to have alt eggs - the AP would be normal black and vine eggs only like 98% of the time because of it. If these are bred alts, this would be an old way, not a new one.
  12. Why is a penalty point that I got in 2011 and don't even recall actually getting showing up on my profile? I don't need to know about it, it's literally six years old and has no effect on my forum experience other than making me irrationally angry about something that happened six years ago.
  13. It's all a matter of personal preference! I collect dragons (and I have a set of chickens), but I'm not into the dinos, so I don't count them or keep them. I have number goals for all breeds of dragon that I currently own, but they're extremely flexible in the upwards direction - if I fail to influence my dragons so that I will have an even set when I hit goal, I just add ten to my goal to give myself space to correct. Since there are only three things left on my completionist wishlist, the quantity goals are what I focus on when I'm trying to collect productively. When I'm n
  14. When sorted by date+reverse sort mine showed up at the end of my scroll, so I'd say this was correct.
  15. Oh man, this is gonna drive me nuts On the plus side I guess I can decide what they should be called/sorted as on my own then.
  16. Can somebody with a full set of the new eggs/hatchlings tell me what order they're showing up for them in breed sort? I can't tell if I caught them in the right order or if the different colors aren't acting like separate breeds in sort like they do with most multiple-variation breeds.
  17. A bunch of regular undine hatchlings, all influenced male. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Got this one! Sorry for the delay in response; I got distracted.
  19. Welp, I just found a five-character code wilderness fog ball, so... Idk what to think anymore. Also, not all four-character hatchlings are affected.
  20. Glowing Aeons: One Two Three Four Five Six
  21. Micajah has 97, but she's from the era when adults could still get clicks. There are old old dragons with hundreds of clicks, most acquired after they grew up!
  22. I switched to Legacy Custom Sort from Alternate Custom Sort a few weeks ago - because Alternate Custom Sort took too long with over 7k dragons to load and look through. I order my grown and frozen dragons by breed in order of acquisition, then by generation, then by age, so it's not like my order is close to anything available in the default options (Plus the leetle tree and my chickens live at the top, by the growing things.). It would be much simpler to be able to input a sort position from the actions page of a given dragon - totally with you.