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    DragCave, Dragons, Dinosaurs, RuneScape(2009-2012) (2013-present) Though I still play but do not find it as fun as I once used to.

    If you see anything you'd like on my scroll, feel free to PM me and I might be willing to breed it. (Please note, I'm not willing to breed my Nebulas.)

    I hoard the following:

    CB Bleeding Moons ( <3 )
    Non-inbred Blacks
    Frostbite Dragons
    Falconiform Wyverns


    CB Neglected
    2G Holly
    2G Gold/Bronze/Silver Tinsel
    2G Gold/Bronze/Silver Shimmer
    CB of each Copper, each gender
    CB of each Xeno, each gender
    CB Gold, each gender
    CB Silver, each gender
    CB Lunar Herald, each gender
    Another Cheese Dragon so I can name it "Cheese and Quackerz"

    My former RP's (dead but left for Nostalgia):

    Our war, their burden.
    When Empires Crumble

    Other RP's I'm in:

    Pokemon: Age of Ducklett