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  1. First and foremost, farming. It's what I did from a young age - though I've pretty much quit altogether since the soil and weather where I live makes it more or less not worth the effort. Seeds, water, and a good fertile place to actually grow stuff, and it's something I'd be happy to continue doing. Also raised livestock (chickens, turkeys, ducks, basically birds - never dealt with cattle, pigs, and such), though in my case they've always been pets, not food. Still, it's something I'm good at. Generally a good builder - hammer and nails, saw.... Would just need to get my brain to click back into angles and measurements, but I'd be good to go. Never hunted, though I've always wanted to. I'm a crack shot with both gun and bow, so I'd like to think I could actually do that decently. Can also fish (simple, but I enjoy it.), sew a bit (though it's been years, and I'm used to having a machine, I could make do with the old fashioned needle.... Probably. I've done it one or twice before when I was young), and pressure can stuff (again, it's been a while, so I'd need to get the feel for it again.) Of less note, since it's not generally considered hard, but I can also ride a horse, which would probably be good for the hunting. And if a messenger was needed I guess. Feel like this one hardly counts as a skill, though. Also perfectly happy to chop firewood. It's fun. Things I probably should not be asked to do include cooking, dealing with rope/similar, and/or anything really involving knots. They won't likely hold if I tie them. In closing, I guess if it were absolutely necessary, just give me a little room to get back into the stuff I do know, and I should do it quite well.
  2. By itself, yuck. Bacon and cheese hamburger.
  3. Ah, thank you very much Sock!
  4. Is there any place to check who the current moderating team is? i used to check it frequently to help me remember who was a Moderator for what section, though I can no longer find any place to check.
  5. There is another Pro to Imgur, though I don't know if other image sites allow for this since I have not used them, but you can upload images that are in your computers clipboard (ex, if you are editing an image in say GIMP, and you just select all and copy it, you can paste it onto Imgur's upload just like that, rather than having to select the file off your computer)
  6. Are we no longer able to delete our posts? Since I was looking at the options on one of my recent posts and could not see an option to do so.
  7. I personally have been having a lot of luck using imgur these past couple months.
  8. Sad to see the old site go, it will be missed so very much. Also, will the inbox ever become bigger or is that still being worked out? Since it doesn't look very good all smashed up like I were viewing it on a mobile.
  9. Thank you for sharing this, I had no idea. First it seems I had to leave imageshack, now I must abandon photobucket. Wonder what image hosting site I will have to abandon next.
  10. Northern California... Nope, no snow here. Never had a snow day here. Odds are, never will. How much I'd love to finally have some. Had some [sarcasm]nice[/sarcasm] 70F degrees weather last Christmas, though.
  11. Funny, I can't remember the name of the game anymore.... It was on cartoon network, their biggest game (size wise), Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends was what it was about. Big world with lots of stuff to do. I used to love it, unfortunately one day, they took it down for lack of popularity. I miss that game...
  12. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Love the KH series.
  13. Finally got a good night's sleep... Feel safe for the first time in a long time.
  14. Congratulations everyone else who won, and thanks donors! <3 And don't worry about the lack of a story, Clya, we understand. ^^
  15. I don't really have a lot of time, but gathering from the last few posts this seems to have been brought up. In many ways I love the new skin, but, could we please have the old topic icons back? The scroll icons were just so unique, especially the burned and charred one for a closed topic, but the new stars and pens... They just look plain, boring and far too modern for DC IMO.
  16. Hm. It's nice, but I still greatly prefer the old blue layout. I do hope you will be keeping it around forever.
  17. True. TPBM has at least three dogs. (I'm guessing Glitch. What happens to me a lot of times is when I click a topic, I get taken to a page other than the last page andI end up nearly responding to the last post I can see on that page.)
  18. Banned for having a emoticon in your sig beating a poor little eggy!