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    *gleeful* I hit 50K way back on the 17th, but just now I finally finished my novel. I topped out at 80,353 words. Now I just need to find something to write for the next three days.
  2. Since I have learned about Asperger's, I realized that I exhibited quite a few symptons, so out of curiosity I took the quiz. I ended up taking it twice (last night and this morning) just to make sure I wasn't messing with the results somehow. I ended up getting 139/200 and 150/200 for Aspie traits, which doesn't really surprise me. Even so, I wouldn't bother and go out to try and get professional diagnostic whether I have it or not, because I manage all right as I am. Edit: for clarification.
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    I ended up watching Children of Earth when it first came out, but didn't see any of the rest until just recently (I watched them in prep for Miracle Day), and now I don't know what to think. Miracle Day aired in the USA yesterday, and here in Canada (and I think Australia I read somewhere?) today, but not in the UK until the 14th (stupid, imo). Anyways, as much as I love it in all of it's awesomeness, I find it really different without Tosh, Owen, and Ianto. Perhaps it's just the fact that I haven't had the waiting period everyone else has to get used to the deaths (since I only finished season 2 a couple days ago, and hadn't been that attached to Ianto when I first saw his death), but it's weird now. tl;dr Series 4: Miracle day, is out/coming out now, but without a bunch of the characters I'm used to, I don't know what to think of it. Has anyone else seen the first episode? If so, what are your thought on it?
  4. I've only seen the new series and I love them greatly. I think David Tennant's my favourite, but Matt Smith is good too, so it might just be I was more used to Tennant because he'd been around for so long. However, I did have a special fondness fore Christopher Eccleston, but only because he looks a lot like my cousin. (Linky is a picture so you can see.)
  5. I guess I had my first kiss when I was 10 (almost 11). It was with this kid named Matt that I had just met. We had been playing some game at the park, and after I left, one of the other kids brought him to my house, because apparently he had a major crush on me. I hedgingly agreed to be his 'girlfriend' on the basis that we were really just friends and would get to know one another better first. (I didn't want to be his girlfriend, but I was even more of a pushover then than I am no, and didn't know how to say no to him.) Anyways, he was new to town (in foster care, I believe) so I showed him around, and pretty soon, he was asking me to kiss him and stuff. I didn't want to but he kept making me. (Not physically, but again, I didn't know how to say no.) Once he made me kiss him with tongue too, while sitting on the bleachers by the baseball diamond. I don't really recall the kisses that much, so much as being traumatized by the whole experience. I ended up telling my mom that night that he kept trying to get me to kiss him (though not that I actually did) and my dad scared him off when he showed up the next morning. I saw him around town once or twice after that, but I think he moved pretty soon after. I like discounting that experience, though, so other than that I haven't had a first kiss, and I'm 18.
  6. One of my closest friends actually has synethesia in the letters and numbers each having colours, and mixing in some way when they form words with the first letter contributing most colour. She actually wrote me out a list of what letters are what colour a few years back and I still have it somewhere. She also prefers writing in black pen as opposed to any other colour because it "screws with the colours" while she's writing. And out of curiosity of comparison to her colours, what are Alissa and Jessica?
  7. Rhee

    Stephen King

    Unfortunately as of yet I've only read two Stephen King Novels. The Stand and The Shining. I have a few more, but I haven't gotten around to reading them yet. I really love the ones I've read, though.
  8. I come in at right about 5'10". I've been almost this height for most of high school (probably only a couple inches or so). I remember in grade nine I was taller than most of the guys in my year, because none of them had his their growth spurts yet, but now most of them are my height or taller.
  9. I'm 17, and I feel for the most part I act older than I am, and pretty much always have in some aspects. My friends' parents would tell my parents that I was mature even when I was a little kid. There are things I can be a bit immature about, but I think everyone has those things. I do feel that over the past couple years though that I have actually learned to act my age so I would fit in better, even if it's not how I would normally behave.
  10. I'm really more of a stalker of GD nowadays than anything. I used to be fairly active in the Other RPs section of the forum, but school got the best of me, so I'm not surprised you don't see me around much. And I agree, that is true; you don't necessarily have to be fluent in your first language. I'm quite sure my grandmother's not as fluent in her first language as she is in English anymore (she was born in Holland, so her first language was Dutch). But English is my first language, and since I live in Southern Ontario, it's the one predominately spoken (really, beyond French class it's the only one I ever hear spoken), so I am fluent in it. It wasn't the best wording on my part, I'll agree to that much, though.
  11. I have to admit that quite a bit of the time I think in thoughts (bad word choice, but I can't think of a better one) and feelings than in actually words, though I carry on conversations with myself and other people (I'm not insane, I swear) in my head quite a lot. Moreso in English, but in French more and more.
  12. English is my first language, so I'm definitely fluent in that. I'm not too bad at French, because I've been taking it for years (I'd consider myself semi-fluent, though I feel like a lot of the stuff we learn in class isn't really useful). I can understand really simple spoken Spanish, and a little bit of it written (my one friend took Spanish so she'd talk to me in Spanish and I'd talk back in French and we could pretty much understand one another), know a little bit of Dutch (mostly food words, and how to ask if you speak English), and I'm teaching myself Irish Gaelic, but it's going slowly. Oh, and I know a tiny little bit of ASL. I want to learn a bunch of languages, though. I pretty much love languages, even though I'll likely be pursuing a career in science.
  13. Rhee


    I'm excited for NaNo this year. This will be my third year doing it, and I've managed to win the past two years so far, through some magical powers that I've yet to identify. I'm not sure what I'm writing yet, as I have three possible stories bouncing around in my head. I told myself I'll give myself until the middle of the month to decide which, so we'll see what happens.
  14. I also eat shrip with the tails still on. I don't actually remember the last time I took the tail off the shrimp when I ate it. I've also eaten dog buscuits, actually, though simply out of curiosity. I have a couple cousins who used to eat them a lot, so I wondered why they ate them so I tried some. They don't taste like that much of anything, really. I've also had venison, which someone mentioned, though I personally consider that highly normal, but that's just my family. Hm... other than that, I don't really know... I like hummus, which a lot of my friends find really weird, but since the rest of my family eats it, too, I don't know that it counts as weird... not sure of anything else at the moment.
  15. My mom as a child was allergic to milk, wheat, and eggs. She grew out of it, though. She's still allgeric to nickel, though. I don't really have any allergies. Maybe a tiny bit of our soap (because my lower legs itch a bit and look red when I get out of the shower sometimes) and a bit of nickel. I just remember when I was like 5, I wore this costume jewelery necklace all day and by supper there was a red spot on my chest where it had rested. Nothing that really affect me, though.
  16. Rhee

    Dresden Files Series

    I love these books. I finished the 12th one yesterday morning, and am now waiting for my mother to catch up so I can rant at her about the ending We also have the novella The Warrior that's in the book Mean Streets which has three other stories in it by other authors. (Well, technically it's a friends, and not ours, but it's currently in our house so we can read it, lol) I've also read all of the Codex Alera books, and I loved them. They're more the genre that I had when I first started reading adult books, but that was years ago now. Now I read just about everything