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  1. Oh my gosh!!! How did I not see this!??! I missed it!!! Ugh!! Such beautiful alts though!!
  2. Whoever did the Sisu egg....I love you!!! *huggles her favorite egg of this year's hunt*
  3. Oh yay! I was able to get to it and got an upside down egg
  4. I can't participate because I'm at my egg limit *cries*
  5. I found that casting Courage works in the Two Loves one to give you a check. Quite interesting to play around with making the different spells. Had to use the guide to figure out a few, but really fun. Love the new eggs
  6. I have officially found my favorite treat of this year....the Chinese dragon with the pumpkin. LOVE!!!
  7. Wow...so glad we could go back and try the adventure again. I got all 24 items for that and got all 49 trick or treat items. Lots of fun! Now I can't wait to see the eggs for this year!! Thanks for the guide! That was really helpful!
  8. Happy Birthday DC!!! Loving the Harry Potter vibe with the egg colors
  9. And I just got my last egg. Egg hunt complete for another year! Still a little upset I didn't get to play the other game though.
  10. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! My favorite egg!!! Well...one of my favorites I love the Thor/Loki one and the wolf one, the floral ones and the one with the witch hat
  11. Well this bites. I couldn't play the game because I was at max egg capacity
  12. You and me both. I'm not a fan of April Fool's day as it is. School soured it for me and even though I've long since graduated, I still hate April 1st.
  13. Well now I have to wait for my eggs to hatch in order to play the game
  14. And now it works. Yay for being able to see my dragon
  15. My dragon is wearing the wrong thing. It's wearing the green wizard hat, green scarf and the black ballerina shoes and yet when I click to dress it up, it shoes in the costumes that it's 'wearing' what I put it in yesterday. I've tried reset and I've tried refreshing, still shows the wrong things
  16. I love all the 'treats' this year!! So awesome! LOVING the MLP one the most and the kitty ones. Eeeeeeeee!! Biome for past Halloween dragons!! YAY!!!! I got some more of ones that I needed <3
  17. Haha!! Got the forest! I have one of each now! Yay!
  18. I got a Jungle!!! I just need forest now!!! Also Cellybean, I'm not ignoring you I swear, I just want to try and get the eggs myself is all, but I REALLY appreciate the offer^^
  19. I've been refreshing at least every few minutes since noon eastern US time and never seen one of the new ones in the forest or jungle.
  20. Were the birthday eggs only available on the 21st? I've been searching all day to get the last two eggs I needed, Forest and Jungle, but haven't seen them at all. I'd really like one of each. I tried getting the last two yesterday, but I swear people here are ninjas and I never got them
  21. And just got my last egg! Got all the eggs this year^^ Thanks for the event. I love hunting for the eggs.^^ For me I just hang around the front cave page and just refresh about every 10 or 15 minutes and get an egg.
  22. I love the eggs this year! I saw the green one with the snake and went 'Oh boy! Hogwarts eggs!' buuuuut...no such I LOVE the Carmen Sandiego one!! I loved watching that show and cartoon!! I miss it!