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  1. Meet Lori! I may doodle a headshot sometime later on. Let me know if I should tweak anything https://docs.google.com/document/d/1obIyqN0JRqmOAiWf7keB8zl7YTLFruLT68fBjZ2wtsI/edit?usp=drivesdk
  2. But! Now I have to change my entire design!! Thank you!
  3. Goodness that is some pretty arts! :3 And yay!
  4. I'm going to have to back out. I don't think I've opened my laptop in a week and I don't have the time I wish I had to keep up with this. Sorry to leave you guys, have fun without me!
  5. ((Sorry for disappearing, everyone. Been without internet for a while and life keeps getting in the way of everything else. Hopefully I’ll have more free time. For now, I’ll just jump back in.)) Maeve waited until the shouting died down completely before opening the restroom door. She slowly reentered the dining room of the Hollow and looked around. There were a few broken chairs, some of the tables were in disarray, but aside from that the pub was mostly undamaged. The woman turned back to the door and motioned for the others who hid with her to come out. At least I’m not the only one wh
  6. Maeve shook her head in thought, “But what if it’s not a human drug, at all? What if it’s something else that could only affect us?” she sighed and tried to clear her mind. “I don’t know of anything the humans could come up with that could turn Fae savage like you said.” Maeve leaned back in her chair. ((I feel so un-writer-like lately >_<))
  7. “I’ll see you around, Zee!” Maeve said as the bartender left. It was true that her ability was unusual. When she was younger her mother thought she was lying to her when Maeve said she only needed to hear lots of voices when she got hungry. She laughed at Matt’s joke, “You know what I meant,” she said with a grin. “I’m sure they’ll accept you. At least then you’ll have a steady income.” Maeve said. She thought a moment before answering his question. She folded her arms comfortably on the table and said, “Personally, I’m fine. The bakery’s doing great and there haven’t been any human shenanig
  8. The petite woman giggled softly, “I do, actually, but not by taking them.” She said to Zee. “Let’s see,” she paused, trying to find the best way to explain. “I absorb the energy from people’s voices. For instance, if I were to go to a mall, airport, or anywhere where people gathered and talked a lot, I would be able to feel the energy of all their voices. Almost like a hum or a buzz, and that’s what I feed on.” Maeve sat up, propping her elbows on the table and continued, making hand gestures as she spoke. “Now, on the other hand, if I were to sit in a library or stay at home all day, I’d prob
  9. ((I’m going to edit my character sheet a teensy bit, if that’s ok with you, padfoot? Just fae appearance stuff. This is why we don’t make me write sheets half asleep )) Maeve grinned at the compliment. “The cooks have been letting me use them as target practice. It makes their bickering rather amusing when there aren’t any customers.” She said to the barkeeper. She took a sip of her drink and continued, her slight frame reclining against the chair. “I just don’t understand all the contempt that other Fae seem to have for them. I mean sure most Fae just see them as a food source, but they
  10. Maeve brought the teacup to her lips, grateful for the hot liquid. “Thanks, Zee,” she said. “Well she’s talking to Styles, maybe he’ll know…” Her eyes narrowed, “that he should pay for his drinks.” She set the cup down and sighed, “He’s gone and helped himself to one of your bottles again. Anyway, the bakery’s doing great! The locals here get a kick out of the names on the Fae for All menu, and the human customers are always complimenting my recipes, constantly asking how I get the dough to rise ‘just right’ and on and on they talk.” She giggled, remembering a very talkative, elderly, human wo
  11. Maeve relaxed after the reaper’s aura subsided and gave a small shudder. It wasn’t often she came across a reaper and the few instances where she had always unnerved her. She took a sip of tea to calm her nerves and swallowed it with a grimace. It’d gone cold. Maeve let out sigh and went to set her cup down and was surprised to see the barkeeper there. “Oh, hi Zee, hello!” Maeve said, mildly startled by his sudden appearance. She lifted her teacup in response to his question, “Yes, please.” She said with a smile. “So, what’s she doing here?” Maeve nodded towards the reaper still sitting at
  12. The petite woman hung up her apron and dusted the extra flour from her clothes. She’d finally finished listing and prepping the next day’s orders for her fae customers and was ready to close down for the night. Donning her overcoat, Maeve turned the lights off and locked the door as she left for the Hollow. She entered the pub, located her favorite spot near the fireplace almost instantly, and placed her coat over the back of the chair. She poured herself a fresh cup of tea before seating herself in the comfy chair. Maeve looked over her to-do list and absently took a sip of her tea. She’
  13. Name: Emerald Character name: Maeve Riley Gender: Female Species: Pombero (from Lost Girl) Commonly called a Voice Thief Age -Human: 26 -Fae: 125 Job: Baker (Makes the best damn baked goods, ever.) Owns her own bakery, Bake My Day. how this job helps the Fae: Can and will bake anything your fae hearts desire. Need a healthy dose of human blood in your diet? Try Maeve's Blood Jelly Donuts! (No humans were harmed in the acquisition of the various human ingredients.) Appearance: Very small, 5'1" and slender. Pale green eyes, white hair with colored highlights that change oft
  14. Zillyhoo looks great so far! Can't wait to see it finished
  15. All these flowers are so pretty! Thank you to all the spriters for making such a lovely event for us!
  16. Lorelei's eyes began smoldering a few shades deeper than normal as the old woman spoke and the sea nymph had to concentrate on keeping her temper in check. Her words stung like a jellyfish and she could feel Zeke's anger rise as the air around him grew warmer. When Zeke's mother walked away her mate suddenly threw himself between them and wrapped his arms around Lorelei. She let out a muffled scream when she felt the bullets hit him and a tear rolled down her cheek. Zeke had already shifted and was across the room before the halfbreed could stand. In he same instant the faucets in the kitchen
  17. YAY!! thank you TJ!! i have as many eggs as i can and am happy as can be~
  18. OOOOOH!!! i like this great thing to come home from school to~
  19. Lorelei sat quietly next to Zeke, grasping his hand comfortingly as he told his mother everything. When her mate finished and introduced her as his fiancé to his mother, the nymph expected no less a reaction from the old human. Lorelei's expression remained soothing and calm though she flushed a deep rosy shade of embarrassment. "Do you know what a siren is, Mrs Warr?" she asked calmly, tightening her grip on Zeke's hand to quell his growling. She continued after giving the woman time to nod her head. "Well, I'm half siren, and half water spirit, most refer to me as a sea nymph, as that was wh
  20. Lorelei had already filled her lungs and was singing a very low, almost inaudible tone. Zeke's mother slowed to a stop before she could reach the phone, the sirens' hypnotic voice had her transfixed. Once Lorelei was sure the woman was under her control she changed her tone to a more relaxing tune and the elderly woman began to sway gently as if in the ocean. She let her voice trail off before turning to Zeke again, "She'll come to in another minute or so and stay calm enough to not call the police. But she will still want answers, she's scared, Zeke." Lorelei looked at her mate with sadness i