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    Thanks! I could have sworn it went to the bank once though. Idk- I'm still a newb. I've only been on for about a month. I bred some of my wajas recently and made a bad judgement. I thought that the offspring would look nicer than they did (Though I knew there was a possibility of uglies. ) I'm terrified to see what my Fire Wajas will produce now.
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    I started playing late June and I feel...accomplished? Idk, I've bred some of them and all of my adults in the cave have backgrounds- as well as a few accessories on some. ^^ Cave Wajas For Sale There are 2 wallpapers in my store. Actually I had put a few things in the store- all of which got sold, but I never got the money for them! Most of them were sold on the 17th and I don't recall getting any money for them. Idk though, maybe I did and I just went and blew it all. What would be a good price to put a male up for stud? Just wondering. I put Ranka up for 1k but idk if that's enough to too little or whatever.
  3. Vital: Natural: Tainted:
  4. Vital: Natural: Tainted:
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    Squiby anyone?

    ^ I'm not sure if that helps. I know where the transparency selection is, but no matter how I select the picture, it doesn't work.
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    Squiby anyone?

    I've adopted some creatures. I've even tried to make my own. The thing is that I can't remove the background to my creatures; thus I can't upload them until I do. I don't have photoshop, I have Paint Shop Pro. Can anyone help me out? T_T
  7. We could still use a lot of help. It would be much appreciated. Vital: Natural: Tainted:
  8. Me and my buds are slowly inching forward to each level. Vital: Natural: Tainted:
  9. Okay! Thanks guys! Now behold the updated adoptees: Vital: Natural: Tainted:
  10. Lol. I just went on an adopting spree. I don't know what a lot of these look like when they hatch/evolve. Does anyone know where I can look to see what they're omega stages look like (that way I know what I should rig them as)
  11. Mine aren't really getting anywhere. Lawful: Neutral:
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    Kingdom Hearts.

    Lol, I have Kingdom Hearts, but I rarely play it. I got stuck at the Colleseum stage and just sort of gave up.