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  1. i just submitted mine too :b good luck to everyone who's entering
  2. my tree is looking pretty scary too :< there's just so many things to put on it :b
  3. Aw, I didn't get the holly dragon in the globe D8 but ill live without it... i guess :T i need to remember to log on every day to get the ornaments :v
  4. i started decorating mine today i wish i was more active on the site then i wouldve gotten the other decoration when this started D8
  5. my eggs are down to three days D: i hope i can get them to hatch
  6. Omg thestrals are dead on! i just realized how they sort of do look alike
  7. I agree with this =/ Even though I had trouble catching these eggs myself There was two rows of these eggs anyways since one scroll was able to hold up to four =/
  8. Wait, so are these eggs breedable? o:
  9. although i like both gender sprites, i think the male is my favorite one :b
  10. omg they look awesome! i cant wait till mine hatch 8D
  11. mine still havent hatched but im not in any hurry as long as they dont die lol :b
  12. i barely put mine in a hatchery :b cant wait till TJ's hatchlings mature
  13. i hope im able to post my eggs in sites later although i think i can keep them without views for a few days so im nto worrying
  14. i cant wait till the hatchlings mature they already look so cool
  15. i didnt even care for this as much since there were so many things to get and i didnt find out till friday but thanks anyways
  16. ahhhhh dark-luna is some sort of god thanks to her i got the new eggs =D!!
  17. the lag is terrible still cant get an egg =/
  18. a lot of my tabs are taking forever to load =/ i hope i manage to get at least one
  19. aw man i cant seem to get one and the laggy site doesnt help :c
  20. wow, i didnt notice this thread until just right now o-o; but yay for new stuff hopefully i can get a pumpkin dragon
  21. Lol, I thought it had to do with new dragons at first too o: You never know <_< >_> <_< >_>
  22. i was wondering what happened o: thanks for the update!
  23. Eddiexelite

    10 on 10-10-10

    just got an ember 8D now i'll need a second of both breeds to get both genders
  24. Eddiexelite

    10 on 10-10-10

    i definitely need to get an ember now D8 i love it!