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  1. I must say, all of the dressed up sprites are lovely. Thank you to all the artists who contributed their time and hard working to this massive undertaking!
  2. I love the stories, what a cute idea!
  3. Wow, thanks for all the work that was clearly put into this project and all the debugging/updating that is still happening!
  4. It's really interesting that people can get the items in different orders! I'm glad I didn't race ahead and methodically tried every option for each room, lol.
  5. I'm sure it'll be up on the Wiki eventually
  6. No, go back down to the basement and try to get to the cavern where you finished the quest. Then go out and down the trail.
  7. I went back through the house, down to the basement, then continued out again. This time I finally got my rainbow chicken
  8. Same, and I can't find the chicken either ...
  9. The hatchie from the spotted egg looks really cool
  10. Got 3 of each, incubated and influenced all of them Thanks TJ and artists!
  11. This is so exciting! I wasn't expecting a release so close to Halloween
  12. I bred my CB and short-lined metallics and they didn't give me anything Oh well, at least my CB Stripes behaved.
  13. Glad I'm not the only one who sees it
  14. Sexual dimorphism is when males and females look different. For example, blacks exhibit dimorphism, while vines do not. Since TJ has 4 blues and only 2 oranges it is likely that the blue has dimorphism whereas the orange does not.
  15. Thanks for the release TJ and artists! If they are what I think they are, we're in for a treat! *Plans yet another army*
  16. Damn, I forgot to get my last two before the site went down. Now I'll never have Seiss's beautiful goldfish-egg
  17. Yikes, I need to get two more eggs but I have to go ... will be checking on my phone
  18. Can someone explain Bernouli's first egg to me please? Thanks
  19. I'm really glad this is a 3 day event, I'm only about half way through