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I just LOVE Pygmies! If you have any purebreds for a bloodswap or want one, please PM me! I would be very glad if I finally found someone who likes them as much!Tairi.pngPlease note that English is not my mother tongue. I never mean to sound rude (if you don't make me angry) . If I do, please tell me so I won't do it again - it's the little things in a language that are hardest to learn!

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    Europe, +6 hours to cave time
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    At the moment, I'm working on a even-gen Pygmy lineage (up to 6th gen and closing in on 7th) and my Candycane Lineage for which I need so many CB female Pinks that I will never ever get done with it. :D
    After that, I already have two other lineages with Pygmies in mind, hopefully I will be able to do that soon :)

    Dragons I really want and would give you almost anything for:
    -Gold and Silver Shimmerscale dragon
    -A Silver dragon with not-too-messy or short lineage
    -A Holly dragon - again, I didn't succeed :/
    -Valentines dragons